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    Name: Dave, but I'd preffer to be called my ingame name.

    In-game name: ludvian

    Age: 13

    Skype/Discord(Must Have): Discord- Ludvian Skype- ludvianmc

    Position: Builder/ Anything Really

    How good are you?: I can log on and show you an example of what i can do.

    Why are you applying for wintercraft?: Ive been bored the past couple weeks, and school has been a huge struggle. I just need something to do while i cool off, i think that building on a new server with new friendly people (I hope) would help out.

    What can you bring to the server?: I can help build new projects, no matter how big

    What Will you do if you see another moderator abusing their powers?: first) Warn them, Second) Notify you Third) There wont be one because you'd probably kick them off the staff.

    How many hours can you play on the server per day?: Anywhere ranging from 1~3

    What will you do if you see a hacker?: Ban for an hour as a warning, next time for real

    How can you help build the server?: If any of the other builders need help, and ask me than i'd be up for the job. Otherwise i would help test out maps.

    Can you donate?: Sadly no, I dont know anything about this server, and plus like i said, im 13. I wouldnt be allowed to.

    MISC: Im new to this, and im hoping to get started in the "building" field by starting to help out on this server. Im not by any circumstances a griefer, if you wanted to know

    Thanks for your time ~ludvian

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    Builder Application:
    Skype/Discord Tag: Discord- Ludvian

    Age(Optional): 13
    Proof of past builds (optional): I can build on the server
    Why you want to join: I want to help out on a foreign server, and nowadays im just bored so it seems like a fun thing to do
    What times are you most often on and how long can you be on each day?: Probably daily, for 1~2 hours

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