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    posted a message on Looking for admins, moderators and event managers.
    • Username:Lostdemonsoul
    • Age:14
    • Role: Admin
    • Why are you applying: Ive been admin on 2 PvP servers they got shutdown but they had more than 30 people. I would like to apply for admin because i like to help other people out and make there time worthwhile. I love answering people's questions.
    • In 5 lines or less say why you think you'd be good: Well I will not stop to make this server the best it can be. I will not stop to make it fair and fun. I will not allow any rule breaking what so ever. If i do i will give warning and if they don't stop its a jail and after and after i will temp ban. Then they still continue it will be a Perm Ban it depends what they are breaking. I will be fair but also make this the best it can be. I want other players to feel like they can play here anytime they want and not be harassed. I want to give the players an enjoyable time on the server feel like they belong here.
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    posted a message on [NEW] SteelPVP- Factions server in need of staff


    Average Playtime:4-5 hours
    Played Minecraft since: January 2011
    Experience:Been Admin on 5 Pvp faction servers . I know the commands and world edit also i will take this seriously. I will moderate chat. I have been in situations when people just go berserk and ill try to calm them down. The time i been on servers i feel everyone should be welcomed because they wanna feel like this is there place.
    About me: Well i play basketball for my school's team. I like to watch horror,comedy, and action movies. I also live in California and i love playing video games.
    How do you take care of people misbehaving: Well i won't allow spam as like any other server they will be warned and if they continued to do it they will muted. It will depend on what kind of misbehaving everyone will get a warning because everyone deserves a warning. The misbehaving could be a temp ban or a perm ban.
    Will you allow profanity/hacking: No i will never allow hacking or profanity because i want the community to be great and i want other people to come and not see profanity on the server it just makes it look bad. As for hacking will not be taken lightly they will be warned as for any other misbehaving. I believe hacking is to be taken way more serious because it's not fair for others, its not fair for everyone. Most in importantly is not fun or fair
    Why should we pick you over others?: You should pick me because i am very hardworking and fair i will not any staff member to abuse there power because it looks bad on the server. I want to create a very fun and fair time for other. I will have ideas for the server and will hope to make it better. I will not allow hacking or disrespect to any other player. I believe that everyone should have a great time on the server so they can recommend it to their friends. I will not stop to make this server the best it can for i believe everyone should have a fair and fun time.
    Is this a detailed app?: Yes i am positive.
    More about your experience: When i get a position i like to answer people question's it makes me feel good that i can answer that one person's question also i like to spread joy.
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    posted a message on Need Staff for New Upcoming server
    Have you been staff on a server before?:Yes 5. 4 admin and 1 Moderator
    How long you have been playing minecraft:2 years
    Number of hours a day you are likely to be able to dedicate:5 or 6 hours
    Position wanted:Admin
    (For builders)Previous work(Optional but preferred):Not applying for builder but i have done a lot of pixel art.
    Have you ever been banned from a server, if so, why?:No
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    posted a message on Need staff for CaffCraft.
    IGN: Lostdemonsoul
    Real Name: Matthew
    Position: Mod
    Experience: Been Mod on 4 faction servers using bukkit
    Playing: Aug 2011
    Age: 14
    Why: I like to help other people on the server and make the server the best it can be
    Minecraft Skills: I build on minecraft everyday and i almost all my bukkit commands
    Time zone: Pacific Standard Time
    Country of Residence: USA
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    posted a message on Want To Make My Own Server Need HELP BADLY
    I can help you with the make the buildings and spawn i also do pixel art to.If you have a Skype would help Skype name is stupidrop
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