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    [⚙️]-------------[ WELCOME ]-------------[⚙️]


    Welcome to the Official R&G Dungeon Tales thread! My name is Louis. I'm the founder and lead developer of this project. Dungeon Tales is an Isometric RPG (just like Minecraft Dungeons), but in the actual Minecraft Java Edition.

    [⚙️]-------------[ FEATURES ]-------------[⚙️]

    (Current Features)

    Isometric Gamemode
    RPG Elements
    Multiplayer 1.16.3
    Movement and Combat

    (Planned Features)

    PvP System (MOBA Style)
    Quest System (Storyline)
    Equipment and Character Progression

    [⚙️]-------------[ ABOUT ]-------------[⚙️]


    Dungeon Tales is an extensive gamemode focused on exploration of zones and gathering of stronger gear and materials for your own adventurers guild. Fight for glory, riches and most importantly, fun!

    Defy powerful monsters, loot their dungeons and become a respected adventurer among the best.

    This server is a complete rework of how you play Minecraft, with a new game perspective for you to explore, the isometric view. Might be shocking at first but we managed to make this work, and now we are sharing this new gamemode to the world!


    The DT server is currently in early access for a small group of testers, and we are looking for more at the moment. As we move forward with our systems, we might release new waves of testing slots for more people to join us. But keep in mind:

    We are a whitelisted server. And that won't change even after completion of our server. We focus on quality of game, not quantity. We do know that this will cut our playerbase but also increase the health of our community.

    If you are interested in joining us, please, fulfill this form and send here or to:


    - Name:
    - Gender:
    - Nation:
    - Age: (Min: +14)
    - About yourself:
    - Favorite class:
    - Why do you want to join us:
    - Discord Name: (Name#1234)
    - Minecraft Name:

    [⚙️]-------------[ SHOWCASE ]-------------[⚙️]


    Thanks to Bullesta for recording this video for me.
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    Introduction: Welcome to my topic fellow user. My name is Louis. I'm the main Owner of the Roses & Gears community and creator of Dungeon Tales. At the moment, this is our main project and we're looking for new team members to help us finish faster the buildings and lore / quests systems. I've been working with a team of 3 (including myself) for about a month, and we made great progress with the TopDown system, but we only have 1 builder.

    That's where you enter! We're looking for builders with skills to build in both, medieval AND steampunk setups.

    What is Dungeon Tales: Before we discuss about ranks, we must first talk about what is Dungeon Tales.
    DT (Shorter version of Dungeon Tales), is an RPG Adventure server, but unlike the others, it has a unique combat system, you're not the character, you control your unit to fight for you and collect resources. Hence the TopDown feature, its basically an Isometric RPG just like Diablo, Ragnarok Online, etc.

    Our system is a complete rework on how you play Minecraft on our server, no more vanilla combat, we changed everything.

    Ok! I'm interested: Nice! So, before you write your application, you must first know our terms.

    1 - We are NOT looking for paid services! Any offer of paid service WILL BE IGNORED.
    2 - We are NOT looking for any roles other than BUILDERS and LOREMASTERS. If you apply for any other role, it will be immediately DENIED.
    3 - You must help the server considerably, we do not have a minimum hours a week, but we do require progress.
    4 - Team members will be awarded 3 UI (Unique Irregular) Heroes as a thank you for their hard work and also a special rank if they choose to play on the server.
    5- Reinforcing [2], no staff rank will get paid, this is a VOLUNTARY work to a small community, we do prioritize fun and friendship between our members rather than bounds of money and jobs. By joining this project you acknowledge this and hopefully you're here to meet new people and have fun.

    Sounds good, I agree, now what: Ok! First you must fulfill this template:

    - Real Name: (Will be denied if omitted, not negotiable.)
    - In Game Name:
    - Discord Tag: NAME#1234
    - Gender (Optional):
    - Age: (Will be denied if omitted, not negotiable.)
    - About yourself:
    - Rank Desired:
    - Examples of Builders: (Builder Only)
    - Examples of Lore/Quests: (Loremasters Only)
    - Why do you want to join us:
    - What's your favorite Block:

    After you finish writing your application, send to my discord or post here.

    My Discord:

    - Rumi ExMachina#3819

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    posted a message on 🌹 Roses of Eternity 🌹 Looking for Team to setup a Survival RPG Server! (1.12.2)

    Hello Internet! I'm here to bring you people a new Concept Server that I've been working for a time. The idea is a PvE Survival Server, with Dungeons, Custom Mobs, Classes, Professions and Races.

    I'm looking for a Staff to help me make this server real!

    Our main goals are:

    - Custom Classes | Races | Professions.

    - Custom GUI's for Utilities and other Stuff.

    - Custom Items (Weapons, Tools, Armor, etc).

    - Custom Biomes and Mobs.

    - A Job System.

    - Residence Tiers based on in game play time.

    - Advanced Redstone Tech based on Craftbook.

    - Advanced Custom Crafting for our Items.

    About our World:

    Roses is a world based on Rune Midgard from Ragnarok Online. We're planning to add custom mobs based on the ones you can find in the fields of Prontera, Geffen, Payon and Morroc.
    My main goal isn't to replicate the world of Ragnarok, but instead, make a new world with the inhabitants of this great MMORPG. Thats why our world is called: Roses of Midgard. As the project progress, I'll be adding new Instances / Dungeons for players to test their power against our creations.
    Maybe even expand from the Kingdom of Rune Midgarts to Arunafeltz States and the Republic of Schwartzvald, with new mobs and dungeons.
    Towns will have names based on Ragnarok Online Towns. Same for Dungeons. Although, not the same geography.


    I'm in need of Builders, Moderators, Helpers, Administrators and a Co-Owner.

    Currently I'm the only one on the Staff and its getting too heavy for me to do everything for the server. So, I'm here to ask for help of other users for this great project.

    The ranks available are:

    Co-Owner: 1 (Must contribute with money.)

    Administrator: 2 (Must know how to Configure Plugins.)

    Moderator: 4

    Helper: 2

    Builder: 3

    Tester: None yet, its not playable yet.

    Requirements to apply to our Staff:

    - At least 14 years.

    - 4 hours a day to dedicate to the server.

    - Not being part of ANOTHER team.

    - Basic knowledge of RPG Systems (D&D, Pathfinder, etc)

    Form for applying to our Staff:


    Timezone / Country:
    In Game Name:
    Age: Gender:
    About You:
    Why you should be accepted:
    Why do you want to join our team, not another one:


    Examples of your Buildings: (Screenshots)
    Favorite building Style:
    Experience with Minecraft:

    Moderator & Helper:

    Past Experiences:
    Plugin Experience:

    Punishment Level: (Light to Heavy)(Which one you tend to apply):


    Level of Experience with Minecraft in General:
    Plugin Experience:
    Config Experience:
    Favorite Plugins:
    Experience with Staff management:

    Co-Owner: Contact me.


    Extra Info:

    - We are using a LOCALHOST Server. As its a waste of money to buy a host while we don't have anything ready.

    - You must dedicate to the server, no being part of other teams.

    - Inactive users WILL GET REMOVED.

    Contact Info:

    Contact me via Discord: (Louis Roselian#3819)

    Contact me via Skype: (Luis-HL)(Louis Roselian)


    Thanks for Reading my Topic, hope to see you soon!

    Kind regards,


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    posted a message on Blaze's Floating Islands Preset

    Really nice map preset. :)

    Loving to play survival with this. A really challenging way to play Minecraft!

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    posted a message on Need a friend to play Minecraft with? Click here!
    • Minecraft Username: _Blumiere_
    • Platform you play on: PC 1.12.2
    • Age: 18
    • Gender: Male
    • Country/Timezone: UTC-3
    • How someone should contact you: Skype: Luis-HL | Discord: Louis Blumiere Roselian#3819
    • How long you've been playing Minecraft: Since 1.2.5, 2012
    • Some things that you like to do on the game: I enjoy to play RPG Survival with Redstone (CraftBook). Also, I love custom generated worlds.
    • Any additional things you want to say: I got a VPS server running RPG Survival for those who are interested.
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    posted a message on 🌹 Roses Kingdom 🌹 ⚔️ Towny ⚔️ RPG Classes ⚔️ Survival ⚔️ Custom World ⚔️ Custom Mobs ⚔️ 1.12.2 ⚔️

    - Added new mobs! Directly from the RO World, Porings and Drops can now be seen at the surface world during day!

    - Removed Swords from crafting, now you can buy the Wood, Stone and Iron Weapons (of each class) at the Weapon Store, at Glast Heim Castle!

    - Added LWC to protect your chests!

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    posted a message on 🌹 Roses Kingdom 🌹 ⚔️ Towny ⚔️ RPG Classes ⚔️ Survival ⚔️ Custom World ⚔️ Custom Mobs ⚔️ 1.12.2 ⚔️



    Welcome fellow adventurers, to the world of Rune Midgarts! A place full of dangers, old ruins, dangerous mobs and mighty towns! We welcome you to join us, be part of our community and try to stand against mighty foes on our server! Join a server with the class system based on Ragnarok Online. Find a new Glast Heim, the old capital of the Kingdom.


    Our world is a part of Rune Midgarts Kingdom, created after the time and space clash caused by the battle between Emperor Morroc and the Mage Knight Thanatos. After the battle, the past of the Kingdom was revived and a new dimension, created. Time past on the new world, and now, inhabitants were now living and exploring the challenging lands of this new dimension.

    Here is where your journey starts! Choose a class, fight, claim lands, loot dungeons, but most important, HAVE FUN!

    Main Features:

    • RPG Classes (Soon, Races and Professions.)
    • Towny (Towns and Outposts.)
    • Custom World (Custom Terrain Generation.)
    • Custom Mobs (Stronger than Vanilla ones.)
    • Pets (Bring a companion with you to explore, mine or just walk around.)

      No Griefing, grief is not tolerated and will get you banned!
      No Spamming.
      No Hacks, hacks will get you banned. (No way to get pardon.)
      No Scamming, fair play is essential.
      Do NOT abuse PVP.
      Do NOT build offensive buildings.
      Respect is ESSENTIAL.

    Basic Tutorial:

    • Use /guide inside the game to get a copy of the Guide Book.

    How do I join the server? Do I need to write an Application?

      Nope, just join us! :)
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    posted a message on 🌹 Roses Kingdom 🌹 ⚔️ Towny ⚔️ RPG Classes ⚔️ Survival ⚔️ Custom World ⚔️ Custom Mobs ⚔️ 1.12.2 ⚔️

    World Reset! Now we have a fresh new world for you to explore!

    Updated the topic to reflect the new changes made to the server, hope you enjoy them. :)

    See you on the world of Roses!

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    posted a message on 🌹 Roses Kingdom 🌹 ⚔️ Towny ⚔️ RPG Classes ⚔️ Survival ⚔️ Custom World ⚔️ Custom Mobs ⚔️ 1.12.2 ⚔️

    Still looking for people interested on a friendly community to join!

    We are still on Alpha but we welcome any players interested!

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    posted a message on Townships | Factories, Farms, Turrets and Towns | Land Protection Plugin | Bring Life to Your Buildings!


    Hello Minecraft Forum community! I'm here to bring a new land protection / management plugin. Townships is a plugin where players need to build structure to claim land. The structure works as shops, mines, farms and factories, allowing the production of the most variable items, the only limit is your imagination with this plugin. If you can imagine it, the plugin can do. You can create custom effects to customize your server even more.

    Almost every option of Townships can be toggled to on or off. Don't like a feature? No problem! Just disable it.


    1: Unzip Townships.zip in your plugins folder.
    2: Restart your server
    3: (Optional) Choose a pre-made config from inside Townships folder.
    If you need more information on config files, check out the Townships Wiki.


    This plugin runs very quickly, but has some features that can cause lag on servers exceeding 100 players. All of those features can be disabled. EffectWarehouse.jar is the first one to disable. EffectConveyor.jar is the next one with the most lag potential. Finally, if you're still having issues, you can disable player in region checks in config.yml. Those checks are used for a number of effects like arrow turrets and animal farms (anything that requires you stand somewhere). This plugin has been tested with 40 players and 1500 regions and runs fine with all features.

    Warning! DO NOT reload the plugin, it will cause towns to duplicate and other bugs. If you want to apply changes, restart the server.


    * Create any number of unique towns with their own building requirements and perks.
    * Includes a menu for buying blueprints or constructing new buildings
    * Town chat and prefixes
    * Manage player membership per building
    * Manage player ownership, permissions, and taxes in town
    * Towns can have population limits determined by housing
    * Towns can require money daily.
    * Towns can require power which can be depleted through killing in war.
    * Town power can be depleted with TNT
    * Town power can be depleted with automatic TNT teleporters
    * Towns can be raided with random destination teleporters
    * Players can create teleporters
    * Players can create any farms, factories, or shops
    * Buildings can create and consume custom items
    * Buildings can evolve into other buildings after a set number of uses
    * Buildings can be remade into other buildings
    * Towns can impose potion effects at random on members if the town is missing structures
    * Arrowturrets can shoot arrows at non-member players automatically
    * Artillery can shoot tnt using a remote controller to hit precise targets
    * Proximity landmines can detonate on non-member players
    * Buildings can be disabled if abandoned for a set time
    * Buildings can move items by minecart automatically to other buildings
    * Warehouses can move items to buildings as needed automatically
    * Buildings can spawn animals
    * Buildings can be limited to specific biomes
    * Towns can limit which buildings you can build based on what buildings you have already built
    *Excelent for PvP servers with the war system enabled

    * Excelent for PvE servers with the creative config

    * Excelent for servers that are focused on survival, with the help of Townships you'll be able to create an unique experience for your players


    * townships.create.all lets you create any township
    * townships.create.<type> lets you create a township of that type
    * townships.admin lets you bypass townships ownership checks
    * townships.join lets a player join a super-region
    * townships.unlock lets a player unlock blueprints in the blueprint shop
    * townships.group.<group> gives a player access to a group you specify in groups.yml

    Note: the premade configs will automatically assign permissions when you run the plugin for the first time.


    * /to menu
    * /to
    * A ton more that you can find in the Player's Guide.

    Contact Information:

    Need any help with the plugin? Just send me a message and I'll do my best to help you.
    Skype: Luis-HL (a.k.a Louis Blumiere)

    Video Tutorial:

    Developer API:

    Do you want your own features? Change the available ones? Sure! We got an example of Region "Effect" for you to build your own effects!

    package multitallented.plugins.townships.effects;
    import java.util.HashMap;
    import java.util.HashSet;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.Townships;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.effect.Effect;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.events.ToPlayerEnterSRegionEvent;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.events.ToPlayerExitSRegionEvent;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.region.RegionManager;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.region.SuperRegion;
    import multitallented.redcastlemedia.bukkit.townships.region.SuperRegionType;
    import org.bukkit.ChatColor;
    import org.bukkit.event.EventHandler;
    import org.bukkit.event.Listener;
     * @author Multitallented
    public class EffectMessage extends Effect {
        private final Townships plugin;
        public EffectMessage(Townships plugin) {
            this.plugin = plugin;
            registerEvent(new IntruderListener(this));
        public void init(Townships plugin) {
        public class IntruderListener implements Listener {
            private final EffectMessage effect;
            public IntruderListener(EffectMessage effect) {
                this.effect = effect;
            public void onSRegionEnter(ToPlayerEnterSRegionEvent event) {
                RegionManager rm = getPlugin().getRegionManager();
                SuperRegion sr = rm.getSuperRegion(event.getName());
                if (sr == null) {
                SuperRegionType srt = rm.getSuperRegionType(sr.getType());
                if (srt == null) {
                if (!hasMessage(srt)) {
                event.getPlayer().sendMessage(ChatColor.WHITE + "[Townships] You have entered " + ChatColor.RED + sr.getName());
            public void onSRegionExit(ToPlayerExitSRegionEvent event) {
                if (event.getLoggingOut()) {
                RegionManager rm = getPlugin().getRegionManager();
                SuperRegion sr = rm.getSuperRegion(event.getName());
                if (sr == null) {
                SuperRegionType srt = rm.getSuperRegionType(sr.getType());
                if (srt == null) {
                if (!hasMessage(srt)) {
                event.getPlayer().sendMessage(ChatColor.WHITE + "[Townships] You have exited " + ChatColor.RED + sr.getName());
            private boolean hasMessage(SuperRegionType srt) {
                for (String s : srt.getEffects()) {
                    if (s.startsWith("message")) {
                        return true;
                return false;


    Dom_Luis_III (me) is NOT the creator of this plugin, I'm only helping the developer to share the plugin. I got permission to post here from him!

    All credits go to @Multitallented!
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