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    Adding to my collection of maps now.
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    posted a message on Mojang, remove the Minecraft 1.0.0 nerf!
    Quote from Sting_Auer

    Do you really, HONESTLY think that mobs are hard? Just get full iron and they can't hurt you at all.

    Ore is not rare at all. You can get a stack of iron in only about 10 minutes.

    Don't insult people pr their ideas. Nobody is insulting you.

    It may come as a surprise but many players are not hardcore.

    And a stack in 10 mins? When are you going to post that vid?
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    posted a message on Adding Lamb as a meat after killing sheep?
    Quote from Psanko
    the point of minecraft is to be so realistic as possible so making sheeps yield food isent bad its more like a detail there has to be there

    lol. Explain how realistic zombies, nether portals, and skellies with bows are.
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    posted a message on [1.9 pre 3] Clear enchanting 1.0

    This will make the font when enchanting stuff readable, just replaced it with the normal minecraft text.

    Navigate to your minecraft folder (ex, %appdata%/.minecraft)
    Open up the bin folder.
    Use 7zip or another archive program to open minecraft.jar.
    Replace the original file (alternate.png) inside the font folder with the one linked below.
    Read the silly things that don't seem to mean anything anyway.


    -Adding a pic. Now you too can lol at the text.
    -Fixed retarded forum code screwing up when one edits a post.
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    posted a message on Baby Animals
    Wait, it's not minecraft unlocks, big head mode?
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    posted a message on Repair Efficiency (I did math! + bonus logic from others)
    The mcmmo repair system works great though that's partly due to the skill attached giving more returns with a higher skill. This system sounds meh.
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    Decided to try a 7x7 farm and it works great.

    Yes, it's a giant chicken head.

    Back view, 3 holding areas 7x7x2

    Closeup of a holding area with a couple occupants.

    Feed the water somewhere away from the clucking and splashing...

    If I do make an entire chicken the eggs will be delivered from the back end. We need more wool colours...
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    posted a message on Trigger music?
    Read that spout can do this, if both the server and client have it.
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    I've been experimenting with chicken farms on a multiplayer server.
    So far the best method I've found is a 6x6 or 8x8 square with water source blocks in the corners.
    Remove the 4 blocks at the center and put signs under the water to keep it held up.
    Now you can put water under the trap to have the eggs go wherever.

    Pics from prototyping:

    6x6 area farm.

    Under the signs, shows water flow.

    Above view from under the signs, warning contains chicken butt.

    Basic collection point for testing.

    For 1.8 harvesting the chickens, a bow or hop in...
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