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    In-game name: profligate74
    Age: 40
    What got you interested in the server: Referred by people I'd played with on another server (SurfBolinas & TheMCBros2000)
    Questions or comments about server: Looking forward to a vanilla experience with the appropriate plugins to moderate effectively
    Solo/Group: Mostly solo, though I'm happy to work on group projects and hang out/help other players once in a while.
    PvP/Non-PvP: Agreed upon PVP is cool with me. Random attacks are not.
    Leader/Follower: Either/both. I don't mind telling people what to do and I can follow directions when needed.
    Giving/Reciving: More giving than receiving.

    About me: I'm an older gamer working on twitch.tv and YouTube channels. Although I've been pretty inactive since a bit before the holidays I'm back into the swing of things now that the new year is here.

    Welcome to the server and glad to have you on!
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    Quote from Rubycici3»
    In-game name: Rubycici3
    Age: 32
    What got you interested in the server: I've been looking for a nice Vanilla server ever since the other server I was on started modding. I'm okay with modding as a thing, but my old computer couldn't handle it, and in the end, it sort of took away from my enjoyment in the end. Your intro video impressed me and, I also like that griefing is discouraged.
    Questions or comments about server: I know it's under Survival servers, but it really is survival right?
    Solo/Group: I start out solo till I've gotten to know people better then I do both.
    PvP/Non-PvP: Like the creator I suck at PvP in general, but I will defend myself. Generally speaking I don't attack others. If I accidentally hit you I am supremely sorry!

    Leader/Follower: Well, I will follow occasionally, but I tend to run into walls, so following me isn't the wisest of actions.
    Giving/Reciving: It is better to give than to receive, but I'm not going refuse anyone else's generosity.

    About me: I have kids, I like to play games, and I like to be creative. My mind goes into the gutter a lot, but I'm usually very pleasant to be around I think!

    welcome to the server and i hope you have a great time!
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    Quote from Warlegend»
    In-game name: Warglaine
    Age: 19
    What got you interested in the server: How it stands out, and the appeal of showcased trailer.
    Questions or comments about server: None.
    Solo/Group: Group
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non-PvP
    Leader/Follower: Both
    Giving/Reciving: Both

    About me: I feel this is unnecessary and therefore won't provide.

    im sorry im going to have to deny you, you put no effort into your application telling us who you are. we will always reconsider if you reapply
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    Quote from BigfootSlim»
    In-game name: BigfootSlim
    Age: 33
    What got you interested in the server: A friend told me it is a solid server with good folks on it.
    Questions or comments about server: Not yet....
    Solo/Group: While I enjoy solo exploring it can get boring without other players after a while. I am up for group building projects and enjoy checking out other people's creations.
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non-PVP
    Leader/Follower: A bit of both, all depends on the task at hand. As a newbie I am happy to take direction but as I get more established I will likely want to lead more.
    Giving/Recieving: I am more than happy to share with those who share as well.

    About me: I have been offline for a while now but played Minecraft quite a bit two years ago. I enjoy exploring and gathering resources for building projects but haven't gotten too technical with builds yet. I have a very busy schedule so I won't be on all the time. As such I like the idea of a server where your stuff won't get trashed while you are away. I am here to have fun but not at other's expense.

    Cheers, BigfootSlim

    welcome to the server! hope you have fun
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    Quote from Glacyx»
    In-game name: Glacyx

    Age: 20

    What got you interested in the server: The server I have been playing on for two years recently closed due to lack of activity, and I'm looking to find myself a new server to call home. Vanilla is important to me, and I cannot stand having the chat spammed by plugins. It looks like a friendly, laid back community here, and I'd like to join in!

    Questions or comments about server: Where is the server hosted? I live in the UK, and don't want to be playing with constant lag.
    Solo/Group: I tend to build away from other players just in case I want to expand, so I know I won't be stepping on anyone else's toes. I do enjoy interacting with other players though, and will help someone out with items/advice if I can offer it.

    PvP/Non-PvP: Definitely Non-PvP. Messing around on the server is fine, but I probably wouldn't join any UHC or hunger games matches.

    Leader/Follower: Depends on who starts the project. I usually have a clear image in my head of what I want to build, how it should function and what it should look like (though I am open to ideas). If I'm helping someone else I let them take charge, and tell me what they need me to do.

    Giving/Receiving: I like to work for everything I own, and am unlikely to accept handouts. Trades are always welcome though. Like I said earlier, if I can afford to give something away to someone in need, I will.

    About me: I am a 20yo student currently living at home, but am hoping to go to university and the end of this year to study archaeology. I'm an avid gamer, and play a variety of games on all manner of platforms. I love to read, specifically historical and fantasy novels; if it has swords, big battles and plenty of blood and guts, I'm there.

    welcome to the server! hope you have a great time playing with everyone!
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    Quote from KruhlSentru»
    In-game name: KruhlSentru
    Age: 30
    What got you interested in the server: I got a response recommending this server when I posted in the Looking For forums.
    Questions or comments about server: Sounds like a good server, but with each community being what it is, I expect some time will be needed in order to adjust to the specific approach this community takes.
    Solo/Group: Depends on my mood, honestly. Sometimes I just want to chat while building some big project, and other times I enjoy the more personal experience of working together to get some mutual goals achieved. If I'm really not feeling up to much, I can always just go play single player, so it's not like I'm coming online just so I can always be alone lol.
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non-PvP. PvP has two things that I don't like. First, in order for one person to win, at least one other person had to lose. It's not a win-win event. Second, I find that PvP brings out the worst side in people for some reason. I just find that most times, people get too competitive and frustrated.
    Leader/Follower: I guess the way to explain it is to say that I'm probably the most strict law abider you'll find. I know that a good leader can do a lot of good when people listen to them, and that most rules are there to help people in general. That said, these days I find myself as a leader simply because I take initiative when no one else will. That doesn't mean I want to lead, or don't want to lead, just that sometimes I'll get something going just so everyone can have fun. For example, I might be the one to start a local role-playing group, because I know I can set up a good, clean, fun game.
    Giving/Receiving: In real life, I tend to help when I can, but I don't have a lot I can do. In games, I tend to help out in other ways, such as setting prices low just because I know I can out-produce most people, and I want others to be able to get an item easily. That said, MineCraft rarely uses a market, especially in a vanilla setting. Once I get a good foundation, I'll probably have some excess I'll give away. I mean, how many stacks of redstone dust do I need? On the other hand, I tend to be more self-reliant, so while I rarely turn down gifts, I don't go around asking a lot either. Either way, I do keep a limit on how much I'll help - I mean, it won't do anyone any good to have the game played for them, but that doesn't mean I can't help someone out while they get up and running.

    About me: I've been playing a loooong time. I started MineCraft when a friend I met trying out Warhammer 40k mentioned it as a fun indie game. For that matter, I've been playing games for about 25 years, so I'm an experienced gamer these days. I play MineCraft when I need to relax, or just want to build some crazy structure. I have a flying castle on my current file, wherein I'm working on the walls of the fourth floor, and trying to build up my cow ranch so I can get more leather for my library maze on the third floor. It's slow progress, but fun. If I want a faster paced game, I've got other games I rotate between as well, such as Stalker: Call of Pripyat and Super Mario 3D World, both of which are more current games for me.

    I love the more creative aspects of the game, and I'm hoping to have some fun chatting as well as working together as I can on various projects. Sometimes I get myself set up to go out and explore old ruins, and I really enjoy exploring the myriad of caverns, chasms, and especially fortresses that exist in this game. I'm getting a bit skilled in combat, too. It gets kinda fun trying to punch zombies to death lol. In any case, I tend to rotate between activities, I enjoy the more creative and unexpected methods of play, and ultimately, I'm just here to have fun.

    Welcome to the server! and i apologize for the delay!
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    Quote from lost_angel134»
    n-game name:XXShock0TigerXX or you can call me rex
    What got you interested in the server: i got intrested in the server because i saw a few of the people i watch and enjoy talking to on this server and i enjoy that it seems like people on the server really care about what happens and dont treat others bad.
    Questions or comments about server: none really
    Solo/Group: both
    PvP/Non-PvP: non-pvp but i never back down from a fight
    Giving/Reciving: both

    About me: i enjoy group events and enjoy helping others

    welcome to the server Rex! Im glad you enjoy group events and things like that we do them semi regular, and this is a great community with great players so I know you'll enjoy your stay
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    Quote from CaptainCupcak»
    In-game name: StickButter
    Age: 27
    What got you interested in the server: It was suggest to me :D
    Questions or comments about server: No questions really, just excited to join, haven't been on a public server in a little while
    Solo/Group: I like groups but I'm used to going solo
    PvP/Non-PvP: Non PvP - because I suck
    Leader/Follower: Depending on what it is I'm good with both
    Giving/Receiving: Again, depends, I will help if I can

    ty for applying miss butter! welcome to the server glad to have you come
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    Quote from darkworldhaz»

    your too young to play on this server, according to your application you are 13 years old, we have a limit of 16 im sorry and i wish you the best of luck
    Quote from KathryneSnow»

    - In Game Name - ravenkat - Age - 15, a few months until I'm 16 - What got me interested? - I've been looking for a server to play on for a while that is really community based and such, and when I came across The Vanilla Life the first thing that got me interested mostly was the video. The builds look amazing and after reading about the server I really like that the rules are simple and easy to follow but also will keep the server running well, the fact that from what I've seen it actually has a community base unlike other servers I've found that didn't have to much community in it like they said. - Questions or Comments? - Hmm, not really any questions at the moment, although I would just like to say this looks really awesome! You guys are really good builders from what I saw on the video. c: --- - Solo or Group? - I'm a bit of both. I usually prefer to have my own builds off to the side but will gladly help with any community builds, join in games, etc. - PvP or Non-PvP? - Mostly non-PvP, I'm not the best at fighting other players, I'm more of a PvE than anything honestly. Though, I might occasionally take place in some PvP games. - Leader or Follower? - More of a follower really, I can take leadership roles but not as much as I will follow along with things. - Giving or Reviving? - Again, a mix of both. I love to get gifts and such but I will also give other people stuff, be it randomly or in return for a gift I got. - About me - Well, I go by Kathryne or Raven, really depends on what people want to call me, and if the names didn't give it away, I'm a girl. Uhh, I'm a sophomore in a college prep school so occasionally I may need to take a while off from the server to get completely caught up with school work, but I'll be sure to message someone saying how long I'll be away from the server so I don't just disappear. Hmm, I'm a bit shy when I first meet someone, other wise I will be extremely random when you get to know me. Oh, and I love building, though I'm not the best, I think I'm pretty decent. I also record videos, currently though my new YouTube has no videos on it. - Any other questions for me? I'll make sure to answer ASAP! :D -

    welcome to the server hope you have a great time on the server and enjoy the company of everyone!
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    Quote from darkworldhaz»
    My IGN Name: jayster_rox

    I am 13 years old

    I am interested in playing on this server because i have spent countless days trying to find a whitelisted "vanilla" server that is actually active and has an alive community.

    I am more of a group player as I much prefer to play with friends and other people although, I am normally on a lot more than my friends so i am often playing solo anyway.

    leader/follower: I would say i am a leader because i normally get to choose where our house is or what kind of style we go for.

    giver/receiver: I personally am more of a giver but if someone has any extra supplies that they are offering then i'll gladly take them and most likely put them towards a big build.

    About me:

    I am a high school student in year 8 who plays mine craft basically all day and night when i don't have school. I am very picky about some types of grammar and will probably play on this server for about 4+ hours a day. Since i'm Australian i do lag a lot and i am often on when the majority of people wont be. I do not like people stealing any of my stuff so i will not be doing it to other people. I have read all o your rules and plan on following them all as i don't want to blow my chances at this server.

    Best Regards,


    Im sorry but im going to have to deny you for the server, unfotunatly you are just too you. i hope you have the best of luck in finding a server that you can play on and good luck in your adventures
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    where all the newbies at? so slow today
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    Quote from zacboom»
    IGN - Zacboom

    Age - 13

    i was interested in this server because I like vanilla minecraft and do not like griefing or griefers. I like a friendly servers very much!

    Solo/Group - mainly group

    Pvp/Non-pvp - mainly non

    leader/follower - follower

    giving/receiving - bit 'o both

    About me -
    I'm a high school student in Australia, i'm in year 8 and am a very friendly person in general.
    I'm a generally easygoing person and mind my own business.
    I understand i am quite young but i am a mature person.
    I used to play on surfbolinas' server along with the other people who played on the server.
    I am good friends with Harvmaster2001 and Laxa12 and play with them.
    I play minecraft a lot in my spare time.
    I do enjoy pvp but will play fair and fight only if they agree to the fight.
    I like to help people out whenever i can.
    I receive a lot because my friend plays a lot and gives me stuff, but really do like to give.
    I like the no griefing rule because i do not like destroying peoples hard work and i don't like my builds to get destroyed.
    I like playing in friendly atmospheres with no one fighting ( yelling at each other ) and will try to keep that friendly atmosphere.
    I have plenty of experience with survival and know what i'm doing.
    I've had this game since 2011
    I do not have teamspeak... yet.
    I like to think of myself as a very creative person and i enjoy building pretty much anything.
    I enjoy building, pvp, killin' mobs, helping out, mining and gathering resources.
    I swear i will follow all the rules and be a team player.

    hello, im sorry but your just to young for the server, you did a great job on your app though, and i wish you the best of luck in finding a server. im going to have to deny you

    In-game name: Scary_Lemon
    Age: 25
    What got you interested in the server: The vanilla server while playing with other people and not having griefers.
    Questions or comments about server: nope i think everything was covered in the post
    Solo/Group: either, but prefer a group
    PvP/Non-PvP: non pvp but could be fun if both people are willing to pvp
    Leader/Follower: can be both
    Giving/Reciving: both id help people out and hopefully get some help in return too.

    About me: i love playing games, im a old school gamer but still have a laugh and have fun, enjoy playing minecraft but also console games too.

    --- Hello Mr. Lemon, im going to have to deny you for now unfortunately it just doesn't look like you put any effort into your application, if you redo it and repost then i will be more than happy to look it over again. thank you!
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    Quote from HeyyZeus»
    In-game name: HeyyZeus
    Age: 18
    What got you interested in the server: Friends told me to come and join and vanilla whitelist is my favorite
    Questions or comments about server: not really anything
    Solo/Group: much prefer group, I like seeing a community come together to create a fun functional setting
    PvP/Non-PvP: I dont prefer it but I'm wiling to participate if necessary
    Leader/Follower: definitely more of a leader, I'm fine with following someone else's building standards but I have way too much trouble trying to follow someone else's building when it comes to design, I much prefer to have creative control over my designs both interior and exterior
    Giving/Reciving: I give a lot, probably more often than I should but its just stuff and this is only a game and i can always get more of the stuff.

    About me: I'm a college student studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, i like pretty much anything creative and puzzling hence why I'm a design student and the game of minecraft appealed to me so much. I play minecraft just about daily in my free time when not working on designs, doing homework, spending time with my girlfriend or working. Other than that there's not much to me, i've been playing minecraft for almost 3 years, but I've only had pc version for a little over a year, the rest was on mobile.

    Welcome to the server! hope you have a great time playing!
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    Quote from jayo53»
    In-game name: jayo53
    Age: 13
    What got you interested in the server: Ive been looking for a small server to build a town/join one on.
    Questions or comments about server: Do players build towns?
    f*ck im too young

    ok hello, im sorry to say not only are you too young, but your application is no where near acceptable, i wish you the best of luck in finding a server though!
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    Quote from h2okillar»
    In-game name: Salm
    Age: 20
    What got you interested in the seerver: i've been looking for a small and private survival server with a friendly community, and this one just sounded perfect, the way i see it!
    Questions or comments about server: None at the moment.
    Solo/Group: A little bit of both i suppose, though i enjoy the game more when people do stuff together and cooperate.
    PvP/Non-PvP: I suppose i prefer Pvp, although i don't have much experience with it xD.
    Leader/Follower: A mix of both, but mostly inclined towards following.
    Giving/Reciving: Giving is receiving (cliché i know)

    About me:

    Well, i bought the game many years ago but i haven't played much in all these years. I focused mainly on playing solo, every time i wanted to find a server it was such a big mess with a lot of players. I remember one time i joined a small sized server, and to be frank, that was when i had the most fun out of minecraft. So i'm hoping to recreate the experiences!

    I'm also a student, so i might not log in as much as other players, but be sure that when i log in i'll get the party started :).

    welcome to the server! and no worries coming from single player to a server might seem a lil overwhelming at first, but we got great players who love to have a great time
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