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    You can even configure the block values in-game, using the command: /configureBlockValues. This can allow you to add values for modded blocks as well, such as copper or tin. I really like the way they've made the values so easy to understand :)

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    Adds a simple API that allows programmers to add the ability to take screenshots with their mods. Modders can now add filters using different combinations of color at different brightnesses and transparencies!



    How To Use
    Be sure to add CameraAPI.jar to the External Jars in your project and DO NOT ADD 'CameraAPI.jar' TO YOUR MODS FOLDER. Bad things will happen if you do! Also, be wary of using too many laggy filters, as this could cause the screenshot saver to bug out and pick up your desktop.

    public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event){
        //You could also use a tick handler to bind your key. 
        File directory = new File(//Your//Directory//Screenshots); 
    public void ScreenshotListener(LivingUpdateEvent event){ 
        if(Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer != null && Minecraft.getMinecraft().currentScreen == null){
        EntityPlayer thePlayer = Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer; 
            if(thePlayer.isSneaking() && Keyboard.isKeyDown(Keyboard.KEY_P)){
                BufferedImage image = CameraHelper.takeScreenShot(); 
                Frame frame = Frame.getFrameFromBufferedImage(image); 
                //Filter.overlayFrameFromColor(frame, color, transparency); 
                //Filter.setBrightness(frame, brightness); 

    Slight Yellow/Blue Filter With Increased Brightness

    Slight Cyan/Orange Filter With Increased Brightness

    ~Added full filter customization
    ~Fixed minor brightness bugs
    ~Added image loading from output file

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    posted a message on [Roleplay] [Vanilla] [Creative] SkyHub [MagicSpells] [Skyblock] [Looking For Staff]

    Hello, I'm SoraRaion, and the server I'm showing you now is a brand-new server coming out with an all-new minecraft experience like never before!

    NEW IP: play.skyhubmc.org

    MagicSpells: The ability to use and learn magic! Blow back your enemies, deal deadly blows to annoying mobs, or just fly around the world!

    Multiple Worlds: We're a hub of games and activities in minecraft, so join and play vanilla, medieval rp, or even creative! Note: Survival Games and Skyblock to come soon!

    Dungeons: We have custom-made dungeons that you can have named after you if you wish to donate!
    [email protected] on paypal

    Treasures: Around the world in assorted towns and kingdoms, you'll be able to find rare treasures and weapons with extraordinary power.

    Small Community: We're a close-knit group who tend to know each other very well, come be a part of that community!

    Factions/MCMMO: Another part of the SkyHub experience, fun for both veterans and noobs!


    ~Creative World~

    ~Verona (Town)~

    ~Nether Dungeon (Dungeon Entrance)~

    IP : play.skyhubmc.org

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    posted a message on [1.5] Kingdom Hearts Mod

    I'd love to help you with any problems you have with the mod (I am a modder myself), so just PM me if you want some help :)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] [Forge] Chemical Warfare v3.0 ~ Explosives!
    3.0 Has Come Out On Forge!

    Note: I Am Not Quite Happy With The Direction The Mod Has Taken,
    Therefore I Will Be Restarting My Work On Forge In The "W.I.P." Section.

    Hello, all!

    My name is SoraRaion, and this is ChemicalWarfare!

    ChemicalWarfare is a mod which adds numerous ores, items, and blocks to your Minecraft world.
    We are currently a new mod, so feedback and bug reports are appreciated. Also, expect even more
    blocks and items to be added soon!

    ~Copyright Information~

    This Mod is Copyright © and is intellectual property of the owner.
    Please note that you are using this mod at your own risk.
    I do not take responsibility for any damage caused to your Minecraft game or PC.
    Also, if you decide to redistribute this mod, link back to this post and give all credits to the owner, thank you for respecting this copyright.

    Also, it would be appreciated if you reported bugs and left me suggestions for what I should add.


    Misc Blocks:

    Mines/Remaining Blocks:

    Misc Items:


    Naturalis Gradum:

    Chemia Inventionem:

    Nuclear Mine Explosion:


    BLUE = Fixed/Almost-Fixed Bugs
    RED = Non-Fixed Bugs

    *No way to gain gasseous containers.
    *Too easy to gain certain materials.
    *Nuclear mines drop on explosion.
    *Naturalis gradum can break bedrock.

    ~Download v3.0~
    Again, v3.0 is almost double the size of v2.0, and I am releasing the new version just as we have reached 200 downloads, so have fun and enjoy!
    Also, Nuclear Mines, Fiery Mines, and Grenades!

    ~Older Versions~

    Show Support By Wearing Our Banner!

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    posted a message on Survival Crafter's Guide : the 2x2 crafting expansion of Minecraft
    I love the idea! Keep going!
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    posted a message on ~PotterCraft~ 1.5.1! [By Hotclown37 & Lachlan12345MC] [1.9]
    Always loved people who could make such fantastic, creative mods, and not totally suck at it!

    Great job, guys!
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    posted a message on The Percy Jackson Mod!
    This seems interesting... i would be willing to do the art
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