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    Quote from MC_miner_bros

    Can I use the resource pack and make a map that fully utilises the 'shaders' function. I think I could make something really quite cool! Will link back to this page if I ever upload it anywere and will give you full credit.

    Yes, anyone is allowed to do anything with what I have provided, just link back.
    Quote from DrExplorer3
    I need help. I have downloaded the v1.01 of this map, I got the resource pack working, but I don't know which file to drag into my "saves" folder. When I logged on using an OptiFine profile for 1.7.10, the map was just a superflat world of stone bricks.

    Did you drag the folder "Edgecraft v1.01 Map" into the saves folder and then in game look for it in the map list?

    Also, I just wanted to say, thank you everyone for the very positive replies! I really appreciate it.
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    Quote from killerbear452


    I am a chinese Minecraft player.I have played your map and it is wonderful!

    If I get your permission,I would like to share it on a chinese forum.

    Hopefully you can let me do it! :)

    Sure thing! Just link back to this tread.
    Quote from LunicAura106

    I'm curious how you know where to place the shadow blocks. Does the shadows always have to be that long? Like it's shown in the map or tutorial level? I really want to build; and I'll love to figure out how to use the shadeing blocks, it's a very good use.

    For consistency's sake however tall I build a structure is how far I cast the shadows. So if the structure is 4 blocks tall the shadow will be 4 blocks long, with a lot of buildings around it can get confusing fast, but you get used to it. You can definitely cheat it by making it shorter, the shadows do end up taking up a lot of space. The taller the structure the easier it is to cheat the length.
    Quote from Baj
    I saw this last night as I went to bed so planned to play this morning. I got waylaid with a family emergency and have only just managed to play it. It is amazing.

    I have a couple of comments.

    More ambient sound needed and alter the skeleton sounds.

    The only actual issue I have come across is that if you die in the green room with the row of glass cabinets you need to jump over, the respawn point is set wrong and you perpetually fall to your doom.
    It takes a lot of following the redstone to find your way back to where you need to be. Other that that, an outstanding job.

    I will be uploading a video this evening

    The main download link was updated to v1.01 last night. That should be fixed.
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    Quote from Tromino

    Why does this happen? (Using newest OptiFine.)


    I don't know why that is happening exactly. Make sure that you only use the Edgecraft Resource pack and no other, and make sure in-game underneath Options -> Video Settings -> Quality that Connected Textures is set to Fancy and Custom Colors are on.
    Quote from stylzm
    Please Make A Version That is a .zip File Because I Do Not Like To Convert .rar files to .zip files

    The main download link is now a .zip version. I made this on my mac so windows users will probably see a bunch of little ".ds_store" files. Just ignore those.
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    Quote from jellyfishdragon

    i found a bug when dieing in this room http://imgur.com/4VCfmKq this happens on respawn http://imgur.com/4VCfmKq,ctXwlFD#1 i assume it a command block missconfig

    Quote from King_Kill95

    This was amazingly done. There were only 3 (minor) flaws I found while playing this map.

    1. When climbing up the scaffolding it's incredibly hard to jump and grab on to the top ladder.

    2. There's no checkpoint (or it didn't go for me) before the partially-complete building that has the checkpoint ladder system. Again right after you get to the top of that building there's no checkpoint before the big jump.

    3. The end isn't very obvious, I didn't notice I was in creative until I punched a block in frustration, and then it took me a while to realize it was the end. Maybe just a command block or sign saying that you did it?

    Again these flaws are very minor, the map is amazing and painless to install. I would rate 10/10 to anyone who asked.

    I'll fix these the first chance I get. Sonds like the checkpoints have a few problems
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    Quote from wannywanson

    This is very cool! I've quickly put together an mcedit filter to make the shadow swapping easier: http://bit.ly/SwapFilterEdgecraft Hope that helps if you decide to add levels, or anyone else wants to make levels :)

    That sounds really useful. I'll have to check that out later, unfortunately I can't right now. If it works I'll put it in the McEdit section.
    Quote from Tallcraft
    Am I allowed to use this as a parkour map on my server? Can give you credit. :)

    Sure! I don't know how well it will work in multiplayer. The checkpoint system was created for single-player only. Once a checkpoint is triggered it targets the closest player and changes their spawn point and cannot be reactivated.
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    Quote from kiki_vakama
    Great job! Is this just a recreation of the game's world? Or does it function as a parkour map too?

    It's a functional parkour map. Just follow the runner vision (red stuff) until you make it to the end! There's no instruction so hopefully it's self explanatory.
    Quote from FlameFlare9
    Awesome, how long has it taken to build?

    Two years, but not exactly. I only got to work on this during the summer and winter breaks from school.
    Quote from Nicolink10 »Does it require 1.7 to work? I'm too lazy to properly install OptiFine, so that's why I'm asking.

    It will work quite a few versions back. I'm not sure when it stops working exactly, haven't tested them all.
    Quote from CasualCatGaming
    D'you mind if I record an LP of this map and post it on youtube? Full credit will be given in both the video and the description, and it'll link back here to this page.

    Go ahead, all LPs are welcome! Just give credit, like you said.
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    Yeah, sorry for the delay. I've been busy, I just got the chance to finish it up this summer.
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    This map is meant for singleplayer
    This map's Resourcepack requires Optifine or McPatcher
    Resourcepack Troubleshooting

    This resourcepack requires Optifine or McPatcher

    If you're using Optifine make sure that underneath Options -> Video Settings -> Quality that Connected Textures are set to Fancy and Custom Colors are On.

    Loading multiple resourcepacks may cause issues. If you see some funk and have done everything above then make sure the Edgecraft resourcepack is the only one loaded.

    Making Maps

    Optifine and McPatcher are needed to use the resourcepack because they both have CTM (Connected Textures Mod). CTM allows for each block face to be uniquely textured, this allows each block to have it's own shadow properties. Some blocks are textured to look like they're in shadow, others in light, and others to look like the transition between light and shadow. When placed in the right order they give the illusion of light.

    This tutorial map shows which block does what in the resourcepack
    [Download Tutorial Map]

    If you create your own Edgecraft themed level it is a good idea to use McEdit.
    Here are some McEdit schematics that you can use to populate your own level.
    [Download McEdit Schematics]

    In McEdit you can use the selection tool to find out where to accurately place shadows.

    It doesn't always need to be 100% accurate though. Use artistic license!

    If you're populating your skyline with the same building and are tired of them looking all the same you can use this trick to quickly mirror your building.

    -Create a selection of your building of choice
    -Import your selection
    -Press "G" to mirror it
    -Press "E" to rotate it

    Now that we mirrored the building we need to mirror the shadow blocks as well, right now they are swapped. To do this you can use this McEdit Filter created by Wannywanson. If you're swapping blocks without the McEdit filter you can use an intermediary block instead, I used dirt.

    -Replace Iron ore with Dirt
    -Replace Gold ore with Iron Ore
    -Replace Dirt with Gold Ore

    You will need to do this for all shadow blocks that were mirrored.

    Feel free to make your own Lets Play videos, custom maps, speedruns, custom resorucepacks, smart movement maps, whatever you want! Just be sure to link back to this page.
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