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    posted a message on Super Craft/Smash Bros Server!
    I was looking for a good original Super Craft Bros. Server by Sethbling (NOT the crappy ones using the plugins on supercraftbrothers.com) I mean the original REDSTONE one. I couldn't find one and if I did, it was either whitelist or down. I decided to look for Super Smash Bros, the more obscure one by Deobus, but there wasn't a SINGLE one to EXIST EVER. So I ask of you all, could you make a server for me?

    Maybe featuring the ORIGINAL Super Craft Bros?

    Or maybe Super Smash Bros?

    What about both? :)

    Deobus's Super Smash Bros: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1553806-pvpgame-super-smash-bros-in-minecraft-featuring-singleplayer-mode-147-10000-dls/

    SethBling's Super Craft Bros: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/super-craft-bros-brawl/

    Both would be preferred. Actually, I have played the better version, but that server was shut down. Therefore, I'm more CURIOUS about Smash, but I'd enjoy playing Craft. Thanks!! ... The no one that's gonna read this topic.
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    posted a message on Looking for Super Smash Bros: Brawl Server
    I think he's kind of on my side:

    The plugin ones are CRAP. The original redstone one is good. K?
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    posted a message on [1 Spot Left!] PVP - Super Craft Bros. Brawl - Made by Sethbling
    IGN: Luigi_Fan_64

    I LOVE the original Super Craft Bros. and the plugin ones that cost money are NOT fun and it sucks.
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    posted a message on Epic SUPER MARIO GALAXY MAP!
    YES! A new update to my FAVORITE MAP EVER! Can't wait to play!
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6 Server [hMod, AuthCraft]
    -Your Minecraft Username: Luigi_Fan_64
    -How long you've been playing Minecraft: 1 year and a half
    -Have you ever griefed: A lot. (7 times I can count)
    -Your age (not completely necessary): Not telling xD
    -Your Skype (also not necessary as some may not have Skype): I have a skype, but I won't tell.
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    posted a message on First thing you said when you saw minecraft
    I watched some people play Minecraft and I thought it was pretty cool. I bought it and made a world, and I had the floating grass glitch over a cliff... and I spawned on that floating grass and fell to my death as soon as I spawned and I was like:
    "Oh god, this isn't one of those games that make you rage, right?"

    Rage games: Things like Cat Mario, I wanna be the Guy, ect..
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    posted a message on What is the hardest thing to find in minecraft?
    First you have to get wood to get a pick to get stone to get iron to get diamonds to make a Nether Portal then you have to kill Wither Skeletons which have a SUPER LOW chance to drop their skulls and you have to get 3 of them then you need to get soul sand and make the wither and then beat the crap outta him and then get his star and FINALLY... beacons!
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    posted a message on Thoughts About Skydoesminecraft
    Reasons I like him:
    *He hates squids
    *He's funny
    *He loves Mario (Yipee! ^.^)
    *Has a LOT of friends. A LOT.
    *He plays Minecraft

    But he does need to stop swearing...
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    posted a message on inCRAFTion.com | 1.8.8 / Clans / PlayerHeads / XP is Money
    1. Minecraft Name: Luigi_Fan_64
    2. Age: 16
    3. Any previous bans?: No
    4. Referral: What do you mean by referral? What you refer to me by, or my website? Eh, www.youtube.com/SuperLuigi9624 or SuperLuigi9624 in general.
    5. Are you here for Survival, Creative, RPG, or Everything?: Everything!
    6. Anything you'd like to add?: I'm an admin on one server. ... That's it. xD
    7. Did you vote for us on Minestatus?: Not yet, but I will immediately after this.
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    posted a message on Super Smash Bros
    No pics, no clicks. :P
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    posted a message on Epic SUPER MARIO GALAXY MAP!
    I can't stop playing this! This is my 7th 100% runthrough I'm about to do, no joke!
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    posted a message on Epic SUPER MARIO GALAXY MAP!

    Beat this map on hardcore!

    To be completely honest, I beat the whole map on hardcore and got the 2 extra stars just for 100% on hardcore and to be honest, it was more fun than when I did it on survival.

    This map is the greatest map I've EVER played. Not kidding. Parkour maps are not fun, survival maps (like skyblock) are just plain BORING, adventure maps almost tempt you to break blocks, CTM maps make us all ragequit, at least ONCE, but this map is in bewtween all of them.

    A CTM map that not only has parkour that I actually enjoy, survival aspects in the MARIO environment and the ability to play your typical survival and use all your skills to beat this map is just plain AWESOME.

    Please keep this up, as this easily is the greatest map of all time. Mainly because I love Mario and if I had the choice between one video game, I would easily go for Mario. I'd love to see Super Mario 64, like using the painting trick to go through paintings could lead you to a world, blah blah blah.

    Rating: 100 Grand Stars out of 10 Power Stars!
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse?
    Question 1:
    Stomp that mother****er
    I did this before. Me, being the diamond hog having every diamond EVER, I blew open the door, kindly let him in, and gave him a taste of his own medicine. >:)

    Question 2:
    I made a huge ass house, so I have a bunch of exits. Even if all exits were taken, the insane enchants I got from my EXP farm should save me from jumping off the roof. Then I proceed to slaughter the creeper's faces off.

    Question 3:
    Bacon, Bow, Sword, Arrows, Armor, ect.
    Well, how exactly do you survive without murder-materials, especially in a creeper apocalypse? :)

    Question 4:
    Read first question. xD

    Question 5:
    They call me rambo
    How hard is it to put the middle of your cursor on a player/mob and let go of right click? Not very hard.

    Question 6:
    Running is for pussies.

    When you got a diamond sword, you don't even NEED to back up. Just run right into them and spam left click, 99% chance that they'll be DEAD. X.X

    Question 7:
    Dive roll. Nuff' said.

    I have the Smart Movement mod, so I just hold F, run forward, slide under the nearest under 2 blocks high thing I find, and cut his balls off.

    Question 8:

    Cobblestone on the first couple days, then obsidian ASAP.

    Question 9:

    If I'm feeling decorative, yes.

    I would survive:

    a month (32 days)

    I'm a hardcore survivalist. xD
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] Amazing Seed! All biomes, NPC Village and Stronghold near Spawn AND MINESHAFT! UPDATED WITH MORE SCREENS
    Yep, I noticed that ravine near the village, that was the one I died in. :D
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    posted a message on Whats your favorite mario game?
    Super Mario 3D Land ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.

    SM3DL rocks!
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