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    posted a message on Could I delete my account?

    You will need to contact support to have names changed and accounts deleted.

    You will need to explain to them what name you want your account to have. If you want the old date joined, they will simply move the name to this account, and delete the new account.

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    posted a message on My first post was marked as spam

    I have unmarked your post as spam. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    posted a message on Can the forum admin please find or make a bot to deal with this huge wave of spambots?

    Asking staff to look over posts is way too much. You guys have your own lives and enough trouble here as is.

    I was asking for whatever bot that currently removes links to just also remove posts containing the links. I don't think this is a big jump nor a particular invasion of speech.

    This isn't as simple as you think. It's not a bot.

    The "Link Removed" system is quite simply just a "filter" on top of posts. All it can do is alter post contents, such as making links clickable if you don't use the "Url" button, embedding images, and such. It doesn't have the ability to delete posts. It also means that the system applies retro-actively, so if we add a new link, it will just "naturally" hide those links from any posts, because it's done at render time.

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    posted a message on (edited - my issue with moderators has been resolved and there appears to have been a misunderstanding)

    Adding on, we are not able to block users from threads. That concept is not something our forum is able to do. If you can't view a thread, it's because the thread is deleted.

    Assuming we are "out to get you" is a bad mentality, because we are not. Not only do we not have a reason to "get a user" (any user), there is no benefit for us to do that. There was no malice here, and you're insulting us for something that did not happen.

    If you can't access a thread, the thread was deleted. This will never be the result of replies to the thread, but something the creator of the thread did. I have confirmed the thread was deleted, and you are looking at the wrong user.

    https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/java-edition-support/3053512-only-140-fps-with-i5-9600k-and-gtx-1060-6gb-please is the thread you are referring here, and the thread itself is deleted because the user is partaking in piracy, which is illegal and not something we support at all. It was made by another user, not the one you linked in your original post.

    Using Free Sync or G-Sync which is compatible with Nvidia GTX 1060 video cards and supported monitors, should eliminate the problem of stuttering even if the frame rate drops to 140 below the maximum of 144hz on the OP's display. It's actually the best way to keep frame rates in sync with the monitor without causing tearing or excessive input lag.

    the alternative is to cap the frame rate to something that can remain consistent. But 140fps with regular V-Sync on a 144hz monitor isn't good, because as you said it would get halved to about 72fps which is far worse than my suggestion that got removed in an earlier post. Having the fame rate be half of your monitors refresh rate negates the benefits of having your monitor set to 144hz in the first place.
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    posted a message on RTX Beta Megathread Discussion


    As part of the beta announcement, we are making this thread to hold as a full discussion thread. News posts don't carry the same form of discussions as a thread does.

    Anything about the RTX beta and can be posted about or shared here. This includes questions, screenshots, feedback, what have you.

    If you are able to play the beta, I highly suggest you try it out and give your feedback here.

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    posted a message on A raycasting/visibility check from players to mobs
    Tag has been added, and thread updated with the new lovely tag.
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    posted a message on Restructure - Feedback
    Quote from AstralMagic»

    I think this change will be for the better. Just one small question... Will there be a way to exclude a specific tag from the page?

    I have an interest in everything being merged into the Discussion forum except for the Creative threads.

    I don't think that's currently supported, but I suspect the volume would be low that you might be able to just glance over them. I'll add this to our backlog as a feature that users would like.

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    posted a message on Restructure - Feedback
    Quote from drhubs»

    Will you have forced tags for the Bedrock/Java for Cmds/Redstone?

    I will look into how we can make this then a bit easier for users, since your reasoning does make sense.

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    posted a message on Restructure - Feedback
    Quote from drhubs»

    Will there be a split in the redstone/commands forums?

    I am not planning on it. While there is a difference, there is only 700 threads for it in the Bedrock version, compared to the 37k in the Java. That is not enough to keep them different, where prefixes can help filter them.

    I agree, there are just too many sections. If it was up to me I would actually remove "Minecraft", "Minecraft:Editions", "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" and "Show Your Creation" and merge them into "Minecraft: Java Edition" and rename "Minecraft: Java Edition" to "Minecraft". And make using Tags a requirement.

    Show Your Creation has enough sub-categories that I find it's cleaner to keep it isolated to itself, but have it handle all editions as well. I don't think we'll force tags to be used in the Discussion (that makes for an annoying experience too), but when you're sharing content, we may require them.

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    posted a message on Restructure - Feedback


    As mentioned before in our 2020 news post, one of the changes that we mentioned we were going to look into the restructure of our forum sections.

    After our change to this layout back at the release of the Bedrock Edition, we made the decision back then to break out each section so that players could find information for their specific version. In order to make it more clean, we chose to use the same names that Mojang called their versions, to try to reduce clarify, knowing that they certainly were not the best names.

    Over time, we knew this naming scheme was going to cause issues, and it's becoming more and more apparent that the section names and layout are not working as well for what we hoped, more-so in our Multiplayer sections. We also know our main content sections suffer from an overload of sub sections, which cause even more confusion on what you want to look for.

    As such, we've internally have been working out a new forum structure that we hope will help collapse down our content and make it easier to find what you want. The biggest goals from this change are to make it so that when you see the section name, you know what it's for, and that you know it's what you want. We will not be using sub-sub sections (where a section has a section which has another section... looking at Mapping and Modding). We will also be pushing the use of the prefix system that has existed, but may be glossed over by users because it's not nearly as apparent.

    We do want your feedback on this though, as we know what we think might be best, may not actually be the best. This is our current "end structure" that we plan on currently.

    - Discussion
    - Suggestions (prefix for game edition)
    - Seeds (prefixes for the version + game edition)
    - Support (redirect to actual support section)

    Mods and Addons (this also includes data packs)
    - Help/Discussion

    Resource Packs
    - Help/Discussion

    - Help/Discussion

    Other Projects and Tools

    Multiplayer - Java Edition (all posts here, prefixes for types/realms)

    Multiplayer - Bedrock Edition


    Show Your Content
    - Screenshots
    - Videos
    - Art
    - Shops and Requests

    Forum Discussion and Information

    Off Topic
    - General
    - Computer Science and Technology
    - Culture, Media, and Arts
    - Forum Games

    I know the changes for Multiplayer may seem like they are going to harm smaller servers or those that just want to look for someone. This is why we will be pushing out the usage of prefixes to help "filter" down the content you are looking for. This system is already used in the Support section currently, and will be enhanced for the sharing of content and multiplayer.

    We feel like the separation of the 2 games is needlessly breaking up the Minecraft community as a whole. While they have different game styles and content available, it's all Minecraft, and we want everyone to feel happy talking about it.

    Please give us feedback on this. We already will work to ensure that all links function as they do now (which is an issue we've had in the past with these restructures). We will listen to any constructive feedback to it, and take them into consideration. This is not a locked-in structure. If you don't see an old section, then it either is merged into a section which has the same name, or will be archived.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q) Where did the Server Administration section go?

    A) This section we felt served no real value, and any discussions here either can be put into the main discussion section, or into the support section. We know some users made their fame here (looking at 2 of our admins), and it's sad to see it go, but this was something we knew was coming.

    Q) Where did the Server Recruitment go?

    A) As this section fills up with people double-posting, or putting in basically "want staff, but here's my ad instead", we decided this section is just better served with the main section, and a prefix to indicate you want staff.

    Q) But won't this just make those sections more cluttered with all the threads?

    A) We do not believe so. Most of our sections don't nearly have the amount of traffic that breaking them up would have avoided.

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