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    Green arrows indicate the positions of framed maps in the world. And the footsteps you kept hearing may have been lag related, as you said you were playing on a server.

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    Quote from Jake1702»

    That's not at all accurate, the black hole could have been a star before. For example, if the sun turned into a black hole, the gravitational pull from this distance would be largely unchanged, it's only when you enter the event horizon you would be squished. Let's consider the level you start to take damage in the void the event horizon, that's why you die, it crushes you to death.

    Well, if you replaced the sun with a black hole of equivalent mass (there's no way this could naturally happen though without the sun obtaining at least 2.4 times its mass first) the gravitational pull would remain entirely unchanged. Earthlings would know of the fact ca. eight and a half minutes later when everything suddenly goes dark, with the only remaining light sources being terrestrial.

    Over the next few months it would become very very cold, all life would have to retreat to tectonically active zones underground or on the ocean floor. Earth's orbit however would not change one millimeter. It would be happily orbiting the black hole as it did the sun.

    Gravity is an attribute of spacetime BTW (by its curvature), not a "real" force like the other three basic ones, so this allows for even more interesting theories.

    Whatever, the void under the MC world, if it is a black hole, seems to be the remnant of something considerably more massive than Sun, because a sun mass BH would have a schwarzschild radius of just 3 km. You would be teared apart near-instantly at the event horizon due to the gravity increasing so tremendously over tiny distances. At the other extreme, you could in fact fall "safely" into the supermassive black hole at the Milky Way's center and not notice a difference in your surroundings for a long time.

    In the MC void you can fall 70ish meters before starting to take gravitational "spaghettification" damage. A black hole that size would be very massive and gravity on the world's surface would be many times as high than on Earth. But maybe this is not a black hole but "just" a dense core of dark matter? Then the damage would be due to "simply" entering a vacuum below a fabricated world you are not supposed to leave.

    So: Is the MC overworld in fact the outside of a Dyson Sphere, enclosing the remains of a supermassive star or a compact core of dark matter (a kind of giant reactor?), which in turn is orbited by a G type dwarf star and an artificial satellite in orbital resonance, both probably near enough to be also tidally locked?

    That doesn't explain the world's blockiness though, and neither the Nether or the End :lol:
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    I found a nice seed today (while playing with the names of food for hours) that satisfies most of your conditions:


    With this seed you spawn in a flower forest. Turn around towards the northwest and just a few blocks away you'll see a cave entrance that leads to a ravine that is partly underground. Not much further and you are into an adjacent ice plains/ice mountains biome with a cluster of ice spikes very close to spawn. One of the spikes is of the tall variety and the tip is already visible a short distance from spawn.

    There is a desert village with a temple just north of the forest, around 500 blocks away. A smithy and library are there, the smith was a toolsmith however. Animals are aplenty but right around spawn I only saw cows and pigs. Didn't venture far into the ice biome so I can't tell about igloos or polar bears.

    BTW if you also like to build at (or above) water there is an interesting formation of arches and overhangs over a lake about 200 blocks north of spawn and slightly to the east (X/Z: 250/20).

    edit: There are lots of sheep in the forest hills southeast of the village, X/Z 450/-200 and south of that.

    edit2: There is a mountainside igloo at 51/540 and a forest igloo at -813/708. There seems to be only a single polar bear in that huge ice biome, and it is near 469/868.

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    Hmm, no Linux build yet ("very soon" though) so no new Launcher for me so far.

    As for the heated discussion about programming languages: C++ (which I strongly assume the new launcher is written in) is extremely portable, possibly even more so than Java, because it can be literally programmed "onto the naked hardware". The first piece of software ported to a new hardware architecture is usually a C compiler that has cross-compiled itself for the new platform. Portability of a complex software package implies that platform-independent (preferably open-source) libraries are used. One would in the typical case statically link them with the executable (and distribute them alongside the package) because different flavors of Linux and other Unix-likes have quite different dependency sets inside the package tree. But package management isn't an issue anyway if you just install into the user's $HOME.

    However, C's and C++'s definite strength is portability across hardware platforms rather than between underlying software stacks/operating systems. And from what I see, MC has to support x86 (PC/Mac/PS4/Xbox One), Power architecture (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii U) and ARM (Smartphones/Tablets, PS Vita) hardware platforms. Some of those don't have a Java runtime for their default OS so Mojang has already been juggling both C++ and Java builds for quite a while.

    Compared to compiled languages, Java apps have the advantage to "just run" wherever the runtime is available. You don't even have to think in terms of "platforms" which is a big, big plus for ease of software distribution.

    A problem with prevalence of compiled languages is when a developer of closed-source software (which MC is) stops bothering with certain platforms, even if a perfectly functional build would just be a matter of a plain cross-compile. Linux getting the new launcher support "really soon" now is a symptom of that. "Really soon" by the way is a decades old hacker meme for "never". If that thing starts with the main application, MC loses me.

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