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    Not a single bloody period in that entire chunk of text.


    My first diamond was obtained in an odd building I found in the middle of the jungle biome. I promptly lost it to a creeper.
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    Has anyone ever noticed the similarities between the ending of Minecraft and Ender's game by Orson Scott Card?

    For one, the name 'Ender' (Nickname for Andrew) comes into play when put together with Endermen, The End, Enderdragon, etc. Could be a coincidence.

    Major spoilers below.

    The second similarity, however, is a tad more in-depth. When one finishes the game [Minecraft], the dragon drops a seemingly useless black egg. Now, to anyone who has read Ender's game, this is alarmingly familiar. At the end of Ender's game, Ender wipes out the entire Bugger colony. However at the end of the book, when he arrives at one of the Bugger's residential planets, he comes across an egg. Long story short, the egg is the only way Ender can repopulate the Buggers, only this time so that War does not occur. The Buggers never wanted war, there was just a language barrier preventing them from communicating, which slowly evolved into the - not to overuse the term - War.

    Now, if we take that context and apply it to the 'The End' and the 'Enderdragon', it almost-kinda-sorta makes sense. Imagin the 'Endermen' are the Buggers, and the 'Enderdragon' the 'Bugger Queen'. Perhaps Steve unintentionally killed an intelligent being on the basic assumtion that everything was out to kill him? If you think about it, Endermen aren't automatically aggresive, and only become so once attacked or observed. Perhaps in Endermen society it is disrespectful / a challenge to directly look at another Enderman.

    Perhaps the egg will later be used to repopulate the Endrdragons.

    Anyway, I don't really think this applies. But since it relates to Minecraft and is a different look on things, I figured I'd share it.

    Amazing what my brain comes up with in the shower.
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