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Hello there! My name is Lord_Venchello in Minecraft. A name that has spread to many other gaming communities to this date. I've owned Minecraft since it was first able to be purchased, and have played it often ever since. I play on all versions, Handheld, Console, PC. Sadly i'm not as active as i'd like to be on PC as my computer is much to old to handle the newer updates. So i currently focus on Xbox.

When i finally return to PC, i plan to make videos for a new Youtube channel. I also plan to make console videos as soon as i purchase a capture card. I've done many things, from help build massive servers, program plugins, host servers, Co-own and Mod servers, Review Servers, etc. If it could be done i did it.

I do NOT however support griefing innocent players.

I look forward to making my account more active as the days move on, and hope to meet some

very nice people along the way. So long as you act respectable, we'll get along just fine!
Interests Gaming, U.S. Military, Italy, Japan, Powerful Warriors, Leaders. Skilled with Strategy, Combat, and computers. Also like Anime.

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