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    posted a message on Just started my first Hardcore world

    Hi everyone.

    So some hours ago I decided I'd try my hand at hardcore. My goal is simple: try to beat the Ender Dragon.

    I spawn in a forest and start looking for a place to make my main base. After some running and a night spent in a wooden/dirt shack, I get to a Plains biome and make my home in the side of a mountain.

    It's pretty cosy, I have my Working table, my Forge, a room dedicated to crops. I'm safe from mobs; I have a wooden door at the entrance, but it's blocked off with a dirt block, and they can't come from above.

    So I made this thread to ask; what is the most efficient and safe way to get to the End?

    So far I plan to:

    -NOT explore any caves and just make it my way (hand-made cave at Y=12)

    -Carefully create a castle-like bastion with solid walls and iron doors, which will serve me later for Endermen hunting and to protect my animals (as soon as I go for those)

    So far I have:

    -An underground shelter, complete with crops, food, reserve tools if things get dire (unlikely, but better safe than sorry)

    -A full iron armor, an iron sword, stone tools, some Lapis Lazuli and Redstone

    -More than enough wheat to sustain me without ever challenging the wilds

    Am I right in thinking that the next step should be find diamons/lava in my "custom" mine and get to the Nether, loaded with Cobblestone to build a shelter right away?

    (PS: I plan to save my progress on an external device every now and then. You might think this is cheating, but consider this: in my main, normal world, I seldom died. I died 7 times in a row to the Ender Dragon, because upon spawning on a platform far away from the main chunk, he'd just poke me into the Void. I'd hate if that happened in Hardcore, since it can hardly be considered an error on my part. If I die "legit", aka fighting mobs or falling into the lava, the world will stay deleted).

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    posted a message on Do you Think Minecraft must have more boss?? or Not

    There's absolutely nothing wrong in adding more content to the game; we all know Minecraft is not Doom, but you are speaking from your point of view. For many people, beating the Ender Dragon does mean the end.

    I logged maybe thrice after I was done with the last boss; there's no big challenge left for me. Having more bosses, possibly more dungeons too, wouldn't harm your gameplay in any way, so I don't see why someone would oppose it.

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    posted a message on HOW TO BUILD A SAFE HOUSE IN THE END

    I don't think you need for a fortress with walls and whatnot. You want your End house to be functional and well-protected.

    Personally, I just went with this approach:

    -Made a moat around an area and filled it with water. <- So the Endermen can't get near

    -Built a house in the middle, 2 spaces high. <-So the Endermen can't get in

    -Covered the top with cacti. <-So the Endermen can't get above

    -Avoided building another floor. <-So the Endermen can't get below

    And that was it. I added an unprotected farm outside and some trees, and glass to see the surrounding area without provoking them. I sometimes stare at them and run in, and hear them crashing against my defenses helplessly. Of course, everything is well lit.

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    posted a message on Scared when going in a cave in minecraft. help

    I, too, don't like caves. So, when I'm in survival, I make my own. I dig down until I'm at Y=12, and expand from there. Lots of minerals, diamonds, lava and stuff to find... and you can light it up as much as you want. I even found newly-spawned slimes in there once, and got my Slimeballs.

    I can grant this is a legit and efficient way to play Minecraft, because I have made wonders in my world and I killed the Ender Dragon just fine.

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    posted a message on Survival without Wood

    I think your best bet would be to venture in search of trees. Or do you mean you uploaded a map that is intentionally void of wood?

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    posted a message on Too much cobblestone!

    Build a castle with a spider-proof wall.

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    posted a message on Funniest / Greatest Fail in Minecraft

    I mined straight down once and fell into the lava. The sad part is that it was me who covered it with Cobblestone earlier...

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    posted a message on Do you Think Minecraft must have more boss?? or Not

    I think Minecraft is in dire need of more bosses.

    I beat the Ender Dragon with barely enchanted diamond armor (had died previously), an iron sword and a Power+ bow. Why do I need more than the horrible equip I had, if there's no greater challenges? Unenchanted Iron Armor is enough to resist any kind of normal mob.

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    posted a message on Your greatest achievement

    I always think big when I play Minecraft, so there's more than one, and all in survival.

    -Transforming my first base (ahole carved in a mountain) into a castle, complete with walls, farms, colored sheeps, even customized banners. I'm not the kind of player who likes making big things without a use, so the castle itself serves various kinds of purposes:

    1st floor: throne room

    2nd floor: alternative base (with bed, working table and whatnot)

    3rd floor: trophy room

    4rth floor: roof, with access to a giant tower that can be seen from very far.

    -Creating a fortified stronghold above the actual stronghold in the desert, and managing to bring grass there without Silk Touch

    -Creating a base in every realm (3 fortresses in Overworld, a fortress in the Nether, an anti-Endermen bunker in the End).

    And so on and so forth.

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