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    Base Defense is a mod which focuses on protecting houses and bigger evil lairs with cameras, security bots and turrets.

    Note: An Update to 1.10 has been announced here. And is just around the corner!



    AI Processor

    Defense Station

    Surveillance Camera

    Mob enabled Surveillance Camera

    Security Bot

    Quick Guide
    The mod bases around the Defense Station which connects all components. This includes surveillance cameras and security bots.

    To connect multipleso called "entities" you will need to use the Wireless Tuner:

    1. Shift-Right-Click on the Defense Station
    2. Right-Click on any other entity (e.g. Security Bot or Surveillance Camera).

    A network consists at least of one Defense Station, a Surveillance Camera and one Security Bot.Please note that Security Bots will not attack unless a camera detects suspicious activity. Furthermore Security Bots will return to their original positions after a specific amount of time passed without any suspicious events.

    Players which are allowed to pass the security cameras without causing the alarm to trigger can be defined at the Defense Station. To add new players their names have to be entered one by one into the input field below the user list.

    Please note that users have to be online in order to add them to the list.

    Please Note: This modification requires Forge for Minecraft 1.7 or higher.

    When forge is installed you may just drop the modification jar into the mods folder (or the correct version sub-folder).



    Old Versions:

    1. Is there a 1.6 version?

    2. Will there be a 1.6 version?

    3. Why is there no 1.6 version?
    1.6 is an old version. Wake up out of your modpack dreams.

    4. Will there be a 1.8 version?

    5. When will the next update be released?
    At some point in the future (or the past if I ever get a chance to buy a Delorean).

    6. Does the mod include potatoes/support for potatoes?

    7. Will you add feature X?
    If you ask very nicely there is a slight chance ...

    8. Why is feature X missing?
    Most likely because I didn't think of it ... ... or because I didn't like it.

    Getting updates
    There are quite a few nice ways of staying updated on my modifications. I occasionally stream development sessions on . You may also follow me on Twitter: @HighLordAkkarin if you feel like getting bothered by me about random topics.

    Bug Reporting
    All bugs (apart from plain crash logs) and suggestions will need to be filed on the Bugtracker. Reports in places other than the Bugtracker will not be considered and may not be fixed. This forum post is only used for general support (e.g. crash reports, recipes, etc).Also remember to post full crash logs. Without logs I will not be able to fix anything and I will not consider such posts as bug reports.

    Please Note: Installing OpenEye is highly recommended to simplify crash reporting.

    Source Code & Contribution
    This modification is completely open source and may be modified and/or shared. This does include usage in modification packs and server packs. If you would like to build your own version of the mod or contribute to it's development, you may find it on GitHub.

    For pack authors: Even though you may use this modification inside your packs at any time I'd appreciate a short shoutout if you do so. Please also remember to include the license terms of the mod (see below). More details about the requirements going along with distributing the modification may be found either in the full license text or on TL;DR Legal.


    Copyright 2014 Johannes Donath Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.You may obtain a copy of the License at


    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
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    Hey Everybody,

    it has been quite some time since the last update on this mod (sadly life is a thing and some things still need priority over modding and what not). However, I have good news for everybody who still cares:

    Base Defense will be continued and thus updated to 1.10 (and possibly 1.11 depending on its popularity).

    The following features are (finally) on my roadmap for this release (titled v3.0 - The Revival Update):

    • Viewable Cameras
    • In good old Deus Ex fashion (which was ultimately the inspiration of this entire mod), I'll go out of my way to finally dive into the magic that is Minecraft's rendering engine (due to the recent changes this should finally be possible in a semi-sane fashion).
    • New Models
    • This has been requested far more often than it should've been. I'll see how nice I can get everything to look. Obviously, this is open to contributions if anybody feels particularly creative.
    • Proper Networking
    • Since BD1 was rather hacked together and BD2 relied on Applied Energistics (which has yet to be fully updated for 1.10), I'll design a full network solution which will be either directly integrated into this mod or later extracted for other's to use (we'll figure that out when it comes to that).
    • Hacking
    • Since the beginning of time, this mod has been quite overpowered since there is essentially no way to circumvent it when setting up correctly. However, I'd like to change this to some extend and enable players to temporarily disable security measures (especially on lower tier setups).
      Most likely this will be done through the introduction of keypads as authentication systems within the low tier and some sort of minigame.
    • Nicer UI designs
    • Since we are already in a sci-fi environment with this mod, the UI clearly deserves a makeover to feel a little less like middle-age Minecraft. This also includes improvements regarding the user experience (especially when adding other players to the access lists).
    • Stationary Turrets
    • Since this new release will improve upon the general idea of tiers, we'll introduce stationary turrets as one of the easier tiers.
    • Alarms
    • This is more of an "I want this" type of thing since I'd love to have a few lights flashing left and right while some loud alarm noise makes communication impossible when somebody enters my base.
    • Shutters/Security Doors
    • This has been experimented with before but never really made it into the mod. However, I'd like to introduce security measures to lock in (or lockout) intruders when detected.

    The above set of features is already quite a big bite but I feel like they're necessary for a full BD3 release (without feeling like another failed update).

    This rewrite is planned to take place early on in 2017 (within January that is) and I expect to be live streaming either parts of the process or the entire thing (either on Twitch or YouTube). Other than the ICBM development (which was limited to 24 hours of modding), I'll skip the time restrictions (it takes as long as it happens to take).

    This might be honestly quite a late update on this mod after such a long period of nothing, however, I recently realized how many people actually enjoyed playing this clearly broken mod (even though it didn't even get close to winning Modjam 4). Regardless, I hope that one or two of you can still get hyped over this upcoming release (I certainly will be).

    TL;DR: New Update coming - New stuff can be found on Twitch, YouTube, GitHub and Twitter as we go - Expect test releases soon(ish)!

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    it's been quite a long time since the last BaseDefense release and a lot of things have been going on. Due to my occupation during the last few months this topic became quite dusty. However I'm happy to announce that the first development builds of BaseDefense 2 are rolling out as we speak!

    As soon as the versions become playable (and stable enough to not entirely mess up your world) they'll be posted to my Patreon profile (coming soon) and shortly later they'll become available here! Here's a short list of features included with version 2 of BaseDefense:

    • Minecraft 1.7.10 Support
    • Reworked Security Network Functionality
      • Applied Energistics 2 Integration
      • Advanced network configuration (customizing alarm states)
      • DNA based authentication (supports mobs)

    • Reworked Models and Textures
    • New Game Elements
      • Stationary Turrets
      • Drones (flying cameras)
      • Server-Side Administration Commands

    • Reworked Progression
    • New Achievements
    • Fixed a stupid amount of bugs
    • Easter Eggs!

    Note that I'll add the features added above as I progress with the codebase. There's a lot of stuff to add and re-implement for this release so don't expect everything to be there in the very first version!

    A couple of screenshots of the new version can be found in my imgur album (periodically updated).

    If you wish to keep an eye on the development process you still can as the modification is open source and available on GitHub. Contributions are obviously welcome (make sure they follow the code style used by me).

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    Quote from mxnmnm»
    A few features that would make this mod even better would be an upgrade system that balances strength with power requirements. Some other mod compatibility would be nice like using redstone flux to power the robots and maybe some thaumcraft 4 golems to work with the bots.

    I had upgrades in mind for quite some time but I've sadly not come around to actually implementing tiers. The integrations are coming in the next version for sure though.

    Quote from mxnmnm»
    Would name tags or chunk loaders fix the despawn issue.

    Yes they probably would.

    Quote from Overallsix768»
    Do you need help with programming?

    Feel free to contribute on GitHub. However it's currently a slight mess as I've been playing around in two different branches with entirely different concepts and might start from scratch again in the next weeks.

    Will you make it so you can monitor the cameras and see what its looking at?

    This feature has been planned for quite some time and might find it's way into the mod at some point. I've seen a couple of other mods do things like that (and even a few open source mods) so it's entirely possible to be added ...

    Quote from bluehasia»
    HI there really cool mod im so glad some one is taking up this void in the modding field. some ideas i like to toss at you

    1. a feature to put the defense system into states

    example im logged in and the system to attack players can be offline but when i log off or leave area i can easily switch all my base defense back on.

    2. a possible teleport player option, lets be honest we want to keep players out but killing them only pisses them off to where they want to be bigger jerks. so to teleport them is a non lethal option of base defenses, ya we could port them into lava but a safe non lethal option is to send them back to town. this is also a good option because with most other mods players also run around with god armors and standard damage does nothing.

    3. not sure if the was mention. but is flying players going to get detected? most mods lets players fly over every type of defense we try to put in

    1. States are kinda planned for 2.0 however I'm not yet sure how I'm going to implement them. Generally the system currently depends on chunk loading and thus can break quite easily ...

    Quote from Teh_Enderman»
    2 suggestions 1st. how about ranged bots. 2nd. how about a 1.7.10 version :D hope I helped :D

    Bots are ranged up to a certain extend currently but those features to not seem to work properly. Base Defense 2 is going to be 1.7.10 (and possibly 1.8) compatible. However I just got into development of that version ... ;-)

    Quote from GabrielCN224»
    This mod is nice! Will it have a 1.7.10 version?

    Same as above.

    Quote from jacklego5»
    Based off a comment on page 1. (i know this is difficult but its been done before).

    It would be cool if we could have some sort of remote or something to control a Drone/stationaryturret/OR a camera.

    So we could stay hiding, lets say in a small obsidian room, and protect yourself by using the cameras with an ipad (fnaf reference) and then taking control of a bot in first/third person and driving to the "enemy player/mob". And finally use the little weapons on the bot to kill or shoo away the enemy.

    Another example could be, for the "Railed bots" if thats implemented. You could drive along the rails and fire/melee.

    Finally, based off another comment (stationary turrets), we could take control of a large/small turret on a wall or a ceiling (large/small again) and shoot the players.

    OH WAIT THERES MORE. Lets say you have no bots, you could use multiple cameras to find a player in your... Underground tunnelways?, (part of take control of a camera and decide where to aim it) You see a player going down Tunnel A1 and he has much better gear than you, so you hide. You see another player at Tunnel A3 with horrible gear, you rush to him and take him out.

    Again, theres more. Finally, maybe a way to crouch while using the camera/bot/turret if the idea of this post is used.

    I did not read the other posts, so sorry if i repeated or whatever.

    And sorry again for making a very hard to understand, partially useless post.


    The guy who just wasted your time.

    I think all your questions/suggestions have been answered above ;-)

    Quote from PivotSpideyP»
    Ok, I have 2 things to say. both are suggestions. The first one is to add a FNAF kind-of feel, so like cameras with tablets/computers. the second one is to make it so there is an idle mode for the robots, so they go back to stations until a mob is in-sight. I would appreciate if you took these suggestions into consideration, this to me would make a more security-ish feel, and I would like to use it to make a FNAF map.

    Idle-Mode and remote controls are planned for 2.0 as well.
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    There is no point in supporting a Version which is nearly a year old now. So no there will be no 1.6.4 version of this mod (as stated earlier). Please just be patient and wait for the rest of the mods to update when you want to use this mod in some pre-made modpack.
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    Quote from Cyclone911

    This I a really cool mod! I just tried it. I was wondering if you could make it so when the bots are nearly out of range they return to where the security camera is. Would it be possible to have a device that makes them instantly leave what they are attacking to come and help you when you are in trouble? My final suggestion is if you could have ranged like snipers and flying ones that drop like bombs or shoot from above. If you add anything to this mod could have an update with the new content that stays for 1.7.2 so I can have the new content in the world I am using it in now? I am not saying you have to consider any of these ideas I just think they would make a good edition to the already brilliant mod. Overall a great mod that has lots of potential, keep up the good work.

    In fact bots do have a maximum range at which they leave you alone but so far it is fairly high and a target being out of range does not cause them to return back to their original location. This (along with many other problems) will be fixed within the next version.

    I do consider adding Drones in one of the future versions but I wouldn't expect them in 1.0. I'd prefer to have a stable version with a nice amount of features before going completely nuts and never finishing a stable version ever.

    Sniper-Drones are unlikely to be a thing as I consider them overpowered (they'd throw off the whole balance). But maybe I will re-consider it as soon as hacking is implemented (yes, prepare for other players in the high-tech range to fly underneath your radar).

    The upcoming version will absolutely not compatible with your existing worlds. This is mainly a thing due to the fact that it is a pure beta release. You may upgrade though by removing all blocks introduced by this modification (items should not be a big problem here) before upgrading to the new version. I felt like it would be a little bit too much to introduce migration code at this point already. It's way too much useless code in an alpha which is not even supposed to be used within normal worlds (even though I really appreciate people already playing with this modification).

    So far I'm currently taking a short creative break on the update to ensure that I did not put in any game breaking bugs in this release due to the fact that I rushed through the whole recoding. I'd expect a release within this month though (please only take this as a rough guidelines as I'm doing this in my spare time). A proper changelog (it seems like I overshot the original change list) will be posted along with the release.

    Also I'd like to announce that I opened up an IRC channel called "#Akkarin" (just for the purpose of having a general chat for all the things I wrote) on Esper (irc.esper.net) which you may hang out on to chat with me (throw me some ideas and such) if you like.
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    Quote from Minecraftbombz

    lord akkain it is an amazing mod but it would be nice to see a 1.6.4 version for if people wanna test in 1.6 i know the mod was made for modjam and i don't wanna rush but some people might have mods that haven't updates to 1.7 that they wanna use with this.

    I'm sorry but this mod is far more complex than it looks. Porting it back to 1.6 would be just plain insane. I'd prefer to invest time into extending the mod with useful features rather than backporting it to an old version which will slowly fade away during the next months anyways.
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