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    Just to toss a question out there, you listed positions for both developers and a plugin manager. Assuming that developers are going to be writing plugins, wouldn't it seem logical to have the head developer also be the person managing plugins?

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    As a developer, I can tell you that you just aren't going to find many truly experienced devs out there, who know how to code (And not just "Oh yeah I kinda know" but actually can write plugins) who are willing to work for free. You'd be better off trying to find what you want online (try searching bukkit or spigot forums for the plugins you need), trying to learn to code yourself (It's a valuable skill to have), or be willing to pay somebody.

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    Name: Evan
    Age: 17
    IGN: _TheTimelord_
    Discord (Required): Timelord#6631
    Reason for Applying: I was directed here by a friend, as I've been looking for work in MC plugin development. With StarQuest having closed down quite some time ago, I've felt like I wanted to return to Minecraft development for a while, and having recently bought a new PC, I have the processing power to be able to run a test server without my Minecraft client slowing to 5 FPS ;)
    Describe Yourself: I am an intelligent high school student interested in a career in computer science and software development. I have a busy schedule, but when I decide to devote my time to a project, I give it as much time as I can.
    Past Experience: I've developed freelance for several servers, including MineRaze, as well as held a developer position for the server StarQuest Minecraft for about a year. I am an experienced plugin developer, and have developed numerous plugins, although almost all of these have gone exclusively to single servers and are not publicly available.
    Proof of Past Experience: I can provide references to other members of the development and management staff of StarQuest who can confirm I worked for them. The entire SQ library is public domain now, so I can point you towards plugins in that library that I have developed if further proof is required.
    Extra Information: I have a fairly busy schedule, and am in the process of moving to a more powerful computer, so I may require some time to get my development studio set back up, but I put my time into my work and when I have time, you'll have that time.

    P.S. My apologies for my lack of posts on this account, I know I have another MC Forum account somewhere, but for the life of me I can't find the email I had it under, so I'm forced to use this one.

    :Notch: ;)

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