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    posted a message on village seed for PE?
    Quote from AWESOME72727»

    Wait, that update came OUT??!! OMG it didnt update for me :( can u tell me how?

    Unfortunately, due to device issues, 0.9.0 cut the iPod 4 and low end Andriod devices from its compatbility list. It's still possible, but laggy as heck.
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    posted a message on Looking for desert seed
    Hello, I'm looking for a desert seed for a survival challenge. I wish for other biomes to be as far away as possible, and the desert to be "endless". Villages aren't needed, just a big, big desert you spawn in with minimal water and massive distance from other biomes.

    It's for survival challenge, time to see how long I live. I'm using infinite worlds with 0.9.2 on IOS.

    Thanks! ^_^
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] ClassicCraft | Originated like 1.7.3! | PvP | Stealing | Unique server | 50 Slots | STAFF NEEDED | Join now!
    Sorry for suddenly going inactive. I have a bunch of exams coming up, and I have to study.
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    posted a message on JAM craft: New bukkit survival server, Looking for staff!
    Moderator Application

    IGN: creeperbait123

    Skype name (not required): I have a skype, but I am changing accounts soon. I will message you my name once the account-change is over with.

    Why should you be a mod?: For one, I am a friendly, easy-going fellow, the one who focuses the most on PR. This type of attitude could get the server a nice amount of good reviews. I am loyal, and I do the most I can to promote the server in an positive light, and even encourage my real-life friends to play on the server.

    Experience: I have owned two servers. One is a 50-slot due for shutdown from lack of funds to pay treepuncher, the other is a small 8-person server tht only I use for showcasing my builds. Nothing else. Meanwhile, I have served as a moderator on two servers, and an admin on an creative server, until they each shut down. I also understand and have used several "hack" programs and made one myself back in 1.2.3, so I know most of the inner and outer workings of them.

    Extra stuff: I see potiental in this server. And, like every other server I moderated/owned, I will help it reach that full potiental. In real life, I participate as a volunteer for the Mars Society, and am trying to get an undergraduate internship at NASA.

    I hope that you accept me, and let me do all I can to help the server achieve its greatness.

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    posted a message on FreeMinecraftHost.com - FREE, Instant, and lag free Minecraft Servers for Everyone!
    Their second server is not for 24/7 only, and is not full.
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    posted a message on ☆ SaltCraft ☆ [Survival PvP] [Staff Needed] [1.5] [Anti-Grief] [40 Slots] [24/7] [No Whitelist]
    What's your name?
    Edward Ge (Yes, its a weird name)

    What's your name in MineCraft?

    What position are you applying for?

    Where do you live?
    Southeastern Michigan, United States of American, Earth, Inner Solar System, Orion Belt, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster.

    How old are you?
    14, almost going to be 15

    Do you have a Skype? If yes, username?
    I do have a skype, but I rarely use it. I will message you my personal email if you need it.

    Tell me a little bit about you.
    I was born in 1998, in Ann Arbor. I have one little sister, and I am an intern in the space industry. I like to draw, paint, write, program, and play Minecraft. I am in 9th grade, but take AP and 10th grade classes. Most of the time I don't spend playing minecraft is either sutdying or working at my job as an undergraduate intern at NASA (During the summer.) Before applying, I had moderated three different servers and was an owner of one. I have a rather odd sense of humor, and it is painful for me to ever use the ban/kick command, as I understand that I will be basically damaging one persons views about the server. Even one negative review among many good ones is enough to ruin my day. I want to run/moderate the "perfect" server, but still, if you get me angry by repeating an offense, I will come up with creative ways of justice.

    Why do you want to be a staff at SaltCraft? Why not other servers?
    Saltcraft, has potiental. It seems active, professional, and very well managed. Your main post is clean, and it seems like a server that is going to stay for a long time.

    What will you bring to the team that's unique, different from all the others?
    I, for one, have a sense of humor, and an sense of mercy. I know what it feels to be griefed, and I know what it feels to be abused by an operator, and I will make sure that WILL NOT happen. But, if you get on my bad side....I have tons of creative punishments (i.e Allowing the victims of a griefer spawnkill him.)

    Can you commit to long hours playing the server?
    Yes. If the entire server is on red-alert and is undergoing quarintine measures from a greifer, I will try my best to be on.

    Do you have any experience with plugins? If yes, which?
    Yes, but mostly mainstream ones like bukkit and such. I usaully had my fellow moderators handle these issues, and I rarely ever worked on them.

    How long have you played MineCraft?
    Since 1.9 Prerelease, later quit around 1.4, but rejoined.

    What does being part of the staff team here at SaltCraft mean to you?
    It would mean the world to me, since my own server is undergoing shutdown over issues with the FY2014 budget cuts for it, which means I can nolonger pay the host.

    Anything else you'd like us to know?
    Timezone is EST.

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    posted a message on MindCrack Inspired Vanilla SMP Server. 100% Legit, 24/7. Accepting Apps Now!
    Name: Edward Ge (Please do not ask. It's a weird name.)

    IGN: creeperbait123

    How much time can you put in a week?: It depends. I can usaully put in three hours after-school, and put in gaming sessions during the weekends. I will try to be on as much as possible (Since my own server shutdown due to lack of funds for host)

    Age (Don’t lie, or we’ll find out): 14 (Almost 15.)

    Country: United States of America

    Why you would like to join: Your server sounds like one of much potiental, and I would like to contribute as much as I can to make it reach that potiental and go beyond. I want your server to be a five-star server, and that is why I am applying.

    What can you bring to the server: I have my own style of construction, and I have a rather odd sense of humor.

    Skype Name: creeper.guy (No, this does not mean I am a stalker. I jus like creepers :D . And I will be changing it soon)

    Do you like cookies: It depends. I like ice-cream cookies, and choclate chip ones, and I sort of like raisin ones, but I have peanut allergies.
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    posted a message on Offering a nice 8 player server for free, perfect for LP's.
    Hello, me and my fellow miner comrades badly need a private server to play on, and have asked me to host one. However, whenever I try to port forward, it says "Conflict with another service", and despite the fact I reset my router to factory default several times and tried everything I can, it still will not port. As of now, my budget is very, very limited, and friends are geting rather impatient, and considering I have a dozen of them asking me if the server is up yet, school is getting tedious (Yes, IRL friends)......

    I am willing to take the server even if it has little memory/RAM at all/no plugins, as all I want is a private little server for my classmates. While I own another 50-slot server, it is due for a shutdown by next month, as my paypal account has almost no more money left, and my parents cannot spare any more cash (They gave me around $400, which kept my server running for around nine months.) This leaves me at a total dead end, as I badly want a server to play with my friends on, and I cannot port forward and have little funds at all.

    I know how to code such as HTML and such, and I can get another of my classmates to host a webpage, and I already have plenty of prevouis experince coding/managing MC servers and websites.

    While I may/may not make this server public, I badly needed such an offer, and this might be it. Thank you for you time, and I will try my best to repay you in whatever way possible in the end.
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    posted a message on FreeMinecraftHost.com - FREE, Instant, and lag free Minecraft Servers for Everyone!
    Quote from KingCreeper99

    Uhhh when I clicked Start Server nothing happened
    I used Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox but still nothing happened ._.

    Same with me, right after I bought an upgrade.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] ClassicCraft | Originated like 1.7.3! | PvP | Stealing | Unique server | 50 Slots | STAFF NEEDED | Join now!
    -How long have you played Minecraft?
    I have played Minecraft since the prerelease, but then quit around 1.4. I just decided to come back and resume build'in and mining.
    -How old are you
    -Why do you want to be a helper?
    I want to become a helper, so I can, well, help other people. My greatest concern for every server I work on is the reviews of it, and I often try to help and be as fair and understanding as possible.
    -How many other servers have made you a staff member
    Three other servers, and one that I own/host.
    -Why should we make you a staff member?
    I have experince in moderating. having moderated a small website and several other servers, and I badly want to hlp your server succeed. I see potiental in this server, and I want to help it become famous, well-visited, and get it a full stack of diamonds on Planet Minecraft.

    IGN- Creeperbait123
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    posted a message on NASA, I am very, very dissapointed
    The title says it all. I am very, very dissapointed in NASA. In terms of human spaceflight, we have not made any new advancements since around 1980! I think NASA needs to STOP funding all these robotic exploration projects, then pour everything into the SLS and Project Constellation (Whatevers left of it, like Orion). WHile I do praise these robotic explorers for their scientific value, I must argue that our main purpose is to tranform humans from simple cave dwellers to a space-faring spieces. And while I do know that the ISS provides tons of research on human spaceflight.....we need to move out of LEO.

    Since around 1969, we have been stuck in LEO. To me, the least we could have done is to ATLEAST kept going to the moon. And then, we make project Constellation to take us to the moon and Mars. I get very excited. And then it gets cut, to fund private spaceflight. Thats rather...dissapointing. I personally belive that we should have been more developed before private spaceflight even took place, and I do not really like the idea of a billoinaire controlling my dreams, considering Occupy Wall St.....(Goverment is much more preferred, thank you.). The last straw was their plan to send another rover in 2020. Darn it NASA, MArs already has enough attention! I want that rover on Europa and drill into its sea!
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    posted a message on Caves in Minecraft PE
    I have a hell of a time finding ore. Usually in MCPE, it takes me a whole day of playing to find a small despoit, but in MC on the computer, I can find a dozen diamonds in a couple hours of spelunking. This would make the gme much more playable.
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    posted a message on New Mob : Humans
    I would be nice to spawn them in creative. My cities feel like ghost-towns, and I feel like the only survivor in a apocaylapse.
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    posted a message on MC:PE Updates Thread [LATEST: Possible Snapshot Release Tomorrow!]
    When I saw it was submitted, I cried tears of joy.
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    posted a message on If you Could Have A Exclusive Feature Added What Would It Be?
    Space flight, the ability to craft booster rockets, engines of different types which can get upgraded, and fuel tanks, and also to craft hundreds of other stuff like solar panels, communication dishes, landing struts, parachutes, and heat shields. Then, a large planetary system with huge gas giants and forgotten asteroids. After that, inter-stellar travel, and exploring the cosmos. Like?
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