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    posted a message on =-PixelEmpire-= Pixelmon REFORGED 6.0.1 Server! | 1.12.2 Minecraft! | Looking for Staff!
    Pixelmon Server:

    Get the mod at : https://reforged.gg

    IP : play.pixelempire.me

    Here at Pixel Empire, we strive to offer you the best features and builds that you could ask for. We have spent countless hours getting this server ready for you to join and play on with the rest of the community.

    We have all been in that place where we couldn’t find a decent server to play on. Sometimes a server’s staff isn’t friendly, or the builds aren’t beautiful, or the owner is never online, etc. However, that is NOT what we are about. We strive to bring you fresh updates and constantly add new features for you to enjoy and explore. Moderated by a friendly and social staff team, we can guarantee that everyone will feel welcome here.

    We are currently running the most recent version of Pixelmon! Pixelmon Reforged was released on 1.12.2 Minecraft by a few members of the old Pixelmon team to bring you an experience like no other!

    As one of the official servers for the mod, we strive to offer the players an amazing time by offering things such as giveaways, events, shiny starter Pokemon, elevated Pokemon spawn rates, resource mines, training areas, and more.

    We also have a FREE Pokefan rank for you to obtain! This rank allows you access to a few new commands that the default rank doesn’t offer.

    The Free Pokefan Rank Includes :

    /gts - Access to the Global Trade System!

    /evs and /ivs - Access to commands to check the Evs and Ivs of your Pokemon!

    /wondertrade - Access to wondertrade your Pokemon away in exchange for a different random one!

    /pokestats - See your Pokemon Win / Loss stats!

    /rtp - Randomly teleport around the map to find a good spot!

    Access to the PixelShout sidemod! Create a listing to sell your Pokemon!

    Ability to claim Pokestops that are set up around the adventure world!

    Now, the all important question. How to obtain this rank?

    All you have to do is fill out the application below!

    In Game Name :

    Honest Review of the server :

    Here are a few images from our server!

    Join our discord server today! https://discord.gg/zxaskMD

    We are currently accepting staff applications. Please apply on our site.
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    Pretty great server! The players are rather active and friendly. Definitely recommend.

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    posted a message on FTB Infinity server looks for a few casual ppl x)

    No problem! Thanks for keeping me updated n.n

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    posted a message on White-list server NEEDS PLAYERS

    Just a suggestion, you should probably tell people a bit about the server so that they know whether or not they even want to apply.

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    posted a message on PixelPub Network looking for some builders and potential helpers!


    I've come here today to look for some members who would enjoy helping build a server from the ground up. We are looking to open a network with servers such as Factions, Survival, etc. We are open to suggestions!

    We're hoping to create a community of friendly players who will help us to make these servers something to remember. This means all different types of positions will need filling in the future. Albeit, at the moment, we're looking mainly for builders to get everything off of the ground. We have a dedicated server with plenty of space and several servers already set up. Now, we just need the maps to be created.

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill out the following application :

    In game name :

    What you prefer to be called :

    Age :

    Discord tag (We will be using Discord as the main form of communication) :

    Tell us a bit about yourself :

    What genre of builds are you most comfortable building? (Medieval, Fantasy, Steampunk, etc) :

    Screenshots of things that you have built in the past (Please do not steal images or builds from others. We will be checking all pictures to ensure they haven't been stolen from elsewhere) :

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    posted a message on [LGBTQ+ Friendly] FTB Crackpack Server

    IGN: Lorelai1115

    Age:5 24

    Whats your favourite part of Minecraft? I enjoy exploring and gathering resources. I also enjoy building, but I don't tend to make elaborate builds in modded minecraft because I like to focus more on the mods.

    Whats your favourite mod and why? Thaumcraft, by far. I really enjoy the grind of combining the aspects to create the research notes.

    Have you ever been banned on a server?( If so why?) I've been banned on one server, as I know of, because the owner had stolen content from one of my servers and I called him on it.

    Would you be able to use Skype/discord? I prefer discord.

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    posted a message on ╰ SpoopyCraft ╮Whitelist [✓] Laid-Back [✓] Modded [✓] Small Community [✓]

    -shrugs- Hopefully it's just temporarily down or something. Kinda hard to find a relatively new Infinity server since everyone wants to play Skyblock now. I really don't like Skyblock xD

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    We are a new Pixelmon server that has a lot of experienced staff that were put together for their level of maturity and knowledge of the game. We fully encourage all members to join and have a great experience. We do not tolerate any type of rude behavior so that the community remains friendly and suitable for all ages.

    PokeEmpire is owned by adults so you can rest assured that things will be dealt with on time and in the correct manner.

    website : http://www.pokeempire.net

    IP : play.pokeempire.net

    Server Features :
    - Grief Prevention with Land Claiming
    - Training warps
    - Free Rank
    - Ranks for donators
    - Kits for everyone
    - Shops for all Pokemon items
    - Elite 4 Coming Soon
    - Player Gym Leaders
    - Server giveaways
    - Friendly, Mature Staff
    - Riding Enabled
    - All Legends Enabled - spawn often
    - Keep Inventory
    - Marketplace Plugin
    - Marriage Plugin
    - MCJobs Plugin
    - Player Vaults
    - EVs / IVs Mod
    - PixelmonExtras Mod
    - Wondertrade Mod
    - Custom Plugins
    - Voting, Drop Party, and Donation crates for a chance to win items, money, shinies, and legendaries.

    Free Rank! Visit http://www.pokeempire.net/freerank to see how to get a free PokeFan rank!

    Screenshots :

    Beautiful, Poke-Steampunk style builds.

    Battle arena with six spots conveniently close to Spawn for all your battling needs.

    Breathtaking, themed gyms to add a splash of color onto the map.

    If you post your in game name on here, you will get a FREE MASTERBALL!

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    posted a message on server hosting

    I'm using host atom and so far have been quite pleased with them. They're currently offering 10% off the first month and they're reasonably priced.


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    posted a message on The Golden Cobblestone Pack - Ultra Modded Community

    Hello, lovelies! I have opened a server with the ATLauncher pack The Golden Cobblestone. There aren't any plugins but we do have the FTBUtilities mod so you have land claim, /spawn, and /home.

    I have added a few mods to it that you can view here :


    We also are using Discord to talk to each other, you can join here : https://discord.gg/0tLq9QUUZwV4AQ0o

    If you are new to Discord, it's pretty much a mix of Skype / Teamspeak. You can chat in groups like on Skype but easily talk, including push to talk, like Teamspeak in groups. I prefer Discord to TS and Skype because it's less lag intensive than the other two are.

    If you'd like to join the server, just join the Discord or PM me on here and I'll send you a drop box link with the added mods and the IP.

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