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    As the majority of colours follow the colour wheel we learn in early education, can two simple additions be made in a future update?

    Green = Blue + Yellow
    Brown = Red + Green

    Then, every one of the sixteen colours has more than one way to be made. From the three primary colours plus black and white, all other variant colours can easily be made. At present, both green and brown are rather harder to come by, requiring finding desert and jungle biomes respectively.


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    Morning all, well it is here.

    I've struggled with this in a creative development world, so I'm asking those more expert than myself. My starting point is the by Blocky Bryson, which I've built successfully in my survival world and it works, superbly.

    What I'm struggling with is increasing the capacity. Yes, I can add more chests and make it longer. I can loop it up or down and take up as much space as I want. However, what I'm trying to achieve is have each module be at least two, ideally three, double chests instead of one.

    I've attempted to add layers of chests above and extend the redstone behind upwards, but it's unreliable at best. One extra layer kind of works, two doesn't at all. And you can't easily extend downwards because the bottom hopper feeds into the dropper that elevates the items again.

    I'll see if I can screen grab my efforts so far. However, there might just be some clever soul out there who's already done this. Oh, and yes I have seen but ... it's way more complicated.

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