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    posted a message on [1.8+] Square Survival {A ultra remake of the original Skyblock} 1100+ Downloads

    I'm downloading it now, I'm so hype for this. I'm glad that someone else found Skyblock boring after you completed it. I even completed the Hardcore one which took a while, but once I was done it was just boring. This looks amazing and I can't wait to play it.

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    posted a message on i request a senpai (japenise titile for teacher like (name) senpai)
    The word you are actually looking for is sensei, or in symbols 先生. Senpai(先輩) is someone's senior/upper classman.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Rename: Hardware Heavy Update
    I mean this is just my opinion, but all the optimizations seem to only slow down the performance. I mean I used to play 1.7.10 and lower with no lag or anything, but once the 1.8 snapshots started, my performance went down hill. I just have no idea what to think in honesty. I've tried a lot of suggested theories throughout the forums, but it does little to nothing. I'm getting up to a maximum of 4 fps when I usually run from 60 to 80. Even on Singleplayer for Notch's sake. Why even combine the single player worlds with server features? That is a performance nightmare, just.... Mojang, I'm disappointed. As I've said before though, this is all my opinion. Let me hear other 1.8 complaints here.
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    posted a message on [14w28a] Casual Snapshot Server
    Quote from GRZZLY
    Me and my friend would love to join a snapshot server, couldn't get our own up and running sadly..


    Country, USA

    Skype, Grzzly_tx idk his off the top of my head

    why? because we're fun people looking to have fun on the snapshot

    Do we get a long with people. If you have a good sense of humor, and such, we don't grief and we're pretty self recourceful, great builders, and pretty op if you ask me.

    Hope we could join man!

    Sounds good! Look forward to playing alongside you and your friend!
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    posted a message on Hypixel Map Server
    I'm searching for a server that can have the the host, 2 other people, and I. Just so we can play Hypixels maps. I don't mind if it's hamachi it just needs to no.. Well... Lag too much.

    Here's Hypixels Website

    Please get back to me either through PM or here.
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    posted a message on Small Private MC Server Me + 3slots
    It's a small server hosted off of a free host. It can currently support 3 plus me and I'm making you fill out an application so I can chose who I'm playing with carefully. The IP will be messaged to the 3 lucky people. and the server is 1.3.2

    GENDER:(Doesn't matter if you don't wanna give it don't)
    MC EXP:
    What can you build?

    Also if you want to donate for tripled slots it's 10 dollars

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