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    posted a message on Trophy Slots
    Trophy Slots is a simple mod that locks away slots in your inventory.
    To unlock those slots, you complete achievements/advancements or use the aforementioned trophies.

    Screen shots
    Some slots are locked. You unlock them by completing achievements or using trophies.

    And don't worry, it'll work with other mods.
    Downloads & Links
    1.14 Snapshots

    REQUIRES MINECRAFT FORGE or newer for 1.12.2!!!

    GitHub Page (bug fixes and translations welcomed): https://github.com/Lomeli12/TrophySlots

    Stance on modpacks and videos: https://lomeli12.net/minecraft-mods/mod-packs

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    posted a message on [1.7.x][1.8] Elemental Creepers - Rebooted
    Elemental Creepers is a mod that, simply put, adds a quite a few Element based (and other types) creepers into your game.

    This is a reboot of the old Elemental Creepers mod by xSmallDeadGuyx, which can be found here. I've taken up the torch due to 1) This being one of the 1st mods I've ever played with and have fond memories of 2) xSmallDeadGuyx has given on modding, so we weren't gonna see an update from him any time soon 3) Around when I first started modding, he gave me permission to distribute my own builds, and has never revoked that permission.

    The Creepers

    Fire Creeper
    A dastardly little fellow that spews fire when it explodes. They also love swimming in lava.

    Water Creeper
    This guy just spills water everywhere, and is rather inconsiderate about it.

    Electric Creeper
    Some think this creep may have once been Thor's pet, or at least his punching bag.

    Earth Creeper
    He likes to fill your inventory with something dirty that you probably have a ton of by the time you meet him.

    Reverse Creeper
    Everything in the world seems down to him, so he'll put it all right-side up (from his perspective at least).

    Ice Creeper
    Wants everything to be a winter wonderland.

    Light Creeper
    He'll surely brighten up your day.

    Dark Creeper
    It's lights out when this guy is on the prowl, probably because he gets a really bad sunburn during the day.

    Cookie Creeper
    Does the opposite of Cookie Monster: makes cookies appear instead of eating them!

    Illusion Creeper
    All he does is hang out with himselves.

    Magma Creeper
    Likes to play with a certain hot liquid and dislikes a cool one.

    Psychic Creeper
    Can't really read your palm when you're up in the air now, can he.

    Spider Creeper
    Technically not even a spider due to having 6 legs, but arguing with him about it just turns it into a sticky situation.

    Friendly Creeper
    Aww, look at them with their little heart! AND THEY CAN HAVE BABIES! How can I get one!?...Wait, WHAT?! They're CANNIBALS!...I'm somewhat OK with this...

    Stone Creeper
    This guy just does not like stone, despite being made of it. Must've had a rocky up bringing.

    Wind Creeper
    Runs like the wind, and blows like a hurricane...what's so funny?

    Ender Creeper
    I can faintly hear a wolf. Sounds like it's in dire danger.

    Solar Creeper
    Poor little Bobby he was mocked by how small his explosions are and how his hat looks stupid. Boy, did he get really angry during lunch time.

    Hydrogen Creeper

    Firework Creeper
    This guy sure does love fireworks, so much so that he'll share the joy with those around him!

    Cake Creeper
    Everyday is a day for cake with this guy!

    Spring Creeper
    Well, he certainly has a spring in his step

    Big Bad Creep
    He's a big boy, he can take care of himself.

    Despite making the award winning game, Fedora, Creeperfish isn't well...liked...by the community. However, even when his temper overwhelms him, he has some rock solid backup waiting to aid him.

    Furnace Creeper
    He sure loves to smelt things. Look, he even brought a giant furnace to help smelt your ores. Wait, what was that? Oh, right my bad. He brought a giant furnace to smelt YOU.

    EU and Flux Creeper (1.7 version only)
    These guys were always a tad off. Never really like technology, probably because they'd always break it or make machines short out. (Requires IC2 and a mod that uses Redstone Flux respectively)

    Downloads & Links

    GitHub Page (bug fixes and translations welcomed): https://github.com/Lomeli12/ElementalCreepers-Rebooted


    Mod Reviews
    Nerdgazm's Review
    3040wilson2's Review (Spanish + installation instructions)
    beckbrojack's Review
    ThaxCya's Review
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    AntVenom's Review
    chrisandthemike's Ridiculous Creeper Battle thing

    In regard to Modpacks or Videos

    While using the mod for any types of video reviews is OK, the subject of modpack redistribution is a bit iffy. While I would like to say that yes, you can do whatever you like with the mod as long as it followed my usually rules (which can be seen here), it's technically not my mod, it's xSmallDeadGuyx's. This leaves the subject of modpack redistribution vague, as although he was OK with giving permissions to pretty much anyone, you still require permissions from him to do so. As he's has abandon modding, he has stopped responding to e-mails about the mod and hasn't logged in to MCF in quite some time (since April when this was written), and there really isn't any guidelines on how to go about distributing a mod in modpacks that has been abandon by their original creator. All I can say right now is that you can use my version for modpacks, just send me a message about it. If xSmallDeadGuyx returns, I'll hand him the messages for him to accept or revoke, and any trouble caused by this I will take the blame for, as it is (mostly) my code in question.

    Is it me, or does this post seem a bit barebones-y?
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    posted a message on Turtle Gun Mod - Because why not?!
    Simply put, Turtle Gun mod adds turtles that will spawn around in your world as well as a gun from which you can fire explosive turtles from! Why would someone make this?
    Long Story:
    I got burned out updating my other mods and just wanted to do something fun. So after playing around in Garry's Mod with a Turtle Gun, I decided it would be fun to make my own Turtle Gun for Minecraft.
    Short Story: Because why not!

    Stuff that's Added
    First off, the mod adds these little turtles. They don't really do much out in the wild. They will drop turtle shells, have a very small chance of dropping a Turtle Gun, and can be breed using carrots or wheat seeds.

    Next is the Turtle Gun itself. It'll fire turtles (and play a jaunty tune) that will explode after a short period of time. Firing while sneaking will launch a bouncy explosive turtle. Uses turtle shells from your inventory as ammo, and has a cooldown time between each shot.




    Special Thanks to...
    iChun for the Techne Model renderer.
    killjerman78 from DeviantArt for the shotgun icon.
    Reid from OpenGameArt for the turtle shell icon (recolored green, Licensed under CC-by-sa-3.0).
    Dinosaur1211 for the shotgun model itself (Licensed under CC-by-nc 3.0).
    QuiGon14, creator of the Garry's Mod version of the Turtle Gun mod.
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    posted a message on Trophy Slots
    Quote from Sorenus»
    Heya! I love the mod, and decided to make an English showcase for you! =D

    Here ya go:

    Hope you like it! I'd love to see it on the post! =)

    Thanks for the amazing mod and your contributions to modding community, it is well appreciated! =D

    Have fancytastic day! =)

    Thanks, glad you enjoyed the mod. =D
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    posted a message on Void Glasses - Niffy, Right?
    Void Glasses is a simple little mod that adds some special glasses as dungeon loot. These glasses let you pick and choose what shaders to view the world in! It's a bit easier to show in video form.


    They make you look COOL!

    Downloads & Links


    GitHub Page (bug fixes and translations welcomed): https://github.com/Lomeli12/VoidGlasses

    Stance on modpacks and videos: http://lomeli12.net/minecraft-mods/mod-packs

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    posted a message on Trophy Slots
    Quote from capobase»
    Cmon bro fix it for 1.8, 1.8 is the next level, a lot more optimised than 1.7....

    Sorry but that statement...
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][1.8] Elemental Creepers - Rebooted
    Quote from ArcusMods»
    Heh i feel quite silly now for not paying attention to the configs....

    Heh no problem, though I'm surprised I got post about this now when the easter egg also appeared on Halloween with pumpkin heads. (hint: There are other days that blocks will render on creeper heads)
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    posted a message on [1.7.x][1.8] Elemental Creepers - Rebooted
    Quote from SlipperySkater»
    Why do all the creepers have snow blocks on their heads?

    Not a bug, you can disable it in the configs as option "special". Sort of a silly little thing I added for the holidays. =P
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    posted a message on [1.7.2][1.6.x] Gels+ - Another Portal Gels mod

    Gels+ is yet another mod that adds the gels from Portal 2. What makes this version different is that it allows my fellow modders to add their own custom gels without wasting any precious IDs.

    Blobs, the base component for making gels.

    * You can use any fluid containers that can hold water (buckets, cans, capsules, etc)
    Gel Blobs, the gels themselves. Depending on the gel type, you can also throw these.

    Gel Buckets, for more precision gel placing. Using a gel block with a bucket will also yield a gel bucket.

    * You can use any fluid containers that can hold water (buckets, cans, capsules, etc)
    Gel Dispensers will constantly shoot out gel blobs. The gels they shoot cannot be picked up or drop as items. Gel type can be changed using a Gel Bucket

    * You can use any fluid containers that can hold water (buckets, cans, capsules, etc)

    Really poorly done video by me showing off the gels. Gel mob painting and effects. Spotlights
    Curse Forge

    1.7.x Version
    Version 1.2.0
    Main: [AdFly] | Dropbox Mirror: [AdFly]

    1.6.x Version
    Version 1.2.0
    Main: [AdFly] | Dropbox Mirror: [AdFly]

    Older Versions

    Version 1.1.0 (1.7 Only) Main: [AdFly] | Dropbox Mirror: [AdFly]
    Version 1.0.0 (1.7 Only) Main: [AdFly] | Dropbox Mirror: [AdFly]

    Requires LomLib: http://files.lomeli12.net
    Requires Minecraft Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/

    GitHub Repo/API Download: https://github.com/Lomeli12/GelsPlus
    • No, this does not need Portal Gun by iChun
    • Crouching while on the gels will disable their effect on you.
    • 1.7 did not get rid of IDs, it just made it so we don't have to worry about it.
    • I've tried to add connected textures to the gels, but the results where very...messy to say the least due to the gels not being full blocks.
    • The gels are not fluids. May add them as such in the future, but I see to pros for doing so.
    • It has an update checker, as per forum rules to mention if it connects to the internet.
    • Videos and Modpack creators see here: http://lomeli12.net/minecraft-mods/mod-packs
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    posted a message on [1.8] MinecraftForge Video & Text Modding Tutorials [Updated May 2] Now in English and German
    I was wondering if you area going to do a tutorial or add it to the book on how to have multi-block structures and render blocks larger then 1 block with additional blocks that are invisible fill up the space that is outside of the original block. Thanks!

    I've got the multiblock structure part of your question covered :D http://lomeli12.net/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-make-a-simple-multiblock-structure
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