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    Hey I'm doing Logo Requests

    If you are interested just @ me on twitter and we'll discuss more @lucasnagy05

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    You probably know that there are websites that can generate logos. But they never look that simular to the real deal.

    I've been trying to perfect my style for a while and I think I finally can make a logo that looks real.

    These thing often cost, as it takes time and effort. But I don't like that, and because I have been doing this for a while now, it doesn't take that long.

    Your choices of styles are:

    Minecraft logo (custom color & custom text)

    Minecraft logo and subtitle (custom color & custom text for both)

    Minecraft Update logo (custom color & text)

    These can be custumizeble and have any text, or just the normal "Minecraft" text.

    you can choose what color too if you want.

    Remember to be specific and tell me all the details directly

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    posted a message on SkyStone Art - Minecraft Title Logo + custom colors & styles

    Hey are you still doing this? I have some fonts that are a bit closer and you may want?

    here's what I made using the fonts if you wanna see how it looks

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