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    posted a message on Private Messages Still Inaccessible

    I just found out today I am affected by this bug as well, the unread link trick by citricsquid helped me see my unread pm's but I do not have access to any old pms if I do not have the link.

    Hope this gets resolved, must be bigger bugs than they thought if it's persisted after ~11 months.

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    posted a message on 🌎 Totally 'Vanilla' Experience 🌎 McMMO 🎨ArtMap🎨 Land Claim 🐴More Heads🐴 Whitelisted 💤Better Sleep💤 Mature

    Minecraft Username (IGN):

    Would you consider yourself mature?:
    Country & Timezone:

    Canada, Pacific Standard Time
    How long have you played Minecraft?:

    I've been playing minecraft since Alpha 1.2.6
    What are you looking for in a server?:

    I just want to have a nice little community to build in and get to know, but other than that I just want to chill.
    What do you like doing the most in Minecraft?:

    Playing, I can't really tell you at this point I just keep coming back to play from time to time.
    Have you got any pictures of things you've done/built on another server? Attach them to your post!:

    Yeah this house is the last photo I got of my most recent house, it ended up with a lighthouse on top in the middle
    How much do you play online?:

    I used to play a fair bit on older servers but it's hard to find a small community to build with
    Have you been banned before on another server?:

    I've been playing since alpha, and I've only been banned once or twice on servers that have died off long ago.
    Name friends who play/are interested in joining:

    My friends don't really care about playing minecraft anymore.
    Something about yourself:

    I love tech and like tinkering with stuff.
    Do you have Discord?:

    Have you played our Purely Pure Survival server?:

    Do you have any questions?:

    Do you get any interesting questions in response to your question?

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    posted a message on Cloudflare leaks sensitive HTTP and HTTPS data

    Tavis Ormandy, a Google security researcher found that Cloudflare has been leaking HTTP and HTTPS data in plain text for months. This can possibly affect up to 5.5 million websites.






    A list of websites that may have been affected were compiled and uploaded to Github here.

    Among the websites affected the Curse websites and Minecraftforums may also be affected.

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    posted a message on Weird clear grid lines in my game

    I believe this has to do with NVIDIA's Anti-aliasing option messing with textures.

    You probably need to go into your NVIDIA control panel and set the settings for minecraft/java to disable NVIDIA's AA

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    posted a message on Visibility 2 -- Warm, Clean & Easy

    Fyi: Sunflowers are broken, I reapplied and looked at it in default, it's the pack its broken on.

    This is my favorite pack it's aesthetically pleasing.

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    posted a message on Minecraft won't work

    What launcher are you using?

    If you are using Minecraft's default launcher, run it and create a new profile on the bottom left corner and click the version drop-down menu then select 1.8.8 or whatever Minecraft version you want. Then click save/okay/apply and then make sure you are using that profile by clicking the drop-down menu on the bottom left corner and selecting the profile you just created which probably starts with "Copy of.." and then attempt to start Minecraft by pressing the play button

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    posted a message on Item ID Rant
    I have just went through all of the releases from 1.8 to the 1.8.2 pre-release and /give [name] double_stone_slab didn't work for me. I remember getting the slabs before through this method and now it doesn't appear to work.

    EDIT: Bug reports tell me that this "Works as intended"
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    posted a message on Heads In Anvils?
    In vanilla Minecraft that is more than likely not possible, unless a glitch is abused(even then it's probably not possible). The solution to your answer is it's most likely a server plugin, and I would recommend you going back to that server and trying to find out which plugin is it if you really want to see.
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    posted a message on Zan's minimap and shaders.
    Note: This is the same answer I gave on your other topic you posted in the incorrect section. Please reply here

    Try using Voxelmap. I use shaders and Voxelmap together via a forge profile and I don't get issues other than the normal shader glitches.
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    posted a message on Ram Allocation
    *insert what "Builderb0y" said here*
    Also, you cannot put more than I think it was 5+ GB of RAM to Minecraft, I recommend doing the Java re-install and using at most 4 GB but I generally just set it to 3 GB because at that point it doesn't seem to make a difference
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    posted a message on EULA Revisited: an Updated Q&A From Mojang
    A Big-text notice uptop here: I have only read about 2-4 pages of comments but this is what I want to say in this "Problem"

    I think this will probably be good for a lot of servers, obviously not in the money/donations aspect but now that Mojang is going to actually enforce these rules that were there THE ENTIRE TIME. I honestly lost hope in pretty much all of the servers that offered that pay to win option and basically having people sit on the top of the server while people without money for these "DONATIONS" are attempting to play the game but are simply slaughtered or laughed at because their gear isn't good enough. This EULA enforcement will probably do one of the two things: Kill servers completely(which I doubt), or Kill off these "good" pay-to-win servers and let legitimately good servers rise. I could go on repeating myself about these pay to win servers but I want to address the majority of people defending it simply because they like the game that way: Of course you can like a game when you have the option to always win and then you hate the change that happens when the developers of the game enforce the original rules. It's literally a human attribute/nature to hate changes when you get accustomed to something.

    I was basically lost in Minecraft because I switched to Multiplayer and had a nice time(during the first releases of Beta) and went back to SSP after like, 2 failed servers. I played until my hearts content but when I attempted to rejoin my fellow community members I was basically slammed in the face with "OH HERE LOOK I GET DIAMONDS DAILY BECAUSE I PAID 20$" and these other absolutely ridiculous donations. I hope the EULA enforcement will fix this and stop this madness with servers altogether.
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    posted a message on [Feature] Noticeable "Thanks" in Posts
    I like this feature but I don't really like the position of the thanks button :P
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    posted a message on [Feedback] Forum default Theme
    NVM It required a post or two
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    posted a message on [Feedback] Forum default Theme
    I like that Minecraft forum is changing and everything but the new "Theme" is really annoying in my eyes because I preferred the Minecraft related topic icons, and the actually textured buttons/headers/whatchya-ma-call-its.

    The theme for me just seems too much of a smoothed bucket-fill theme mixed with the original default theme, The buttons for News, Forum, Servers, Wiki, Premuim, Curse Client should have more of a textured button like the original MCF theme but, the thing that bugs me the most of all in this new theme is the brown headers/whatever. They used to be a altered dirt texture and now it looks like someone toned the texture down so its 90% the same shade of brown and doesn't seem all that pleasing to the eye.

    A semi TL;DR

    The theme is really annoying for me and it seems like a bucket-fill theme
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    posted a message on Rarest Item/Block?
    The rarest block in Minecraft is the command block because you cannot get it legitimately without spawning it in.
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