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    Good job on the water! Didnt really like the blocks thou and definetly hated the weapon

    Edit: sky is very impressive too!

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    posted a message on Brand New Hard Realm Players needed


    Gamer tag: Lohent

    Device: PC

    How long have you played: About 2 years

    How Active: I play everyday, pretty much. During weekends I play a lot more, sometimes I spend most of the day on Minecraft

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    So, with the new update I finally found a portal to The End in my map! Problem is I will need 12 eyes to activate it and since villager trading has not been implemented yet I was wondering if there is a better way to find ender pearls than wandering around and hoping for endermen to spawn so you can kill them for pearls. Any ideas? :P

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    posted a message on Weird crashes

    I have this thing going on and I find it kinda weird... I've seen people complaining before that the game would crash before it evens starts but my thing is a little different. The game starts normally, I can even start a world and play normally... for about 10 minutes and then the game just crashes. The weird thing is if I enter a world, exit it and then enter a different world, the game doesnt crash anymore. It only crashes if I stay on the first world I enter after I start the game. Has anyone experienced such a thing?

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    posted a message on Very active Realm! Help us expand our borders! -Hard Survival- *Update!*

    Hello, I'm a bit late and I dont know if you are still taking people, but I thought I'd give it a try anyways :)

    Name (GT): Lohent

    Location (timezone): Brazil (GMT -3)

    How long you've been playing Minecraft: I've been playing for about 2 years, but that was the Java version. I moved to Win10 about 6 months ago

    How often you play: I play everyday, pretty much! During the week it kinda depends on my work schedule, but I try to play at least 2 hours or so. On weekends it depends on how busy/willing to play I am. Sometimes I spent most of the day on Minecraft hehehe

    Why you want to join: I really like meeting other people and the experience of playing with others makes Minecraft totally different. I really prefer playing with others than by myself and also I just love playing survival more than any other mode. I also expect to learn a lot from more experienced players and, who knows, maybe I can also teach a thing or two. I'm very helpful and willing to contribute in any way that I can!

    How you'd contribute: I really like to explore anything, including the land "above the ground", caves and even the Nether. I also like mining and gathering so I think I could contribute a lot with resources, mapping and acquiring rare items such as diamonds, horse armors, wither skulls and others. Also, lately I've been trying hard to improve my building skills!

    Skills/Specialties: As mentioned above, I'm a good tracker and explorer. I think I'm a decent builder, even thou I wouldnt say thats a specialty and I also know my way around not too complex redstone circuits. I can make a few farms and some other contraptions here and there. Always looking forward to learn more.

    Age: I'm 28 years old

    I'd like to add that I've read your rules and I totally accept them! I think those are essential to build a good community!

    Thats it! I hope you consider my application. If there is anything else you would like to know about me, dont hesitate to ask! I hope to hear from you soon! :)

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