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    posted a message on Please help us to connect on LAN, tried everything

    My husband and I have been trying to connect on LAN — we are playing in same house, same room, same internet connection. We’ve seen tutorials on how to do this, followed directions, and no luck. We used to play Minecraft together a couple years ago and had no problem, so this is a real drag. We are new to the Java version however.

    we go through the enabling LAN, it doesn’t show up on the other’s computer. We go through typing in the ip address and force connect this way, but no, it tries but never is able to connect, just times out.

    What can we do? Is there something else which needs to be looked into that might be preventing the connection?

    we are both running Java edition, he on Windows 11, me on windows 10.

    please help us out here.

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    posted a message on Right mouse click turns into left mouse click

    So I am going along playing Minecraft and suddenly when I try to talk to villagers I am punching them….sigh.

    What is happening is that the right click (use) is behaving like the left click (attack). This occurs whether I use a controller emulating the mouse, or the mouse itself. A half hour before, both were working as mapped.

    What in the world is happening here? The game is rendered unplayable with this problem.

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