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    I love this idea. I think you could also improve on this idea by having different faces depending on either how many times you carved the pumpkin, which type of sword you used, or just randomly generated.

    You should post it on reddit/r/minecraftsuggestions

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    Quote from Dunklestien
    I can see it now. THE OIL UPDATE. Support

    Thanks for the support!

    Quote from Frog81
    Why is THIS in particular high-priority to add? This in it's current form seems like a non-buggy version of it would take quite a while to do, and it seems like something not nearly as important, as, say, the Mod API.

    But how do you feel about the idea itself? I say it greatly expands existing mechanics of the game. I do think the mod API is important, but that's just one update.
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    I do really like this idea, but I feel that the AI would be too complicated at first. The ai you're suggesting seems like an ai which acts like a pseudo-player. I would suggest thinking about starting smaller: either make them like villagers or hostile. I suppose it wouldn't be too much to say that if you attack one of them or take from their chest, they all attack you and see you as their enemy from then on. But the whole 'helping them mine' aspect of it seems too much for their initial implementation. Start small, then buildup from that.

    Anyways, I support!
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    posted a message on New Crops (and old ones...) With new recipes and biome variety!
    I like this. Gives more use to some of the food. Would the food be stackable? This is the reason why I never use mushroom stew in my game - it takes up too much space. I think for balance reasons the soups need to be stackable.

    Also, for deserts maybe a cactus pear? It can spawn on top of a fully grown cactus. I saw that someone else suggested it.

    Part of the fun of survival is that food is rare enough that you have to plan, so the new foods will have to spawn fairly rarely. That, or because you're adding more food to the biomes decrease the spawn rate of animals.

    Anyways, I support this with some tweaks.

    EDIT: I'd also like to add that this may encourage exploring in the early game. I feel like whenever I explore early on and come across, say, a desert, I don't really explore it because I have to run to the nearest plains for a food source. With this, instead I can explore the desert for a food source to continue exploring. It retains the survival aspect of the game while encouraging exploration.
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    I like the vulture idea and palm trees would be good cause they could also be added to beaches. However, I once had a mod with snakes and they never seemed right in minecraft. I think it's because the way they move really looks out of place in minecraft. Why does a flute require string?

    I like the idea of some generated structure in mesas. If not villages built into the side, maybe something like a jungle temple built in. You don't want too many villages in the game, and adding a new type of village you'll probably also need different looking villagers for this one, and what food would they grow?

    Quote from TrekTerp

    What about quicksand? It would look like sand (or very close to it) but would behave like water, maybe with a slightly higher viscosity like lava, making it harder to swim through. Removable by buckets and complete with currents as well. Not only would it add some danger to the desert, but it would also add some fun mechanics for traps and secret entrances.

    I like this idea! A block of dark sand with water movement that hurts you.
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    posted a message on Justification for a New Resource (Oil)
    Thanks for all the support guys! Remember, all these ideas are there to see if there is a need for a new resource, and they are entirely tweakable (pipes don't have to transport fluid). If you don't like one of the ideas, it doesn't have to be included, and I'd still like to know how you feel about the overall idea. Also, oil could be used for creating new foods.

    Again, I really like oil cause it could potentially kill many birds with one new resource while expanding creativity and survival fun. I feel good that many of you seem to like the ideas; shows that there is potential with some balancing.

    I'll get to work modding this. If anyone would like to help, I'd appreciate it.
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    posted a message on Justification for a New Resource (Oil)
    Hello, this thread is to discuss the possibility of adding a new resource and if there is justification and need for it. My idea for a new resource is one that has been suggested hundreds of times before: oil. However, I don’t believe it’s ever been suggested in this way (I’ve read many of the old threads, so not all. If this is a recycled idea I apologized. I asked a mod and he said if it’s a fresh way of looking at it then it might be alright). Now, in order to add another resource, there must be a number of other mechanisms/items/blocks that must also be added. So while this thread discusses the possibilities of new mechanisms and items, it is not meant to throw all these new ideas out there to discuss, but to use these new ideas as support for a new resource. The game’s not about the resource, but what adding the resource does to gameplay and what the craftable items add to the game. And if there is justification for those items, then there is justification for adding a new resource if no current resource can fill its role.

    When thinking about adding a new resource, it should do two things: give players something they want and expand existing mechanisms. It should also not make another resource or mechanic obsolete. This is where I think most people who suggest a new resource, particularly oil, fail. Right now we don’t need any new resource that is not strictly aesthetic (like the new stones). So in order to add a new resource, there must be several other things added in order to support that new resource. I believe that adding oil and things which give oil and use it will be able to solve these issues.

    Here are some issues that I believe adding oil will address and that any new resource should address (these will be explained in more detail later): world exploration, expanding circuitry mechanisms, adding mobs, making biomes more interesting, and adding more aesthetics options (people will always want more decorations and choices).

    So let’s first get something out of the way; oil cannot be used to fuel furnaces and there will be no new mechanism added for smelting blocks. This seemed to be a major issue with other resource suggestions - obsoleting another resource. Coal will still be the only resource that can smelt and create a light source other than glowstone.

    So how do you collect oil? There’s always the popular oil well in the ocean. I suppose this would work and make oceans more unique. Oil could be in deep caves that spawn only under oceans, and you see some oil in the water. Oil would be collected in buckets. However, I believe that there is another way to collect oil that can solve two issues: players wanting more mobs and more interesting and populated biomes. Adding whales and/or seals would add mobs to make oceans and tundras more interesting and populate the world. When killed, they would drop blubber. Blubber could be eaten for hunger, or placed in a cauldron to be made into oil over a time and then collected from the cauldron with a bucket (people actually do this to extract oil from blubber. They use big clay pots).

    Now to come up with some uses for oil that does not replace another resource. One thing to do is add a purely aesthetic function to it. Oil + stone could give asphalt. Oil + a dye could give a paint of that color, which you could apply to any one side of a block. This could greatly increase the creative possibilities for the guys who want to make pretty buildings and interiors. Oil + string gives balloons, which can be dyed and attached to anything a lead can be attached to.

    Oil could also be used to increase productivity of crops. As the game goes on, there’s usually a point where you expand your farm to get more crops. This could help with that. Instead of simply doubling the size of your farm after it’s nicely built into your home, you can make fertilizer. Oil + dirt = fertilized soil. This could have the possibility of decreasing your crop growth time (not always a sure thing, just a chance to decrease the time a crop takes to reach one of its stages by a small amount). It could also increase the chance of a single crop giving you an extra item, (for example, if a carrot normally has a 20% chance of giving you 3 carrots, it now has a 30% chance).

    Of course, the biggest thing oil could be used for is expanded redstone circuitry. I always see people wanting more redstone things. There is a few ways it could do this. One commonly suggested idea is oil + redstone = redstone wire. Most people say the restone wire should be able to be placed in water and that it transmits signals farther. These are fine, but a more useful function is that redstone wire and redstone dust are separate sources. Ie, if redstone wire is run parallel to redstone dust, they do not connect. If redstone dust is placed on either side of redstone wire, than the signal passes through the dust over the wire. This essential creates two layers of wiring (which when designing actual physical circuits schematics work). I believe this would greatly expand the possibilities of circuitry while eliminated an annoying thing about building redstone circuits for players and allowing them to make their circuits more compact – something most players seem to want.

    Another useful tool that could be added for oil is a generator. A redstone block surrounded by stone gives a generator block. If you place oil in this block, it consumes this oil over a period of time to generate a strong redstone signal to all surrounding blocks. Again, I think this would expand the possibilities of players without obsoleting another mechanic while introducing some interesting combinations with other circuit elements.

    Finally, oil can be made into rubber (2x2 oils). Rubber is a resource that is used for mechanically expanding redstone circuits. Rubber + stone = pipes. If an item is passed into one end of the pipe, for example via a dropper, it’s outputted at the other end after a certain time proportional to the number of pipe blocks. Right now this is possible using many dispensers in a line or a wonky rail system, but I feel like this would actually expand player’s imaginations while freeing up what dispensers and minecarts were intended for, so in a way also expanding their function. Pipes could also transport fluids. The faces of the block the ends of the pipe are on depends on the rubber placement ([stone stone stone; rubber rubber rubber; stone stone stone] gives a straight pipe, while [stone rubber stone; stone rubber rubber; stone stone stone] gives a curved pipe).

    The other potential use for rubber is conveyor belts [rubber rubber rubber; redstone redstone redstone, iron iron iron]. When powered, conveyor belts move items on it forward at a slow rate. Again, something like this is possible using current methods, however I believe instead of stifling creativity it will greatly increase the possibilities and make building more fun for players.

    Again, this is to discuss the possibility of adding a whole new, fleshed out resource to the game which is able to solve issues players have while expanding creativity and fun across multiple game modes. But in order to add a new resource, the craftable items and blocks from that resource must also be discussed to an extent to justify the resource. I believe that oil is a solution to all these problems, and could be used to craft different popular ideas when no other current resource could (maybe rubber could fulfill these functions by itself?). If enough of these ideas seem feasible, useful, and most importantly NEEDED, then a new resource may also be needed. Thanks for reading! And again, sorry if this is just repeats of the same old ideas, and this thread is discussing the justification for a new resource being added, even if it's not oil. If you think these redstone ideas could be made with another resource or aren't needed, then the purpose of the resource must change or be eliminated entirely.
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    Ghast Tears, Slimes, Emeralds (mining), mushroom biomes.
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