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    Well if he bothered to even browse the forums he would know better i would much rather have a basic recipes mod with cobble + vine = mossy cobble. same code time / skill needed and much better mod. also dont be a hypocrite; you're criticizing me for criticizing him. Very Mature.

    im actually criticizing you because you assume he should know better. this is the mods forum, correct? just because the mod doesnt match your personal play style tastes does not mean it no less belongs here than Flans or Mo' creatures. or is this the mod forum for mods that only match your tastes? i guess i didnt get that memo, and telling someone not to post here is being a bit harsh, the guy hard coded it from scratch, that alone deserves some credit, dont you think? your the reason alot of new modders stopped modding. they start off small with these piddly mods that they think would be great for others to use, come here to post it, and poof, get flamed by every one out there because of the "lack of skill." wow, and I am the hypocritical monster here. all you have retorted with is personal preference and opinion.
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