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Social Darwinism... for example some idiot runs a generator inside and their whole family dies. I'm talking about actual Darwinism though. Today, we have so much medicine that we are weakening the entire species. Medicine... we can go about our daily business with a disease that would kill someone in pre-industial times. We are gradually weakening our immune systems because we no longer have to heavily rely on them for survival against sickness.

The Spartans left weak baby's to die. They had the right idea, killing off the weak and preserving the strong produces a stronger populace. Currently, we are letting the weak survive to reproduce and make more weak people. This doesn't just degrade our immune systems, it produces people with lower and lower mental capacity, weaker and weaker muscles, ect.

Scenario: We become so reliant on medicine that death from disease is unheard of. Then scientists ERADICATE all diseases on the planet. Over time our immune systems degrade to a point where they no longer function (like the appendix). Then somehow the common cold escapes containment in a lab... it spreads like mad, killing billions in under a month.

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