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    posted a message on Town Server, Hopefully it takes off.
    I've been looking for something I'm able to return to.

    If this is active I'd like to check it out.

    GT: Lord Takahashi
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    posted a message on Survival Server! Little town already built
    I'm looking for a survival game to play with others. Hopefully this one is active and I can get in soon.

    My GT is Lord Takahashi
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    posted a message on Skyrim in Minecraft Rp Server - Minerim! Join today! (Updated)
    Age: 21+
    Mic: Yes, used normally only when needed
    Knowledge of the Elder Scroll Games: Yes
    Gamertag: Lord Takahashi
    I have read and understood the rules (Read them): Also yes

    Additional Comments: I'm looking for more servers to play on for consoles, and i hope this one will be active. I look forward to an invite or whatever it is you do.
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    posted a message on Battle of Beast PvP | PvP | TNT | Stealing | Griefing | Teams | AND MORE |
    Did you, just copy the other topic and make your own with it??...
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    posted a message on Bedrock Raiding/Faction Server - SICK Trailer! [Teams] [PVP] [TNT] [Stealing] [Griefing] [Shops]
    Gamertag: Lord Takahashi
    Age: 21+
    Country: USA, Chicago IL
    Do you have a mic?: Yes, used when needed
    How long you've been playing Minecraft (Xbox and PC): It's been many years, as i've owned all versions of MC. I bought the PC version when it was first made public, so i want to say i go back to.. 2009 perhaps?

    Additional Comments: I'm looking for a Xbox server that i can often return to. I've added many and none of them have stayed active for very long. I hope this will be differently, and if not i hope my experience if added will at least be enjoyable.
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    posted a message on Adults only Legitimate Surival Community Server for experienced players (started on november 4th)
    Age: 21+
    Mic: Yes
    Timezone: CNT
    GT: Lord Takahashi
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    posted a message on 24/7 survival HARD consistently online, fast friend requests

    Name: Matthew (Matt)
    Age: 21+
    Mic: Yes (Not used much during night)
    Reason for joining: Looking for a game I'm able to return to, not something that closes right away cause the host got bored. I like playing with other people.
    In-game Experience time: Since Alpha came out on PC, Own all versions of MC.
    GamerTag: Lord Takahashi
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    posted a message on New Mostly 24/7 Server Survival Invites ASAP
    Nicely worded. I'm looking for a mature survival server with a respectable host.
    I'd like to give you a chance, maybe it would become my main focus.

    GT: Lord Takahashi
    Age: 21+
    Mic: Yes (I currently have a cold however, & I don't speak during nights normally)
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    posted a message on Scrumpy's 24/7 Free Play Survival +18 Friendly Server
    I messaged you on LIVE but to never responded to it. So I dug up my account just to post.
    Age: 21+
    Mic: Yes (But I have a cold & don't talk nights normally)
    GT: Lord Takahashi

    Hopefully this "server" will run more often than all the others I've played on.
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    So i join.. how?
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    I'm filling out two Apps because my friend wants to join but doesn't have a MCForums account, or he forgot it.So i'm doing it for him with his answers as well as my own App.

    1. Minecraft username: Lord_Venchello
    2. Age: 20+
    3. Amount of time you have been playing minecraft: Early Alpha, Researched during Indev
    4. Reason for wanting to join our server and the Legion One Gaming community: My friend and i want a server to play together on. Something close to vanilla.
    5. What you can bring to our server: A friend.. as for me, a Mature and experienced player

    1. Minecraft username: Mikefomk
    2. Age: 19+
    3. Amount of time you have been playing minecraft: Since Beta.
    4. Reason for wanting to join our server and the Legion One Gaming community: To play with friends
    5. What you can bring to our server: A new fun player
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    posted a message on The King of Kings, Chapter 2: The Lost Islands (Coming Soon, Accepting new players)
    I am re-oping my old server, The Land of Akone very soon but with a new name. This is the old topic for that server. It has been remade for the new one. There are still many typos and details missing, however i wanted to give people the chance to sign up now. Send a message to my GT after you have applied, do not send a FR i will send on to you if accepted. You may send your app using the Xbox live messaging if you dont have an account here.

    Server Time: CDT (Chicago)
    Server is online random times, Keep notifications for Minecraft on to know when i'm playing

    The King of Kings: Volume 1: Chapters 1 & 2

    The King of Kings
    Most of the Chapters are lost to the ages, or just well hidden. I've obatained a new chapter "The Lost Islands". Said to be the second in the story of the New Bloodline of Kings. The new civilization was located in the East in the old lands of the former Emperor, now ruled by Captain Liardo. The rumored "second" of his bloodline to be gifted with the power of the gods. This power was given, so that he may lead people to Royalty and wealth. Proving that anyone who truly works for it can be anything they want. A major part in having the gift was receiving The Tome, Which gave great wealth and knowledge, along with the ability to sail anywhere in the world.. to find fresh land to start a Kingdom or continue one. Here lists the final words of the first Emporer, and the story of the second Leader.

    Quote from »
    :Diamond: :Diamond: Empire of Akone:Diamond: :Diamond:

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1
    Lord Takahashi & The Empire of Akone

    My name is Lord Takahashi. For many years i've been the Emperor of the Land of Akone. I created this place with a tome i obtained long ago. Within this tome had a scroll that explained the purpose of such a book. Granting the one who placed their name inside the book the ability to claim new land, be rewarded with wealth and power, along with leading others the Royalty and wealth as well. It is said only those that share a special bloodline are able to obtain the gift, and all other writing inside the book disapears otherwise.

    During the begining, i built a few buildings on the shore of the island i was placed infront of. A temple to welcome the new. A water tower for those who need a drink. A small farm to feed those in need of food. A dock for my shipto rest. Most important, My like tower. The building that would attract people near my lands, in hopes they would settle here. Many infact did, some were bandits but most were people looking for a new life. Many buildings were built and a great trading economy was stable. As years passed a city called Retro was founded, and housed many citizens. Across the small body of water was another city called Canterlot. However both cities did not get along. Retro ended up attacking Canterlot after a dispute and burnt most of the city to the ground. In retaliation, Canterlot attacked Retro destroying its gates and a few buildings. However the main city remained intact.

    That was considered the first great war. Peace came over the land, and i personally started to rebuild on the ruins of the old Canterlot. A Memorial was created near the rebuilt walls. However the town itself remains empty for now.

    My story is coming to close though, as i am very old. Some of my citizens have stayed, while others took my recommendation and left. I can not control this land much longer. Only the one who writes his name within this tome, that is part of the bloodline.. will be able to bring wealth and power to such a land. I am placing this within my ship, and releasing it from the docks. It is said that it will reach the next bloodline in time, and i hope it does. So i thank you for everything you have done my former citizens. I hope perhaps one day your next of kin will be able to visit a newly named land in place of mine.

    I am Lord Takahashi, Emperor of Akone. To the next who writes your name within this book, a great power awaits you. Farewell to all of you.

    List of known citizens at in this age:
    x Ace Cartoonzz
    X Ray Colossus
    kage omega
    FixingMe FIRST
    oYOUR MOMo
    oC Carpentero
    XUDxD e A d L i
    X Trolling X 2
    Cpt Cuddlesssss
    Muncho Unicorns
    SSF Rhiddy
    da Crewsm3n

    :VV: The Lost Islands :VV:
    Chapter 2
    Captain Liardo & The Lost islands
    My name is Captain Liardo of the ship "The Guillotine". I live out at sea with my crew of a hundred. We gather supplies from passing ships or close islands. Unlike most we are able to read & write among other things. I am writing my story inside a tome i have obtained, for reasons i will soon explain. Four days ago, i boarded a vessal floating out at sea. It was unnamed, unmanned, and had no cargo. Nothing but a single tome in the captains quarters. I gathered the book and returned to my ship disapointed in such a small amount of loot.

    A few hours later, i decided to read it. Hoping it obtained a map to some sort of treasure, food, anything. What i read was a story about an old empire, Controlled by a man named Lord Takahashi. In this very entry, halfway into writing my name.. a large amount of fog surrounded my ship. Within minutes it cleared, however my location has changed completely. I'm surrounded by a few small islands that appear abonded for many years by the civilization that lived here. This place was never discovered again till now. I've recently explored the main island with my guards and have learned that i am infront of the old Empire of Akone. It seems what this book saids is true. It grants the person who writes their name inside the ability to claim a new land. To give wealth, freedom, and power to those that live within that land.

    I have gathered my supplies, and sent my guards back to the ship to gather my crew. We need our own place dock once in awhile, and this is perfect. I will give my crew the freedom to do what they want. Perhaps make this entire island into one major city, or maybe they will create their own groups. Either way they are still part of my crew in the end. I have claimed the large house that was owned by the old Emperor, That being said i will now go by the name Lord Takahashi while i am on this land. But my true name remains the same. There is one last thing i must do, and that is name my land. It only seems fitting that i were to name it what it truly is...

    The Lost Islands

    :Logs: Accepting new Class ideas and more. Simply reply with your idea :Logs:

    :Diamond: :GoldBar: :Iron: :Coal: Currency (Money):Coal: :Iron: :GoldBar: :Diamond:
    The Currency is gold nuggets/Bars. Players will start with 30 gold nuggets. All currency gold is accounted for, you can earn more gold by doing special jobs or quests that i create. Or by selling me items and a special trading post. Illegal gold being used for currency can result in a kick/ban. All gold that wont be used for building must be sold to the bank, you will then get 30% of the gold back. You must update your bank account before logging off with your current total gold count.
    (This can change if it doesn't work out)

    Character Classes
    Each player has a specific job. They are permited to sell items that their job deals with, for income. Income is used to purchase more advanced items from special stores, or homes, etc.

    1. Lumberjack
    A Lumberjacks job is to collect requested wood for others or himself, to sell for a profit.
    Can be asked to Gather special types of wood for an extra fee which is set by him.
    Lumberjack's Secondary: Tree Planter
    Someone who will replant cut trees, often using Bonemeal to regrow them. Will also cut down floating trees
    if a horrible lumberjack failed to do so themselves.

    2. Smith Merchant
    A Smith Merchants job is to build tools of every design, for others to buy. Only the Smith may sell weapons and tools. Anyone else doing so will be arrested for illegal activity.

    3. Merchant
    These people can buy and sell all types of items, but must by at the price the others demand. No acceptions.
    (Job limits can change in time)

    4: Hunter
    Hunts animals for food, to feed others. Can be hired as a personal hunter or City hunter.
    Is allowed to make his own prices.

    5: Architect
    The Person to hire if you want someone to build your home or more. Only the most skilled in building are asked to take this job. Can build for cheaper if all supplies are given, or can charge double or more if he must gather his own supplies.

    6: Alchemist
    Creates and sells potions and dyes to others.

    7: Warrior
    Warriors are Bounty Hunters along with the town/City Guard. Their job along with serving whomever, is to enforce the Laws around the land. They are paid for their service. This class can be combined with other classes. Payment depends on the bounty. Personal pertection is a price of your choice. Guarding is standard for whatever town you live within.
    (Remember the Laws are the Rules of the Server)

    8: Farmer
    Plants crops and sells wheat, eggs, sugar, etc.
    Can sell to merchants for a profit or solo players. Can give their own prices.

    9: Miner
    Job of the Miner is simple. To collect ores, stone, and more for other players. To sell for a profit at their own set price.
    All gold collected is requested to be delivered to the bank. you will be allowed to keep 30% of your findings. Making and keeping unmarked nuggets for currency use is illegal and can result in a ban/kick. All money is accounted for.

    10: Redstone Tech
    A person who is very skilled with redstone. Will often be paid to create hidden doors, traps, etc.
    Can collect and Sell Redstone as well. This job can be added on to another job. Combining with Warrior will void your ability to sell redstone.

    Special Classes: City/Town Leader
    Given to a player who has completed everything needed to start an official city.
    Must be voted in. Can be kicked from position if he abuses it, or voted out by 60% of the cities population. Can Name the city, as long as its not vulgar. Wears Gold Armor for special outings.

    Given to those seen as outlaws. Can serve jail time to revert back to normal, or pay a fee selected by the victim or victims. A Victim may post a sign within the barracks or main building stating the Crime, Criminals name, and bounty if he has yet to be caught. Prices to revert to normal depend on the crime(s).

    Laws (Rules)
    This will result in an instant ban from the server, Blocked, and name written down on the wall of shame. I've controlled many PC MC servers to know exactly what to look for, and i monitor every player closely. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean i'm not there. Only Small Grief such as window block or two is allowed. Simply for a Vandal Role.
    NONE allowed within spawn

    2. No Duping
    No excuses this is a Game Breaking glitch that is not allowed.
    Anyone found duping will be banned. The special code is Your first and last letter of your gamertag and your age. Ex: JohnDoe, who is 17 years old would be JE17.

    3. PvP is allowed, Theft is allowed on items not within a claimed building. During war all items inside the raided/Raiders city/town may be taken.

    4. Don't be completely rude, This will result in a kick.
    Think before you act.. we don't want an immature community.

    5. No Floating Buildings or Trees. Act like the laws of gravity are real please.

    6. Do not enter Takahashi Manor without permission, and do not steal from the special trading outposts built by the leader.

    7. No illegal gold as currency, update your bank account before logging off with your current amount of total gold. Sell all gold that is not being used for building/potions to the bank. You will be then given 30% back after it is recorded in the records.

    If you see a floating tree cut it down, all buildings need supports if over ground. Or at least hide the fact they are flying. If you don't fix the issues it will be destroyed.

    Requirements to Start a Kingdom and be a Leader
    1. Walls Surrounding City
    2. Religion Building
    3. Castle (Rulers Home)
    4. Barracks
    5. Plots for Residents
    6. City Laws Made by the soon to be ruler
    7. At least 4 Players Registered to the city
    8. Main Hall/Building for information & Updates on the city
    9. Jail
    10. Mine
    11. Roads/Paths

    12. Ruler must be voted in by other players. Or has done 70% of the work building
    the city. Giving supplies, etc. A fee must be paid to the Emperor in gold bars. (15)

    Keep in mind the map is limited, so don't clutter one area. Spread out as much as possible.

    Combining Cities & creating an alliance

    Both leaders, and 90% of all citizens must agree to combine the selected cities. This will result in one major city. Wars would not be possible unless one city chooses to break the alliance. More information to come.

    Purchasing abanded property
    Abanded property from former citizens can be purchased at a cheap price unless reserved. Simply ask about the property.
    Player Application

    Timezone & Country (TZ Optional):
    Select job as source of income:
    Special Code:
    (Read everything to find special code)

    As of 7/30/13 you must be 15 or older to join this server

    Send a message to GT: Lord Takahashi and ask for your app to be reviewed to be accepted.
    You may send your app using the messaging system on Xbox LIVE.

    Feel free to send me links to pictures of your builds from within the game. I will then place them on this post for people to see as an example of the buildings within the server.
    Please be aware that my Console is old and i do get bored, so it may not run 24/7. Keep notification for Minecraft on, to know when i am playing Minecraft or not. Chances are if i am, i'll be on my server. If there aren't many players i may turn it off however. I will send messages to all MC players on my friends list if i have a special day and exact time i'll be on.

    These are welcomed but are not needed. It can be in LIVE Gold time or MSP.
    My paypal has been closed so no more of that.
    Donating gives you rewards such as reserved slots to play anytime without dealing with rotation.
    Instant Ruler and Permission to build a City even if there are already 2
    Reserved slots for any server i run on the PC version of Minecraft (Currently: 0)
    Mod Position for PC Servers and Xbox version if Mod App is filled out (Contact me)
    26 Diamonds for every month of LIVE or 85 Diamonds for 1600 MSP.
    If interested in donation PM me or message GT: Lord Takahashi
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    posted a message on The King of Kings, Chapter 2: The Lost Islands (Coming Soon, Accepting new players)
    Chapter 1: The Land of Akone - Ended
    Chapter 2: The Lost Islands - (Coming soon) Accepting new Apps early!
    If you are a returning player please let me know. You can send your apps using the Xbox LIVE messaging if you don't have a MCForums account.
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    posted a message on Minecraft KingdomZ | RP SMP Server Deluxe
    I will try this server.. i am indeed very picky however. I'm looking for my "Home" server, Run by Mature players. No flying Pixel art/cities. Medieval themed, jobs/classes and currency. From what i read you offer most of what i want. So i will try. There does not seem to be any "Signup" part so i will attempt to use the IP right away.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Medieval Themed, Kingdoms, RP server.
    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a server to call home. Something themed with Medieval times would be perfect. Having Kingdoms and Strongholds, Jobs/Classes, Currency perhaps.. A RP feel to it. Something Mature without floating Pixel art and Flying cities. I'm thinking Civilization V style, Or Stronghold (Game) style. Perhaps allowing PvP but with some rules to combat, not just "oh hey i feel like murdering my neighbor today!"

    Hopefully someone has something like this to offer, I've been searching for a perfect server for a long time. I hope to one day find it. I have been playing since early Alpha, and i'm skilled in all areas of MC. I've also owned 5 servers, Most were simply to test the ideas i've had though. (Larger servers are expensive as you should know).

    My age is 20+ to those of you who worry about such things. Anyways, if you have something or know the perfect server for me please reply. :feather:
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