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    Hi, are you ever tired of moving and dragging the appropriate mods for the version you will use? Well, drag no more! This program is a simple batch file, open-source, that will auto-magically copy your mods to the mods folder of .minecraft. This is especially useful if you use so many mods that it's compatible with other versions. For example, A mod is compatible with 1.8 while B mod is for 1.10 so everytime you start minecraft on 1.8 you gotta drag A mod to the mods folder, every time you use 1.10 you gotta drag B mod. This program only supports 1.8, 1.9, 1.10. If many people wants 1.7 mods to be added at the program it will be added.

    If you use a lot of mods with different versions compatible with minecraft, this is the choice for you.

    To use this program:

    1.) Open the program.

    2.) You will need 3 folders: one for your 1.8 mods, two for 1.9 mods, and three for 1.10 mods.

    3.) Select the directory of the 1.8 mods, 1.9 mods, and 1.10 mods to be copied by the program (e.g."C:\Users\n00b\Desktop\Minecraft mods\1.8")

    4.) After that, you will select the mods (depending on their version) on what you wish to move!

    5.) Enjoy!

    If you want to modify the program/make a remake of it for public. PM me!

    Download links:

    .bat, size: 2.08KB


    SHA256: 68da80ef0013faebbab18fdb1155d8d6a5e03378cebf758f717939f07b1b2c9f

    .exe will be added when anti-viruses won't detect it as a virus. (it's a false-positive)

    Sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language :P

    Any concerns/suggestions/bugs, post it at the comments!

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