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    posted a message on Aro's MC Vids; MCPE Texture/Resource Pack Tutorial

    Finally got Minecraft Pocket Edition to record properly!

    This is a test recording to see how it works out. Now that more redstone stuff is in the game I'll play a bit more MCPE.. if anyone would like to see some sort of series let me know.

    Quick follow up vid:

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    posted a message on Aro's MC Vids; MCPE Texture/Resource Pack Tutorial

    The End is Nigh!

    Playing 1.8.8 on a Realms server before the server expires. Also as a last hurah to the old combat mechanics before 1.9 changes everything.


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    Slight tour of some redstone stuff I did on an old server.

    This is mostly testing how well longer vids interact with seperate audio, if they desync etc.


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    posted a message on Aro's MC Vids; MCPE Texture/Resource Pack Tutorial

    Another test video, this time making an item frame redstone lamp indicator thingy.

    Forgot to clean the audio :/ but it gave me some ideas on some things to do and not do in further vids.


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    posted a message on Aro's MC Vids; MCPE Texture/Resource Pack Tutorial

    Updated with another test video, mainly redstone related.

    Chicken Farm: no loss of drops, also collects eggs.

    Potion Auto-Brewer: based on a 3x2x4 brewing module.

    Monument: lava drop with quick resetting piston-less hopper timer.

    String farm: simple hopper minecart collection system.

    Main goal of this video was to test separate audio tracks in order to clean up the background white noise.

    Posterity link:

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    Intend to upload a few MC vids in the next while, some new things and possibly tutorials to old things depending on what can be found.

    Some of the past vids may include competitions, maps, proof of concepts, interesting builds, etc.

    Main focus is on Vanilla based SMP friendly Survival type things.

    Don't really count custom maps as a mod, changing map generation could be however the end result always worked with the standard game.

    Latest Video

    This is a quick howto covering MCPE texture/resource pack location. Using a dummy file as an example.

    Test recording on Minecraft Pocket Edition (Android 0.15).

    Archival of Interest

    This section is currently for loose vids with no post below.

    First in a series of tests to get back in to recording MC related content.

    What would happen if you spawn next to a Monument in UHC?



    Will update this thread as more things are done.

    Please give any feedback, comments, suggestions, ridicule, and hate here or the videos themself :D

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    posted a message on Is anybody else receiving MORE lag after the "optimizations"?
    Old puter: no idea havn't checked.
    New puter: fps mostly the same though rendering is much faster especially in amplified.
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    posted a message on The K.O Bow. The Best Bow In Minecraft Without Hacks.
    Too bad that's not actually possible to do in survival.
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    posted a message on UHC + Spawn next to a Monument = ?
    Hello folks, been quite a while since I've posted on this forum.
    The 1.8 update also looks fairly interesting.. had an idea: What would happen if one spawned next to a Monument in UHC?

    As a test this question was tackled in a video!
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    posted a message on 12w15a Snapshot Ready For Testing
    These aren't aimed at modding so why would it affect that scene? They aren't full releases, they are to help mojang get better full releases. Closer to an official new version release they will state that a snapshot is safe(er) to work with.

    When the modding api snapshots start to come out people will base a lot of work on them in the hope not much will change from version to version in order to get a head start....
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    posted a message on [RFW][Collection] Thungon's Hidden Redemption Series
    Hey did you fix that thing in the area with the stuff?
    It seemed mostly fine aside from that issue with the functionality interfering on the other side.
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    posted a message on Winkleson's RFW Tournament
    Perhaps sour can take the lead instead of closing this down?
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    posted a message on PvP Events: Race for Wool and more
    Status update,
    Currently whitelisted so effectively not up at the moment due to testing out some 1.1 stuff. Hopefully full functionality will be restored soon plus additional things for future events.
    You can still reserve a map and time, just be sure to include all minecraft names that would join in.

    Also a question to those that have been on before, should I add an option to selectively disable the gore using the reservation form?

    Hopefully get a better way to restore maps set up soon as well.
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    posted a message on Minecraft set to be reporting Metadata back to Mojang
    If it's optional and stays anonymous then it seems fine to include.
    As long as it's not on by default, the option to enable could pop up after each update. Anything enabled by default seems like it is relying on lack of information going to the casual player.
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    posted a message on PvP Events: Race for Wool and more
    Reservation Form (Copy and paste this to reserve your time.)
    Who: #
    Team leaders: [forum name], [forum name]
    Allow pugs: yes|no
    Camera: none|[mc name]
    Difficulty: easy|med|hard

    Forum and account names must be accurate and the form must be complete!

    Server info: v1.0, 20 slot
    Official Event: Nothing atm.
    Server: events.bowlofnoodles.net:25569
    Why did the starting up section go poof? That's annoying.
    Waiting on plugins for 1.1...
    You can still make a reservation however you will need to supply all minecraft names that will be on the map in order to whitelist.

    Here's how this will work. Get a team together and post a day and time you want to have an event. I'll host it then, or will set up the map and give access (via a gate password) to the team leaders so they can share access to the map. Confirmed matches will be added to the calendar at the bottom of this post. If I happen to be on when you are doing your race teamspeak will be available. Multiple races may be ran at the same time.

    An example reservation;
    Who: 6 players
    Map: Teams Forged in Flames
    Date: Sunday Dec 18
    Time: GMT-7 (7pm mst)
    Team leaders: [forum name], [forum name]
    Allow pugs*: yes
    Camera people*: none

    Another example;
    Who: 9 players
    Map: Closing Darkness
    Date: Monday Dec 12
    Time: GMT-11 (3pm mst)
    Team leaders: [forum name], [forum name]
    Allow pugs*: yes
    Camera people*: 3 [mc name], [mc name], [mc name]

    An access gate will be created and the password to enter will be messaged to the two leaders. They can then give it to their team. The amount of players includes any camera people you may be bringing.

    Maps must be set up by my hand. You must have the form fully filled out with all information to reserve a slot. And be sure to book a day or two in advance as same day scheduling may not be seen in time.

    *What's a camera person?
    It's a special rank on the server given out on a per match basis. Allows the user the ability to fly and become invisible in order to film others. In order to fly you must have the spout client. Camera people don't compete, they are there to record matches if you have someone to do that. Further testing of this rank may change it.

    *pug = pick up group
    Can random people join your match? You can pm folks that have posted here or in other topics or see if people join when you're in the game before the match starts.

    What's with the [forum name] and [mc name]?
    The first is used for team leaders, to pm them the access pin. Second is for the recording rank which must be applied in-game.

    Where'd this big post come from?
    It's a continuation from the old post in the now closed starting up/looking for section. No idea why that section was closed, here's a link to it for archival sake: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/703567-

    Supported Maps
    These maps are currently supported. Know of any different ones? Make a post linking it!

    - Race for Wool 1 (1.1)
    - Race for Wool 2 (1.1)
    - Capture the Wool 1 (1.1)

    - Teams Forged in Flames (1.5)

    CilantroGamer & iTruthful
    - Modern Woolfare (1.0)
    Waiting on the next version that fixes a few things... still have the 1.0 available.

    - Split Decision (1.3)
    - Closing Darkness (1.2)
    - Divided Together (1.0)
    - That new one that needs to be put here.

    - Corrupt Lands (1.1)

    .Thomaz & Jobble
    - Spheric Ruins (1.0)

    [link todo]
    - Airship Battles AB000

    - Owbox (Beta 1)

    Event Calendar
    - none -
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