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    posted a message on ELEMENT.TOWN :: TeamSpeak :: Survival & Creative :: Vanilla :: 24/7

    Please come visit Element Town! Even if it's for a little while.

    We can't read your mind, so please make a post!

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    posted a message on ModMod|Food[Alpha 0.016][1.6.4]
    It's really well done so far. The coders are great people, and i'm making some textures for it! Once there is a foundation of food items to craft, there may be opportunities for the community to contribute our favorite food! If you don't feel like trying it yet thats okay, but please check back whenever you minecrafter's can. Aren't you guys sick of eating baked potatoes yet? :P Want some butter with that?
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    posted a message on [-GEARZ-]|[Tekkit 3.1.2]|[12GB]|[EE Disabled]|[Towny]|[Iconomy]|[Multiverse] **We Listen to Our Community!**
    Gearz has been a great place so far. The spawn is well designed, and everyone is willing to get you started, but will eventually ask you to shop. A mix of player commands and plugins, allows players to pvp without being forced to leave the whole server empty handed. If you are looking for a fresh start to tekkit classic, then look no further.
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    posted a message on Seeking Staff + Creative Builders to Re-create a Game.
    There was a game called Glitch, it was a casual mmo sidescroller which you would run around, harvest trees, nibble pigs, mine rocks, donate to giants (gods), and explore a large world called Ur (and a whole lot more cool things!). It appealed to an audience that did not wish for violence other than poisoning trees and causing general social mayhem. The big part about Glitch though, was the resource gathering. All the resources were dispersed throughout the world, and slowly regenerated over time. Or it would only let you personally harvest the resource every 4 hours (a game day).

    To build such a world, would require a set of blacklisted blocks, and a set of blocks you can only harvest with certain tools. Each block may not give out the right item (example: Melon block = apples), and each item may not work as intended. The secret word is aged cheese. The plugin worldedit is used here, so it will be easy to build! Everyone will have full rights to worldedit.

    So that being said, I'm asking for anyone with experience in landscaping/mapping to help rebuild the world of Glitch. Theres loads more information including the IP address, and dynamic map, at this website here and the forum within that website as well.

    The server has a whitelist application, but since it's the offical Minecraft Forum, i'm going to extend it a bit:

    Do you know how to copy/paste with a brush? (explain how):
    Have you played or heard of Glitch before?:
    Do you like building structures? or Landscapes?
    Would you like to help me test out plugins and features?
    Secret word:
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Element Town [Dedicated] [No Whitelist] [Role Play] [Hard] [Econ] [32 Player Slots]
    1. Minecraft IGN: Lucidess
    2. Your Age: 24
    3. Why do you want to join Element Town?: I've been here before.. ready to come back.
    4. Did someone invite you? If so, place their IGN here: not invited, but you element town, are inviting.
    5. Minecraft Experience: (How long have you been playing Minecraft?) Since beta.
    6. Have you read our rules? Do you agree to abide by them? I agree and abide to the rules.
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    posted a message on Natural Town - Vanilla 1.0 - Survival
    Quote from Predatron

    I plan to keep this map for as long as possible and make the backup available, so you won't waste huge amounts of time on a construction project just to have it gone forever. This is a pure vanilla server, anything in the spirit of minecraft goes. That means stealing, structural griefing using legitimate means, and killing are all legal. You just are not allowed to hack or cheat in any way to get an upper hand in doing any of these things. Right now we have 20 slots but we hope to expand if the server becomes more popular.

    Bad server, no one is moderating it, go crazy hackers! go vent your stupid ****ing hack **** in this server because it's a big hack magnet, no one cares, except the ops that are on for only 1 hour at a time. Go nuts! I don't care! You ****ing hackers think you have to hack to get at my ****, it's pretty ****ing sad. **** you to every public server in existance.
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    posted a message on Natural Town - Vanilla 1.0 - Survival
    The server won't be able to be advertised for long if the server is getting hammered by idiots with hacked clients. We need more op's and a more active owner to ban the majority of the griefers before they destroy the image of this server. Some assholes keep on crashing the server somehow so it's down now and it'll be down until the admin gets a hold of this.

    You should also lay out the rules a bit more clearly so people dont have to go in and assume that they can use hacks because they can't read inbetween a paragraph.
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    posted a message on Natural Town - Vanilla 1.0 - Survival
    This server is being overrun by hackers and griefers, we need more moderators.
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    posted a message on Project Mercury 24/7 Vanilla Whitelist Server
    Oh geez, sorry I left so impatiently after the bumps.. it's been a series of discouragements considering 1.9 will have new biome changes and whatnot, but I will make big strides to try and keep your creations intact for as long as you play!

    I sent the message to the owner, you guys will be added asap..
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    posted a message on Project Mercury 24/7 Vanilla Whitelist Server
    Welcome to a friendly vanilla white-list server, I hope we find some down to earth people that enjoy the raw challenge of notch himself, as he spawns creeper after creeper at your doorstep.

    Rollbacks are a real big problem in active servers. However I have not seen a rollback occur, without using any plugins. :smile.gif:

    Server features:
    + All mobs enabled
    + PvP Is ON
    + Active admin/owner
    + Hosted in Dallas
    + Active operator

    1. Try not to crash the game (A crash occurs when shift-clicking into an already full inventory or chest).
    2. No spawn killing.
    3. No Item or fly mods/hacks of any kind.

    Here is the white-list application:

    Minecraft Name:

    Play style:

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    posted a message on 1.8 = Vanilla: The way Minecraft was meant to be played!
    In Game Name: Lucidess

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Playing Style: Connoisseur of bread, and a master miner.

    Additional info: I love vanilla, I love mining, I love building. I have been a moderator to many servers, and focused on the trust between people. If theres a resource gap in the server that needs to be filled, it'll be fun to do some charity work to build trust. I'll try my best to be a playful and active member! I have teamspeak but I listen to music almost constantly, not the best linguist either. (i'll compensate with noteblocks)
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    posted a message on Mob Towers not working in 1.8
    I think he's actually taking about how the mobs spawn now. I have noticed this too, even the minepedia doesn't really talk about it. Friendly mobs only spawn in certain biomes now, sheep spawn on mountains, pigs spawn near marshlands, and cows spawn near plains. If you're not getting any mobs from the mob tower then check underground to see if they aren't just hanging out there.

    In any case this won't stop me from piling up mobs into one room then making one hole in the wall for me to slash with dia sword, or even do some bow target practice with some well placed water currents and some mob holders.. for the win.
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    posted a message on Official 1.8 Bug Thread!
    Bug: Creative mode flying controls are clunky, as well lacking an ability to move down instead of just up.

    Cause: Lag, bad design, many things.

    Solution: Change flying to be a single key press, and offer a key to lower yourself.

    The down key in flying mode is the sneak button. Aside from that, the creative mode is a bit clunky i admit but it can get the job done. Making something massive? Use the mcedit program, then fill in the details in creative mode.
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