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    posted a message on Praise our villager overlords!
    Criminal. Iron bar iron bar. Lever. Tnt. tnt. Boom. Fire. Burn. Dead. Diamonds. Nah. Emeralds. Cats.
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    posted a message on Community Tutorial - Making a Bomb-Proof Chest
    Why not just cover it with water...?
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    posted a message on Anyone else a bit annoyed by these bland minecraft related games?
    I think the main reason people aren't as mad at Infiniminer is because, 1, it closed, 2. it isn't the same as Minecraft, different gameplay and different names, and these app store apps? "Mine Blocks" "TotalMiners" "BlockCraft" (Don't think they are real, but they are examples). They basically have the same features as minecraft, Heck. Survivalcraft basically has the Skyblock symbol on it.
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    posted a message on Minecraft on Steam!
    Quote from Ristych23

    This is why Minecraft isn't on Steam


    I always do this. Remind me to check if a post is from 2012.
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    posted a message on Minecraft on Steam!
    Add non steam game.
    Congrats. You let your friends know you are currently playing Minecraft, and can chat easily.
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    posted a message on Option to remove achievements in chat.
    So, in 1.7 we have achievements announced in chat.
    To every living creature on the server.
    The entire server.

    This will be trouble for ANY server. I don't think many care if you went into the nether, or made a cake. I know plugins will very soon replace this, but it is always a nice feature to have for anything. I don't want to be spammed in chat whenever a new person opens their inventory. Simple yet needed suggestion.

    Add an option to disable these. Or at least disable other peoples achievements and leave it for yourself.
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    posted a message on Minecraft is now Appearently a Violent Video Game
    Quote from aman207

    smartest kid in my class. I play the most violent (Well my friends play GTA, but I play games like Skyrim but still. I kill a lot. I have played GTA anyways) I never really have the urge to kill someone xD That is just.. wrong.

    I think if anything games will help that. For some at least. If they get that wedged into their brain, then yes it might be bad, but some have a little kill urge in them, if you don't go kill something (Even a bug or something can suffice) Then it will most likely go out of control. Games that have killing might calm down that rage. Of course violent games might CAUSE that in the first place. But who HASN'T been exposed to a violent game nowadays?

    Minecraft isn't violent... Did I really just write 3 words in topic and a whole wall of text Off topic?
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    posted a message on Coffee Shops in Villages (LOTS o' PICS!)

    The Nether is less likely for a coffee shop to appear. A village is.

    Pig villagers (Most likely where the Lava Java will appear) are more advanced, and have brewing stands. They even tamed a few skellies to work for them. And watch as your pathetic villagers huddle into a house awaiting death. Ha!

    I agree with Raff
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    posted a message on New Fireworks! ♦Updated♦
    Fireworks are usually just the same with the exception of the creeper face. Same old circles, same old sounds. I present new fireworks for people to use!

    #1: Whistlers: Crafted using ghast tear (The closest mob that can whistle) you will craft one, fast and not so big these fireworks make a whistling sound as they go up. These have been my favorite firework out of every firework and they make a pretty cool sound in groups IMO.

    #2: Diamond Rain: These are crafted with a dirt block, you send one up and it drops "Diamonds" which are actually just dirt blocks disguised as diamonds. Keep in mind, yes they can make that 1 dirt block drop about 5 more but you do have to make the firework stars and fireworks itself still.

    #3: Blast: Crafted with tnt, these ones explode more than 5x the size of a regular firework. These have a large booming sound and a huge display of color.

    #4: Crackle/Sizzle: These ones are crafted with a nether wart and explode, then turn to dust and sizzle away.

    #5: Flash: Crafted with glowstone block these ones will not make a very big explosion and make 5 seconds of night vision for everyone in a 200 block range.

    #6 Ender: One of the best ones I thought of.. We all know that little animation when the dragon dies. This is just that, except no dragon, Crafted with ender pearl. No xp or portal, ofc.

    #7: Rain: These ones are crafted with water bucket, no they do not rain. But the particles fall down and disintegrate close to the ground.So these are some more variety of fireworks. Feel free to comment and suggest more.

    New firework launchers! Crafted with a dispenser in middle, 2 redstone blocks on the sides, and rest filled in with quartz. These have a GUI which can be filled with fireworks, and will be activated when hit by a current. These can send fireworks up a distance from 10 blocks to 100 blocks, and can launch them to curve sideways (Shoot up left or right) or just plain straight like normal. No more clumps of fireworks, a more customized show to put on. Also has a timer to set one off (Can be set to max 10 minutes) This can also be used in maps as a timer.
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