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    posted a message on Pandemonium II / Exile - A truly hardcore survival experience. - Minecraft 1.4.6
    Was it the smartest move to leave your co-ords in that picture?
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    posted a message on Pandemonium II / Exile - A truly hardcore survival experience. - Minecraft 1.4.6
    Its alright, Its just a story lol.
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    posted a message on Pandemonium II / Exile - A truly hardcore survival experience. - Minecraft 1.4.6
    Quote from sumusikoo

    i«m not planning things against u. i just knew sooner or later you would come and take more stuff from us. you and me both know thats not correct sure we got loads of stuff from u but all thsoe diamonds were due to our hardwork and u see it urself how many times i die just to get them.
    now just tell me. im bad a pvp/pve. Can barely get lvl 50. what can i possibly plan against u? and btw i cant believe your actually thinking that we were planning something against u, i really cant i swear. i've never told you to **** off my house i never told u to stop taking the moss. all i did was hid something that was mine and zucks . yesterday i told you that when you want to collect the taxes tell me and ill gladly give it to you.

    Welcome to the land of the Mercenaries.
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    posted a message on Pandemonium II / Exile - A truly hardcore survival experience. - Minecraft 1.4.6
    AFter school today I may have a surprise for you all.
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    posted a message on ☁ ★[Surv] [New] Multiple Biome Chunk Survival -- EPIC ★ ☁

    [center]:SSSS: Intro :SSSS: [/center]

    Hello, this is a map that i have made for you. It is basically a multiple biome chunk survival. Their is 4 chunks (16x16 areas) each with different biomes, caves and features and different difficulties. You will spawn on a glass bridge and be given the choice to pick a chunk to start on. From then on it's all go.
    [center]:GoldBar: THE HALL OF L33TS :GoldBar: [/center]

    [center]:Diamond: Turnipsmasher - Made a lets play.
    :Diamond: (Spot open)
    :Diamond: (Spot open)
    :Diamond: (Spot open)
    :Diamond: (Spot open)
    :GoldBar: (Spot open)
    :GoldBar: (Spot open)
    :GoldBar: (Spot open)
    :Iron: (Spot open)
    :Iron: (Spot open)
    :Iron: Turnipsmasher - Pointed out some bugs.

    TO get into the hall of l33t simply do something helpful/cool for me. Things from pointing out bugs and fixes, things I could add to the map and even making banners, pictures and Let's Plays which will get you higher up[/center]

    [center] :Notch: Videos :Notch: [/center]

    [center] Turnip Smashers Let Play

    Part 1)

    Part 2)

    Part 3)

    Part 4)

    Part 5)

    Part 6)

    Part 7)  

    [center]:Zombie: Standard Rules: :Zombie: [/center]

    1) You should first spawn on a glass platform. Once on their read the signs. If you dont spawn on it please suicide.

    2) Always play on atleast easy difficulty otherwise you will not be elligable for achievment highscores.

    3) Now jump onto any of the islands, it doesn't matter which one you pick.

    4) Try your best to complete the isand you start on first and by complete I mean get the chainmail armour before you move onto
    the next island. So don't go to another island untill you have got the chainmail from the first island.

    5) Once you have completed all of the island and you have given up post your achievment points on the forum.


    7) Optional:: For extra challenge, once you leave an island you cannot come back to it.

    8) Optional:: When you leave an island you can only bring 1 item with you.

    [center]:Spider: Multiple Biome Chunk Survival :Spider:[/center]

    [center]Previous Downloads and changelog[/center]
    Version 1.0 "The Old Download": http://www.mediafire.com/file/pc99ebk79jst7o4/Multiple%20Chunk%20Island%20Survival.zip

    *Version 1.0
    -The first version



    *Version 1.1 "The Second Download"

    -Added way more spawners and missing content.
    -Added wool to 3/4 of the islands for beds.
    -Made caves bigger for ease of access and more monster spawning



    *Version 1.2 "The 3rd download"

    -Adjusted caves even more. Should fix mob overflow problem.
    -Added hidden goodies in the caves.
    -Adjusted the mooshroom cave so that mobs now spawn in it.
    -Hid silverfish. Hehe
    -Renamed the snow cave to (Not telling)
    -Added more content in caves.


    Version 1.3 "The Latest Download": http://www.mediafire.com/?xp91ais4443g490

    - COMPLETE OVERHAUL of the snow chunk. Underground is now 100times better than before.
    - Once again re balanced some caves
    - Toned down on the silverfish... Yeah right. You wish I did.
    - Added chests in the caves etc.. with supplies to make it easier and funner.
    - Added small content in Nether. Watch this space.
    - Added safer way to get down yay.

    Alternate Download if top one won't work.
    This download takes longer for some reason.



    [center] :Pig: Info about each island :Pig: [/center]

    [center]Snow Chunk[/center]
    [center]Snow Chunk[/center]


    *Contains many Ice dungeon areas, completely different from the other 3 islands. Rumered that many diamonds and potion ingrediants are frozen in this island.
    Difficulty - Hardish
    [center]Mooshroom Chunk[/center]
    [center]Mooshroom Chunk[/center]


    *Contains dungeons filled with challenges and many surprising things down below.
    Difficulty - Hard

    [center]Desert Chunk[/center]

    [center]Desert Chunk[/center]


    * Used to be an old mining expedidition dig site. AKA filled with a million ores
    Difficulty - Medium
    [center]Normal Chunk[/center]

    [center]Normal Chunk[/center]


    *The ideal place for begginers. A great balance of everything.
    Difficulty - Easy


    [center]:Skeleton: Achievements :Skeleton:[/center]


    :Rose: 1) Conquer one island.
    :Rose: 2) Conquer two islands.
    :Rose: 3) Conquer three islands.
    :Rose: 4) Conquer all 4 islands.
    :Rose: 5) Make a house
    :Rose: 6) Make a cobblestone generator
    :Rose: 7) Make a watermelon farm
    :Rose: 8) Make a wheatfarm
    :Rose: 9) Make a pumpkin farm.
    :Rose: 10) Make a reed farm
    :Rose: 11) Make a giant brown mushroom
    :Rose: 12) Make a bed
    :Rose: 13) Make 64 torches.
    :Rose: 14) Make an infinite water source.
    :Rose: 15) Craft a furnace.
    :Rose: 16) Make a small lake.
    :Rose: 17) Make a bridge connecting all 4 islands. Must be cool not a 1x1 cobblestone one.
    :Rose: 18) Collect 10 feathers
    :Rose: 19) Make 10 mushroom stew.
    :Rose: 20) Craft 10 Jack 'o' lanterns.
    :Rose: 21) Craft 10 bookcases.
    :Rose: 22) Make 10 bread.
    :Rose: 23) Collect 10 Ender-pearls.
    :Rose: 24) Cook 10 fish.
    :Rose: 25) Fix the nether portal and travel to the nether.
    :Rose: 27) Complete achievment 26
    :Rose: 28) Make 10 gold ingots
    :Rose: 29) Make 10 iron ingots
    :Rose: 30) Make 2 diamond blocks and don't use them for the entire game.
    :Rose: 31) Travel to the END demension
    :Rose: 32) Realise that since theirs no achievment 26 you can only get 31 achievements or 30 since you cant do number 30

    0-5: Complete Noob

    6-10: Getting their

    11-20: Well done

    21-25: Go outside

    25-30: Chuck Norris

    31: Divide By Zero

    [center]:Skeleton: Pictures :Skeleton:[/center]

    More in the spoilers above


    :Pig: Milestones :Pig:

    :Red: Youtube Video : :--+: Thanks Turnipsmasher
    :Red: Reviewed : :--+:
    :Red: 10 Downloads: :--+: First hour
    :Red: 25 Downloads: :--+: End of first day
    :Red: 50 Downloads: :--+: End of second day
    :Red: 100 Downloads: :--+: End of forth day
    :Red: 250 Downloads:
    :Red: 500 Downloads:
    :Red: 1000 Downloads:
    :Red: 2500 Downloads:
    :Red: 5000 Downloads:

    [center] :DORE: Banner :DORE: [/center]

    -Here's The Link-

    [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/bcxf.gif[/IMG] [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/821785-%E2%98%81-%E2%98%85surv-new-multiple-biome-chunk-survival-epic-%E2%98%85-%E2%98%81/"] [/url]

    Keep those comments coming. Anything will help me.
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    posted a message on ࿇ [RFW] [CTM] Lòlcano's Ʀace Fòr the Wool - Pròject E.N.D.G.A.M.E. ࿇
    Please understand that all praise, inspiration was from Vechs who has inspired me to make this map, I am trying to just make another map for others to enjoy and not copy your ideas etc..

    Vechs Thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/191908

    :SSSS: Intro :SSSS:

    Hello, Played one of Vechs awesome race for the wool maps and was left wanting more, sure you have. So I hereby present you with my own race for the wool - Project E.N.D.G.A.M.E. In this map you will be defiantly be put through all kinds of situations from hunger and cannibalism, well no not really , to fighting off Ghasts and Pigzombies.

    The main point of this map is to progress down the long island fighting off hordes of creatures and dodging traps while collecting wool and harassing your opponents. Their will be another team directly opposite you trying to ruin your day aswell though so watch out.

    :Notch: Current Needs :Notch:

    A youtube review and lets play.

    :Zombie: Standard Rules: :Zombie:

    1) Complete the Monument.
    2) Find wool in dungeons scattered around the map, do NOT use dyes or spider string for wools!
    3) You may craft the Diamond block.
    4) Use at least Easy difficulty, and never Peaceful.
    5) Do not leave the 24 wide island and DO NOT venture onto the other teams island.
    6) Survive and conquer the island in any way you can think of.
    7) You may use spider string wool and sheep wool to craft beds and other items, but not for the Victory Monument.
    8) Have fun, not.

    :Spider: LOLCANO'S RACE FOR THE WOOL - Project E.N.D.G.A.M.E :Spider:

    Version: 1

    Direct Download:


    UPDATED WITH 1.0.1 Content: Potions, Enchantment tables and more.

    My first ever map, inspired by Vechs race for the wool map. In this game you will be pitted against another team trying to conquer a symmetrical island opposite you. You will fight your way down your island while firing arrows, TnT cannons and more to slow down the enemy team. You will be out to collect the 3 special wool and a diamond block so that you can begin project E.N.D.G.A.M.E.

    Made with help from Vechs CTM Toolkit:

    :Skeleton: Videos :Skeleton:

    :Skeleton: Pictures :Skeleton:

    If you are going to play this on a server and have room feel free to send me a pm inviting me, I would love to join.
    All feedback is greatly appreciated.

    :DORE: Banners :DORE:

    [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/bcxf.gif[/IMG] [url="http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/821785-%E2%98%81-%E2%98%85surv-new-multiple-biome-chunk-survival-epic-%E2%98%85-%E2%98%81/"] -Here's The Link- [/url]


    :Pig: Milestones :Pig:

    :Red: Youtube Video :
    :Red: Reviewed :
    :Red: 10 Downloads: First Day :--+:
    :Red: 25 Downloads: Third Day :--+:
    :Red: 50 Downloads: Forth Day :--+:
    :Red: 100 Downloads: :--+: Before end of first week
    :Red: 250 Downloads:
    :Red: 500 Downloads:
    :Red: 1000 Downloads:
    :Red: 2500 Downloads:
    :Red: 5000 Downloads:

    Keep those comments coming. Anything will help me.
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    posted a message on ࿇ [RFW] [CTM] Lòlcano's Ʀace Fòr the Wool - Pròject E.N.D.G.A.M.E. ࿇
    Thanks for that post, the forum needs more people like you.
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    posted a message on ## Vechs :: Race For the Wool #2 ##
    Hello, I am going to host a playthrough on race for the wool map. Post your minecraft account name here to be whitelisted.

    In this map their is 2 teams that will have to progress down an island upgrading etc..

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    posted a message on Pick Any Adventure Map
    Read my response.

    Ok guys this page is now un-officially locked untill tommorow. Untill then all posts will be ignored. Add me as Minecraft friend and click the + at the bottom right hand corner. I will be doing this regually. HAve fun.

    Oh and if you cant find the I.P. its because the server is locked for the surrent 4 players on it. SOrry all who missed out. I have weekends in 1 day so i will do his 24/7

    Pokemon really sorry so il check in tommorow with my hosts.
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    posted a message on Dead Thread
    Delete Mods
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