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    posted a message on ☀️ KANTO ☀️ | Survival SMP | Mature | Discord | HARD MODE | 1.16.4

    IGN: [/b]Lord_Zippicus
    Discord Username #XXXX: [/b]Lord#9826
    Age:[/b] 32
    Geographic Location: [/b]ohio, usa
    About Me: [/b]i play minecraft mostly to pass time and relax. im a fan of building farms, making a good base and stockpiling more junk than ill ever need or use. outside of minecraft its usually just work, dealing with life, or other games. play just about anything from Civ to overwatch. have been wanting to get back into sea of thieves at some point, was always an entertaining time. im interesting in joining cause its a newish server that seems to have people playing on it, just joined on a few weeks ago that is kinda dead so rip. as for screenshots of past builds i was never really the one to take screenshots. but i can show you one of my latest build on discord at some point. and i do tend to play fairly often if the server ends up bein a good place to be

    [b]Question!- [/b]is the nether going to be reset for the 1.16 release?

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    posted a message on The Crystal Valley - 1 month old whitelisted survival - 18+ Vanillia-ish hermitcraft style - Players of all types wanted

    IGN: Lord_Zippicus

    Age: 32

    Location: Ohio, USA.

    info: not much to say, trapped in the house like the rest of the world, looking for a chill place to play.

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    posted a message on Free Your Mine: | 1.15.2 | Survival | Vanilla(w/ tweaks) | 21+ | DynMap | Discord | Whitelist |

    1. Age: 33

    2. How long have you been playing Minecraft? too many years to remember, rough estimate 2011ish so 8 or nine years

    3. How would you describe yourself as a player? What motivates you to play? What is your favorite thing to do in game? im a bulder to a degree, if i get an idea in my head i can always make it work only determining factor is time. i love to build farms and storage systems and amass supplies that i hardly ever make a dent in it. i like to wander alot before settling unless someonething catches my eye, and i usually aim to build bigger and bigger from previous builds before

    4. Do you have any Youtube/Twitch accounts you publish Minecraft content to? (Not required, just curious) nope! was thinking about it but meh

    5. Discord ID? Lord#9826

    btw my ign is Lord_Zippicus. it doesnt ask that in the app

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    posted a message on Oldtimers 1.15 - Opening December 28th - Open to New Players!!!

    Minecraft Username? Lord_Zippicus

    What is your age? 32

    Do you like to build your base far away or close to others? usually far away but make a tunnel through nether for quick access

    What do you prefer to do, build, mine, farm, or redstone? a mix of all, i can usually make redstone do what i want, im a decent builder when i try, huge fan of mining and i love to build farms

    Do you have discord? (it is our prefered platform of communication) yep its Lord#9826

    Are you on other minecraft servers? nope the last one i played kinda died and havent really put a ton of effort into geting onto another

    How active will you be? depends really, most days will be able to play an hour or so depends on whats going on at the time

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    posted a message on 1.15 SMP Whitelist Fresh | Wipe Server


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    posted a message on New Thread Created

    Mkay! guess ill be the first to apply and drop just a little more information.

    IGN: Lord_Zippicus / Music_Bot

    Age: too damned old tbh

    Timezone: eastern merica

    What interests you in our server?: the people are pretty cool to play with so far n whatnot. and well. i was already here just lurking

    What do you have to offer if accepted?: my body... you know you want it... just kidding... no one does hahahaha

    The server should be going live sometime on monday Sep 9th exact time to be determined. but this is a decent server that needs some players!

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    posted a message on 42! A Hermitcraft-like whitelisted Minecraft server (24/7, Vanilla, PvE, Small, New map)

    Minecraft IGN *: Lord_Zippicus

    Discord name (ex. Thor#1234) *: Lord (prolly already joined it)

    Age *: too damned old

    Why do you want to join 42? *: last server i was on seems kinda flaky, just wanna build something that wont dissapear in a month

    Where are you from: merica

    Tell us about yourself (if you want): not too much to tell off hand, i tend to wander off and do my own thing with small bursts of interaction.

    How often will you be able to play?: depends on the day tbh, but semi active is a good way to describe it

    What are your favourite things to do in minecraft?: build farms, explore, recently got more into the building aspect but am salty at the progress ive recently lost

    Screenshots or videos of past builds* (If possible): part of a buiild i was working on, if i can ressurect my old comp long enough to see if i got any other screenshots but im not sure how many i had taken. i dont really take them often.

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    posted a message on The Vanilla Touch 1.14.3 - Season Two | Vanilla SMP

    IGN: Lord_Zippicus

    Age: 32

    Timezone: us eastern

    What interests you in our server?: the map reset, wanna paly on a fresh serve with a activish playerbase

    What do you have to offer if accepted?: myself lol once i get settled i tend to have a good supply of just about everything eventually. am good at farm building and wandering

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    posted a message on PlanetCraft [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelisted} {1.14.1} {Discord}

    In Game Name: Lord_Zippicus
    Name IRL/Or what you would like to be called: just Lord tbh
    How old are you?: 32. yeah a bit up there lol
    Country: US
    What is your buildstyle? kinda all over. will build what suits my mood at the time or what it think matches the enviroment. big fan of underground building i guess
    What are you best at (building/terraforming/redstone etc): im good at making farms. will need to refresh some things for the new mechanics involved with 1.14. small scale builds and storage systems. although i am a bit rusty
    Why should we accept you?: alot of places ask this question and im never really sure how to answer it. different people have different values and whatnot.
    How often will you be on?: a bit most days, at least the weekends if not working or otherwise busy
    Have you played on a SMP server before?: mhm have tired to play on a couple recently but they were always kinda just empty. actually have an empty server with nothing on it and just dont know what to do with it lmao

    btw dont have screenshots. i understand if its a deal breaker but was never really the type to take screenshots. and the concept of going into creative and bullding something is difficult for me. im more of a suvival builder and get inspiration as i need something or find an area that i like. my apologies.

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    posted a message on VoxelMap [1.16.1 to 1.7.10] - a minimap and worldmap

    with the upcoming archived mode being established on the 16th, is there any way to get updates on voxel besides this site?

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    posted a message on Hollowcraft, Vanilla, Looking For players, Whitelisted
    Minecraft username: Lord_ZIppicus
    Age: 32
    Minecraft skills: farm building, mining, exploring, resource gathering, etc
    Why Should we choose you: Why not? Id choose me 10/10
    Reasons for applying: just tryin to find a place that is semi active and newish. have tried a couple different places recently and there usually dead
    Do you have a YouTube channel: Nope
    if so, would you make a series on the server: n/a
    Link to the channel: n/a
    Discord: Lord#9826
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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] 🔥 The Sanctuary SMP 🔥 1.14.4 Vanilla // Whitelist // Pure Survival // 18+ // Discord // Group Events

    IGN: Lord_Zippicus
    Age: 32
    Country: USA
    How did you find out about The Sanctuary SMP community?: just from browsing mcforums have been trying to find an active server to play on. unfortunatly it is a difficult one.
    Are you familiar with Discord?: mhm can provide name upon request
    Why are you excited to join our vanilla Minecraft server, and what are you most pumped about in 1.14?: interested in playing on a server that is active, and most everything in 1.14. i havent really played alot since i think the 1.10 update mostly on and off, i think that was the one with llamas? so am interested in playing again.
    Tell us a little about yourself: Just a base gamer, play on my off time from work as a means to relax and zone out. usually try to keep to myself at first but will branch out once i get settled and can get supplies going.

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    posted a message on 🐺 Nomadda's Vanilla SMP 🐺 | 1.13.2 | Whitelisted | Limited Plugins | No Griefing

    IGN: Lord_Zippicus
    Age: 32
    Location: Us east
    How much will you play this server?: a bit every day with more on my days off. looking for a server where people actually play
    What do you mainly like to do in Minecraft? (building, redstone, pvp, exploring, etc.): mostly ill wander around till i find a place id like to settle, then ill focus on makin a base then end up wandering around exploring the server
    Anything else you'd like to say about yourself (leave blank or exclude if not): im a bit quiet at first but once i get settled in and i find a place to make a bed then ill be less so

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