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    I love all the new slots.

    For mod devs: Make sure if you are using one of the new slot types, but want to make the mod still compatible with older versions of the API that only have the normal 4 slots, just check to see of those new types exist before returning them



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    Unofficial port of the 1.1.1 version of the mod for Minecraft 1.9.4
    Download jar file

    Note that a few things have changed, including the config file which now uses the ingame config GUI system.

    EyZox is working on a version 2.0 with all new algorithms so keep an eye out for that too!

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    posted a message on [1.8 --- 1.10 ] Forge Creeper Heal [50k+]

    I noticed on github you started making a 1.2.0 version but never released it. Are you still active in the project?

    Do you have any plans for 1.8.9 ? I just asked because I love using it in my single player so I updated it.

    I made a pull request on your github page. Feel free to grab it and release 1.8.9 anytime!

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    posted a message on 'Rainy Day' - Better Weather Sounds [Resource Pack]

    This is beautiful

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    posted a message on All my mods in one thread - also looking for feedback for changes or updates or brand new ideas!

    I just wanted to create one thread with all my mods together. Most of them support 1.7.10 and 1.8 regardless of what the yellow button says its kind of borked just click view all downloads for the alternate version. (if a version is missing just ask and I will make a release for that version).

    Most of these are just really small mods that tweak the game a little bit. Many do not add any items or blocks. Check them out and I hope you enjoy!

    Taking all suggestions and feedback!

    Two new projects out! (November 2015)

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    posted a message on InventoryCrafting : 3x3 crafting grid in inventory - on Curseforge

    Update: Download for 1.7.10 and 1.8 are forge compatible, and available here : http://www.curse.com/mc-mods/Minecraft/232597-inventory-crafting-grid

    Old Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.4.7 mod below

    IMPORTANT NOTE (in case anyone ever uses those old files): these old versions edit the base class files, you have to drop the files directly in the minecraft .jar file not the /mods folder/. It can be installed after forge or modloader is installed

    Are you sick of dropping crafting benches everywhere, but still never having one when you need it? Ever wish you had one built into your inventory? Wish no more, this mod does exactly that, and a
    whole bunch more.

    * This mod is SSP (Single Player) only

    Updated March 13th. No longer requires Modloader. Is compatible with Modloader and Forge.

    (Mods I had that were unrelated to inventory crafting were discontinued, other mods do it better)

    Download Inventory Crafting for Minecraft 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

    Download Inventory Crafting for Minecraft 1.5

    Old download

    Preview Images

    Inventory Crafting

    For Developers and Compatibility

    * This mod only contains one image and one file. The file is ContainerPlayer.java.
    *When you are using Inventory Tweaks (a very great mod that I love to use), the Auto-Refil option if turned on will put items in the wrong place, it puts them in the 3x3 crafting window instead of your hotbar. This is partly just how Minecraft codes all inventory squares with the same numbering system, and I am not sure of how to resolve it at this time, at least until I move this to some well made API. For now just turn Auto-Refill: OFF, this is what I have done in my series.

    Installation :

    0. Make sure you know how to locate your minecraft.jar file, and how to open it.
    1. First install ModLoader into minecraft.jar
    2. Then install the .zip file that you got from me into minecraft.jar (NOT into the mods folder)
    3. Delete META-INF from minecraft.jar and then save

    Alternately, if you use MultiMC, make sure you put the mod in the "Minecraft.jar" tab, which is the tab on the far left. Also, it should probably come AFTER any apis such as Forge, but before optifine.

    Let me know if you have any problems.

    Special Thanks

    My Youtube Channel

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    posted a message on Builder's Dream - Thread Moved

    This mod has been discontinued, as I have started over with a new mod here the mods are being released on cusreforge here http://www.curse.com/users/Lothrazar/projects .

    Those mods in 1.8 were inspired by these, and many of the same features continued.

    If you want the source code for this 1.7.2 verison you can find it here


    I called this Builder's Dream because it includes many of the features I always wanted when building large projects in survival.
    It has only been developed and tested in single player (SSP). Since it is forge, it may also work in multiplayer, but it is untested. This is NOT intended as a cheat to fly on legit survival servers.

    Features (Each of these can be turned on and off in the config file "buildersdream.cfg".)

    Flying in survival - but it comes at a cost.

    By default, you must have full health and 7/10 hunger and 10 levels. Then you can fly, just like in creative mode. However, it drains about one full XP level every second or two.
    So even with 50 levels, you will not get very far.

    Personally I feel this is "balanced", whatever that means. We already have ender pearls, and this will not get you much farther.

    Be careful, if you get too far up and run out of XP, you will fall and you will take fall damage - unlike creative mode.

    Optionally, you can also set a config that will not let you fly if you are wearing any armor - naked only. This defaults to turned off.

    You can disable this completely in the config file, as well as customizing the health

    Walk up single blocks while sprinting - same thing a horse does.

    Just like it sounds. The same way a horse can walk up full blocks the way you do slabs or stairs: well now you can do the same thing but only by sprinting.

    Can be disabled in config file.

    Type /ec to open ender chest inventory - works without a chest!

    I admit this is overpowered for new worlds, since you will not need to craft an ender chest. But after you play any world for a while, that is not an issue.

    Can be disabled in config file.

    Lock yourself out of creative mode.

    If this option is enabled, it sets everyone in creative mode to surivival on every game tick.

    I basically added this for myself. When I play single player, I am sometimes tempted to go creative mode for a second, but this blocks me from doing that. Even if I open in LAN mode and turn cheats on, this will force me back to survival right away. Many people may not like this, but as always there is a true/false config option.

    Can be disabled in config file.

    Un-crafting : almost all blocks and items can be smelted or crafted back into their component pieces. For example, smelt a hopper for 5 iron ingots.

    Can be disabled in config file, one line to turn off all these recipes.

    Almost any block can be smelted or crafted back to its original. I will list some of the main recipe types here, and there are tons of screenshots below.

    - Stairs into blocks
    - wood into blocks
    - Smelt buckets, hoppers, fully repaired armor and tools back to materials
    - Pistons back into iron or redstone via either smelting or crafting.
    - Smelt furnace back into stone.
    - Most wood items are turned back into sticks
    - Combine sticks with wood planks to get that type of wood back.

    There are a few exceptions:
    - No food
    - No potions
    - Probably other things left out like logs


    Config File - Full copy of the file - As you can see, everything can be turned off.

    # Configuration file

    # buildersdream

    buildersdream {
    # survivalflying

    survivalflying {
    # Affects how fast you lose levels while flying. Minimum 5.

    # If survivalflying is true AND this is also true, you may only fly if not wearing armor. Set to false if you want to fly with armor as well.

    # The minimum level required to fly in survival. Must be 2 or greater.

    # The minimum health required in order to fly in survival. Each number is one half heart, so using 10 means five hearts, and so on. Minimum is 1.

    # Minimum hunger required to fly. Must be greater than 1. Use 20 for full hunger, 10 for half hunger, and so on

    # When true, this enables flying in survival.

    # crafting

    crafting {
    # When true, it enables recipes for such items as the hidden double slab blocks (43:8 :9), nametags, packed ice, podzol, sponge, record transmuting, experience bottles, mob heads, mushroom blocks, and others

    # When true, it adds tons of recipes that enables you to uncraft almost any item. For example: craft ladders into sticks, smelt hoppers into iron.

    # general

    general {
    # When true, the command /enderchest or /ec will open the ender chest inventory. Disable by setting to false.

    # When true, this increases the stack size to 64 of the following items: ender pearl, snowball, mushroom stew, boat, minecart, iron door, wooden door, cake.

    # When true, you can sprint up single blocks just as when riding a horse. Disable by setting to false.

    # When true, this forces creative mode players into survival. This must be false to allow creative mode. The purpose of this is to remove the temptation to go creative in LAN mode or while cheats are turned on to change the game rules.

    # blocks

    blocks {
    # When true, the gamerule command block is enabled. Disable by setting to false.

    # When true, the teleport command block is enabled. Disable by setting to false.

    # When true, the weather command block is enabled. Disable by setting to false.


    Install details - requires FORGE

    Forge : http://files.minecraftforge.net/

    Do not unpack the .jar file. Place in the mods folder after forge is installed.

    As always, back up your save file!

    Developed on Forge 1.7.2 -


    Restricted survival-craftable command blocks :
    Build them in survival, they each have a pre - defined command, and you can never edit the command in the normal interface

    Increased reach / block range


    Download link for 1.7.2-1.1.0. removed, features are not ready. Working updates, see more in COMING SOON section.

    Version 1.0.3 (before command blocks)


    This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), by the terms of http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp is sole property of the Mod author (Sam Bassett aka Lothrazar, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net. It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission.

    However, you are free to include this mod as-is in a ModPack as long as you credit the Owner.

    Open Source on GitHub ! GPLv3 !

    My old content

    Contact Me here - since I rarely check my forum private messages

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    posted a message on [outdated] Abandoned mods

    Update July 10, 2015:

    I have resumed modding, and I am up to date with Minecraft Forge 1.8. All my current mod releases are at CurseForge here . Most of them are derived from, or are direct ports of the mod features from this post

    OLD Minecraft 1.7.10 mod listed below (the download is still in there too)

    Update Sept 7 2014 : Instead of one giant mod, now each feature has its own individual mod install.
    Update: Sept 9 2014 : Two new mods released, Ender Command and Simple Waypoints

    All my mods in one thread.

    I made theses mod to give me all the powers I have always wanted in in vanilla. The goal is to install these mods, build and play, and then keep
    the world long term even after these mods are uninstalled or if minecraft updates. It was balanced and tested
    with single player survival in mind so I could build cool stuff. There are things to save time and make grindy things
    more convenient, things to make the early game harder, and stuff to power you up in the end game.

    Each of these mods is a separate download and install, and each requires Forge 1.7.10.



    Inspired by the runestone items from Diablo 2. These give you buffs that persist as long as they are equipped on the 9th slot of your hotbar. Their durability is drained as long as it is equipped, and it turns back into a Nether Star after it runs out completely.

    Jump Boost V

    Resistance II
    Hunger I

    Health Boost V (10 extra hearts)
    Hunger I

    Haste II
    Weakness II

    Water Breathing V
    Night Vision II

    *Lets you walk & run up full blocks just like a horse does
    Hunger I

    Speed II
    Fatigue II

    Fire Resist I
    Weakness II
    Fatigue II

    *Lets you fly in survival, but does not remove fall damage. (You can only start flying while standing on the ground, meaning that if you fall off anything, you cannot start to fly while falling to save yourself)
    Weakness V
    Fatigue V

    Difficulty Tweaks - no punching wood, stone tools require smoothstone, and more


    Adds a bunch of small tweaks to the game that are all aimed at increasing the difficulty of the first few days.

    You cannot punch trees; you must turn saplings into sticks, and sticks into a damaged wooden axe.

    All stone tools require smoothstone instead of cobblestone.

    Furnace requires one coal in center to craft (so you may not get a furnace or stone tools on your first day; try making wooden tools and finding food first).

    You cannot gather dirt, grass, sand, clay, or gravel by hand (you can still break them by hand, but need a shovel to harvest the block).

    Sleeping in a bed will drain your hunger down and also gives you the rotten flesh hunger effect.
    Then, you should probably make a full set of wooden tools, because all stone tools now require smoothstone instead of cobble.

    Also, furnaces require one coal in the middle to craft.

    So that stone tech is a little bit harder to get.

    Debug Extras - Detect slime chunks, villagers, horse speed and jump height.


    By default, this turns off the normal debug screen, which hides your coordinates (I find not knowing your exact location makes the game much more interesting and challenging).
    As always you can change this in the config file, and if you do the rest of the debug info will still be shown below that.

    Time of day will show : Morning, Mid-day, Afternoon, or Night.

    The right side only shows game rules that are 'true'.

    Slime Chunk detection:
    There will be a message if you are in a Slime Chunk of your world - no more using calculators or third party tools to find this out, you dont even need to know your seed!

    Village Info is only shown if you are in or near a village.

    Command to add custom reminders:

    /todo reminder sentence

    Will save the reminder sentence text as your to-do list, which is displayed on the right side of the screen.

    If you use it again, you will replace the message.

    But, you can use the + symbol to add extra text to your message, as such

    /todo + and also this.

    To remove the message:

    /todo -

    Master Wand - Harvest crops, makes spawn eggs, finds spawners and more


    Every action with this wand costs one durability, and uses some hunger too.

    Turn mobs into Spawn Eggs:
    Right click on a passive mob to turn it into a spawn egg.
    Only works on (non-baby) Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, Mooshrooms, and Bats.
    Warning: does not save the color of the sheep.

    Magic Crop Harvesting:
    Right click on wheat, carrots, or potatoes, and it will harvest and replant the whole field for you. All items are dropped right on the player.

    Chest Transportation:
    Right click on a chest will convert that chest into a 'Sack of Holding', which magically holds items from the chest. This cannot
    hold anything with NBT data such as enchantments, so those items get spat out before the chest is removed.

    Then you can hit the Sack of Holding on the ground and the chest will be back, with the items in the same spot.

    Now With Sorting : Hit a chest with a sack of holding and it will try to sort the sacks items into the chest. Does not fill empty spaces,
    only tries to match existing items in the chest (so if a chest has three slots with 1 dirt each, it will try to fill those with dirt from the sack but will not put dirt elsewhere.)

    Diamond ProspectingHit the wand on smoothstone to prospect for nearby diamond ores. This only searches up to 8 blocks away horizontally. This should make your branch mining slightly more efficient, but not too overpowered.

    Dungeon Finding:
    If you hit the wand on a diamond block (left click), the wand will search a 128 block area for nearby spawners. This will
    not tell you the exact coordinates, only the distance you are from the spawner.

    Fishing Net Block - Automate your Fish Catching


    Place this block so it is surrounded by water, and so it has 2 water blocks below it. It will randomly spawn a fish in the world, just as if you used a fishing rod.

    It will not give any of the trash/treasure that fishing rods give (no nametags or books).

    So just plain fish, salmon, clownfish, pufferfish with the same rarity chances as a fishing rod.

    Ender Book - holds survival waypoints for teleportation



    The book can hold 9 locations, one for each hotbar slot.

    If you sneak and right-click holding this, you will save the current location in the book. It will be saved based on
    its location in the hotbar slot.

    Then left-click to teleport to the saved location.

    So you have to hold the book in the far right of the hotbar to save (or teleport to) location 9,

    THEN hold it in the next one over to save (or teleport to) location 8.

    Cave Finder - XRay Block


    Suggested for single player only! You should probably disable this in competitive multiplayer.

    Lets you see through the world.

    You can do this in vanilla with pistons and glowstone/redstone blocks, or with chunk loading lag, this just makes it easier.

    Very useful when looking for hidden unexplored caves.

    Magic Apples - just like golden apples


    The chocolate apple is a great early game food that gives some advanced buffs. The others are upgrades to golden apples

    Chocolate apple gives:
    0:30 of Speed II
    0:30 of Haste II

    Lapis apple gives:
    5:00 of Night Vision II
    5:00 of Water Breathing II
    5:00 of Absorption II

    Diamond apple gives:
    5:00 of Health Boost V (more hearts)
    5:00 of Fire Resistance II
    5:00 of Resistance II
    0:20 of Regen II

    Emerald apple gives:
    5:00 of Haste II
    5:00 of Speed
    5:00 of Absorption II

    Survival Command Blocks - affect weather and some game rules in survival


    These are recommended for single player only, as anyone can use them even if cheats are turned off and you are not a server OP

    (not shown: doDaylightCycle crafted with Glowstone Block)

    Unlike regular command blocks, you cannot edit the text to execute an arbitrary command.

    The weather block will execute /toggledownfall

    The gamerule blocks will toggle their gamerule in the world. Not every gamerule (that would be overpowered).

    Keybinding : Inventory Sliders to swap tools and items vertically


    Pressing these keys will shift the items above the current items hotbar slot up or down.

    This sounds weird, but it is very convenient for easily switching tools, weapons, and building blocks.

    For example, I use this by having building blocks in slots 5 though 9, and then variations above it. So if I have 9 selected with stone bricks, above it in my inventory I would have stairs, slabs, and maybe dirt. Pressing these keys will swap out the block selected without opening my inventory.

    Inspired by this reddit post

    Builder's Unity Tweaks - more alterations to the game that do not add any new items or blocks.

    Command - Item Search - search all nearby chests


    For example, if you type /itemsearch dirt, and you have 20 chests near by, 2 of them containing dirt, it will direct you
    towards those chests.

    Has a range of 32 blocks in all direction.

    Useful if something gets lost / misplaced your storage room.

    Extra Crafting Recipes

    Extra recipes for vanilla items: (Some of these recipes are the same as what is in the new 1.8 version of the game. )

    Craft all the skulls

    Transmute records

    You can also smelt stone brick into cracked brick.

    Name a player head using a sign
    First, place a sign down where the player name you want is the first word on the top line.

    Then, hold the player head in your hand and hit it on the sign.

    Then it should say "Name's Head", and if you place it it will have that skin (if connected).

    Remember, you can do things like a blaze head using MHF_Blaze.

    Uncrafting - recycle your stuff
    Almost every item can be smelted or broken down into its component parts.
    It is fair whenever possible, such as five iron from a minecart. For tools and armor, it must be fully repaired.
    For items like pistons, it will give only the redstone or iron.

    See imgur album below. Not every recipe has an image here, just a few are shown as examples.

    ender pearl
    mushroom stew
    all minecarts
    all doors
    horse armor
    empty bucket
    all records

    Improved Ender Chest
    Allows you to access the chest inventory without placing it.

    Just hold it in your hand and hit it on something (left click).

    Lets you carry it and use it like a backpack without having to have a silk touch pick to constantly place it and pick it up again.

    Improved Bonemeal
    You know how bonemeal will grow those 2 tall flowers like rose bushes? Well now it works on all flowers.

    So, bonemeal on a tulip or daisy will grow you a new one.

    Also works on lilypads.

    Ender Item saver - only for Dragon Slayers
    If you have the Achievement from killing the dragon, then every time you die the mod tries to save your items into your ender chest inventory.

    You do not have to have an ender chest item in your inventory for this to work.

    It also puts priority on diamond related items.

    If there is not enough room, your items drop as normal.

    This even works if you fall off the world (the void in the end).

    Ender Command


    New command, simply type /enderchest and it will open your ender inventory without having an ender chest.

    A little overpowered in survival, but a nice little help in creative mode.

    Suggested here

    Simple Waypoints


    Track waypoints in survival without a full minimap mod or any teleport access. Use the command /simplewp or just /wp.


    /wp save [name] : save your current location as a waypoint, with an optional display name. Each waypoint is numbered

    /wp list : list all currently saved waypoints in chat.

    /wp show : Give a number and it will display the name and distance to the waypoint at the top of the screen. (Use the config file to change from left to the right side). Shows always at the top where the F3 info would go.

    /wp hide : stop showing the waypoint

    /wp delete : Delete the waypoint that was currently selected by show

    You can have waypoints in any dimension

    Example: In a new game, type

    /wp save myspawn

    /wp display 1

    At the top of the screen, it will show your name 'myspawn' and the distance to the waypoint.

    Suggested here

    Feel free to include it in anything as long as you let me know so I can link to it.

    Install forge minimum then put this in the mods folder.

    Change log & old versions (including old all in one version):

    1.0 : Initial Test release on my twitter feed. Lots of features listed here were not complete yet.

    1.1 : First public release, added Fishing block and fixed lots of internal issues.

    1.1.1 :
    -Master Wand: removed a number going to the chat when Master Wand harvests crops
    -Master Wand: tweaked message when no spawner found to be more accurate
    -Cave Finder Block: Reduced its hardess (so it breaks faster) to the same as obsidian
    -Cave Finder Block: now it requires Silk Touch to harvest. Regular harvesting will back all the items except for the glass

    My previous mod

    Please report any and all bugs (or suggestions) here, I will fix them as soon as possible. You can also contact me on twitter.

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    posted a message on InventoryCrafting : 3x3 crafting grid in inventory - on Curseforge
    @AnonTheMouse : Yes it does, sort of. They were NOT removed from the game, they just messed up the data values. These smooth side unobtainable blocks had data value 6, but now netherbrick slabs have data value 6, and the smooth sided one have data value 7. So any smooth sided ones in your world WILL be changed by the game.

    In version 146_v3 I added a one way recipe to address this.

    @ Jason, yes I agree. I am editing base classes, so i cannot promise compatibility until I move to an API like Forge. I just need to find the time to convert it, possibly by mid january [email protected] ftcr6 I just put another update out today (1.4.6 v3), I will double check for that. There was a bug in the older version where the picture for the inventory screen was missing, exactly as you say, it should be fixed in current version.

    If not, It is also possible that there is a compatibility issue with other mods.
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