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    They're essentially civillians.

    They're protectors of a village, they need to be a present enough threat


    Definitely, having more varied trading would be more interesting and fun, however we still need to consider the strategies a play would do to amass wealth, and removing the vital currency's spot as the sole currency of emeralds, would mess up that. Would take some considering.


    I think they're quite fine as they are now, with variation and changes depending on biomes. Definitely keeps the villages fresh

    The annoying thing about golems is that the villagers are so stupid that they walk in front of you when you try to break a block, so if u accidentally hit a villager, you’re dead.

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    villagers have such horrible AI that they sometimes just jump into lava.

    there really needs to be another village update (although there have already been 2) that improves their AI!

    Here are my ideas:

    • villagers should be a neutral mob and they would hit you if you hit them just like an iron golem.

    • iron golems should only intervene if you hit them more than once, and should definitely be nerfed.

    • they should upgrade trading so it isnt just with emeralds.

    • they should upgrade village buildings again!

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