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    Since my laptop is pretty crappy, the maximum view distance in PC Version is 6 Chunks without major lag. Now, I'm very happy to see that I can set distance to max and it's not lagging at all - pretty awesome! I have almost forgotten how beautiful exploring is in Minecraft :)

    But one question: It seems my Ingame-name has changed. Before it was "xxLordHypnos", now it's "StraußTinte638" - does anyone experience something similiar? And how can I change it? It's not ultra annoying - unless you decide to play multiplayer :D

    Oh - and mods? Will it be possible?

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    When I start a new world, I usually run around for about one day and either I build a little hole in a mountain for the first bed, chest and workbench or build a little shack out of wood for just survive first night without running away from creepers all the time.
    If I don't find anything I like, I just delete it and start a new seed.
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    Remember the coordinates? No?
    Congrats, you're lost. Explore, with some luck you'll find it.
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