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    posted a message on Snapshot is awesome. And why it brought me back.
    The latest Release Canidate/Snapshot...is WONDERFUL. I was informed by a friend to try it out since I've not been playing anymore really. I asked why, but he told me I'd figure it out for myself. ...So...I did.


    For the first time in over a year, I actually was fearful during the night. Zombies were rampaging my base, coming out of no where! In hoardes! Glorious!

    Also, the new Healing = Decreasing Food is a wonderful idea. No longer are you always healing and staying at full health. I found myself getting to 5 hearts more than I've ever remembed. Constant fighting and healing, making sure I've got supplies to keep up.

    Just wonderful! And like that, the game is fun again. Can't wait to see something else!

    Thanks Mojang.
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    posted a message on Left for a while, came back, Leaving again.
    Left for a while, to kind of take a break from it all. Came back tonight to...well. A mess.

    Can we talk for a minute guys and gals? Just you and me.

    To be honest forums. I'm seriously disappointed. There are clear battles hatred going on left and right.
    I could go on about how I feel about it. But I feel I would be ridiculded. Most likely...

    All I will say is minecraft is dead to me now. Just dead. I've not played it in months. Except to check out a snapshot for about 5 minutes, which only thrills me for about 5 minutes.

    My honest opinion is that minecraft became too main stream too quickly, and this has nothing to do with "hipster" or any of that nonsense.

    Just got ahead of it's self. The xbox release was never needed. Minecraft could of stayed an humble "Indie" wonder. But instead...it looks like it's lost track of it's pride.

    The humble side was trashed, and the game became a sell out.

    Changes are made to attract as many new players as possible, players arrive, assuming they know what is best. They throw Alpha and even some Beta veteran players under the bus. Bam. Down came the difficulty , BAM came creative mode and cheats, BAM came RPG elements, BAM came the horses. I could go on.

    We all feel different about this.

    Some of you folks hate me, and sometimes I can't blame you. But why? Well, I know that some of you have the best intentions, but honestly some of you don't understand what you are messing with.

    And I don't mean that in a nasty, mean way.

    I'm sure by this point most of you are riled up, and ready to explode onto your keyboard. But chill for a second. I don't hate anyone, or even mean to sound like it. But I hate what minecraft has become. It used to be my game. (Not like ownership) It was my thing. Why? Because the game used to be something special, you put ­ tons of work, time and effort into it, and you got something for it. Something you could show your buddies and friends on the forums. There was a huge sense of value in the game.

    But now, the idea of value, to most new players is nonsense. They could careless about it. So it dwindled... This is my main issue with the game.

    Sure it's easy to big a huge nice castle now...but... Why? Now instead of taking months to build a kingdom, you can just do it in a day with creative. There was a time when creative mode was NOT an opinion...therefor if you wanted that big mega castle,

    You had to build it.
    You had to mine every last block.
    You had to survive all the monsters while collecting and building.

    You had to play Minecraft. That was the reason you played the game. It's what made the game shine like gold, and it felt damn amazing.

    I remember when I was a new player, seeing huge amazing cities and such, and I felt marvled by it. The amount of effort and time the player/players took. To be, it was honorable. None of that matters anymore. Anyone can build anything in a day. Thus that shining idea of value is gone. Sure you can ignore creative. But that's not the point. This was a major feature of the game, a huge element of game play.

    Months of game play felt extremely rewarding, and made you excited.

    Now? It just feels empty. At least to me.

    I'm done with Minecraft.

    With that, I will leave you my friends. It was a good trip while it lasted. I'm not here to impress anyone or destress anyone.

    By chance if you'd care to be friends, or if you already are a pal, feel welcome to hit me up on Google+ or steam. [email protected] We can definatly get some gaming going on sometime.
    Or if you are into Android, we can talk up a storm about roms and such.

    I won't be back on after today. So email me if you'd like.

    I'll miss you guys.

    Locklear out
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    posted a message on Again, I restate what I said before. Minecraft should NOT be considered a full-release
    I've said this about a year ago. When minecraft became "Fully Released", I did a face palm. The game was NOT ready for that. Still isn't. Look how much has changed in the past major updates

    IMO Minecraft will NOT be considerable as Final Release untill 2.0 comes out, it just doesn't make sense why Mojang did this. The game was not done, and still isn't. Too many bugs and unfinished features.

    While I love Mojang and the gang, I'm still very disapointed in them for making that choice.

    It might not seem like a big deal to you guys... but image if you went out and say... bought a new copy of GTA V (Assume it is out for this). You're totally ­ing excited as hell to get to driving and playing around...but...

    You get into the game only to realize there is stuff missing...and some stuff isn't working yet or doesn't work well. No worries! Says Rockstar! It's a full release!

    See my point? It's different because a lot of us from Alpha and Beta have followed the game so the development cycle feels normal... but to call it full release so early? No.

    I honestly feel like we should petition to renouse the full-release status and have it be an Advanced State Beta (ASB). Untill around 2.0

    I say 2.0 because it seems like how the development is going it will be around that time when the game will be polished up enough to be considered full release.

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    posted a message on Outer-Chunk Redstone Emulation
    The Problem...

    Once a redstone-signal hits the edge of your loaded world... they stop. At least mine always have.

    I presume they cannot travel into unloaded areas. This causes issues with long range systems and also stops automated redstone devices until the player moves close enough for the chunks to load.

    The Solution!

    I've came up with the simple idea of Outer-Chunk Redstone Emulation The game can just "emulate" through code, the actions of the Redstone outside of the loaded chunks.

    What? Give me an Example!

    Here is a flash animation of the idea. The black area represents the chunks OUTSIDE of the loaded chunks zone. So these are NOT loaded. The green area represents loaded chunks. The red is redstone, and the yellow represents "emulated" redstone".

    (Not sure if we can place the animation directly in the forums...but here is a link.)

    As you can see, the moving redstone signal continues to work correctly even after the chunk being unloaded and reloaded.

    Won't this taxi the engine too much?

    Most likely yes... depending on the amount of redstone contraptions running. This would be solely an option to turn on or off. Servers would most likely need to switch this setting off...unless they are running an extremely powerful server.


    I've seen many a amazing redstone device/computer fail because of the builder moving too far away and chunks unloading. Having the ability to switch on outer chunk redstone emulation would solve this issue and even allow for more massive devices! Plus, players who build timed machines or automatic devices won't have to worry about constantly restarting them.

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    posted a message on Writing desk
    Freaking yes. I've always wanted to be able to write on paper. Making notes and posting them on walls and doors and such.

    This would be rad for online.
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    posted a message on A way to craft better bonemeal
    Quote from redstonevet90

    I feel like this is completely off topic. PvP really doesn't have anything to do with the bonemeal nerf.

    Bonemeal was nerfed because it undermined the entire hunger bar and food system. No one has yet been able to provide a reasonable argument that suggests that this isn't the case. As I said earlier:

    Ahhh, reading this posts like yours has really made me feel better.
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    posted a message on A way to craft better bonemeal
    Quote from cecilhowe

    Not everything in the game has to be optional. Even a game like minecraft needs rules; and this rule is great. If you could carve a decent argument for why tools shouldn't have durability then I may be inclined to agree that the balancing of wheat was superfluous. But I don't think anyone could convince me tools should be impervious to wear. Not even Henry Kissinger.

    Apparently not.

    Thank you so much. That's pretty much what I am all about. Optional things shouldn't be applied to things like this.
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    posted a message on Why don't Redstone Blocks Glow?
    The ore glows. Why doesn't the block? Is this a bug or just something they didn't think about.
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    posted a message on best snapshot ever
    Quote from MumblesMiner

    Redstone / combat wise yeah, this is pretty good.

    But making bone meal 7 times less useful is ridiculous. Also I don't understand why people complain about it considering its optional, and if you don't like instant wheat, you just don't use it. Where as if this comes out official people who did like it the current way CAN'T ignore it...

    But besides that I'm looking forward to the new combat mechanics. I can see fire aspect swords going down in value some though =P

    Because limiting yourself takes the feel out of it.
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    posted a message on A way to craft better bonemeal
    Quote from Winter_Mage

    Since I doubt Mojang will return bonemeal back to it's former power I think there should be a way to craft better bonemeal that will insta grow crops. The recipe idea so far would be Bone + Raw Fish = (insta grow bonemeal AKA don't have a name for it). Or if you want to really get complicated maybe Bone + Raw Fish + Egg = The special bonemeal. The egg may sound strange though. Crafting this would give 3 of the special bonemeal.

    My personal stance on the nerf is that it is not necessary and only serves as an annoyance and does not make survival really harder or fun. I'm not discussing why my opinion is that but I want to know what you guys think of the recipe for insta grow special bonemeal?

    No, Bone meal has been WAY too overpowered for too dang long. You could insta grow food. It took all the difficulty away from finding food in a hurry.
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