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    I never finish anything. Ever. So I thought that posting my current project might give me more motivation to keep up with it! Fingers crossed, right?

    Originally I started building a castle for myself and a friend on my server, but once villagers were able to breed, I decided that there was nothing better to surround my castle with than a city!

    As you can see, it is very much still a WIP. On the to-do list:
    • Market area
    • Fix rivers (depth)
    • Landscaping and building within castle walls
    • Landscaping around town
    • Additional buildings in middle/lower class areas
    • Upper class areas (including inn, tavern, bath house, etc.)
    • More buildings for 1.3 villager trading
    • Interior decorations of buildings
    Additional Pictures:

    Castle and grounds. Another friend's unfinished home is on the right.

    Overall view with "rice paddies" stretching off into the distance. The church and one other small building were what I started the town with. The villagers all still like to gather in that area instead of making use of the rest of the town. They also like to jump into the river, swim to the other side, and panic when night fell, so I had to build them a bunch of bridges so they would be able to get back to safety, the silly things.

    Inside the castle grounds. We have a zen garden, animal pen, greenhouse, back gate, mining shack, gazebo, and boathouse. I want to deepen the water areas and add a lot of trees and vegetation.

    The blue/gold pagoda is the spawn for the server. To the right is the main bridge that will lead to the main areas of town (market, etc.).

    Imgur album with more pictures be here.

    Ideas/constructive criticism welcome! :)
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