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    posted a message on Glitches

    Moving along in a Boat feels laggy, and Inconsistent.

    Also the bow (front) of the boat glitches far and close.

    One time I also loaded a seed while using plastic texture, and everything close to me showed up as Red.

    I was in Creative Mode when I did this, and MOST of the Items in my menu were Red Blocks. But they

    did show up as titled what they were. To Remedy this, I quit/saved and re-loaded in normal or city texture,

    and all was ok. Plastic worked fine after that too.

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    posted a message on When will a new "controls" and options be added?

    I find it VERY difficult, to have to take my thumb off of the turn/look stick and jump at the same time. This is necessary to have full 3d movement at any given time type of game, and I feel that making R2 (Z2) what ever I mean this IS New 3DS after all. The thumb pad left and right do the same thing as

    the L2 & R2 buttons wth?

    What we really need is what the consoles have. As simple full mapping of any button for any function on 3DS Please.

    Also since there are left handed and right handed people, being able to swap and invert BOTH sticks is needed as well.

    I hope this gets added VERY soon.

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    posted a message on Latest update on Xbox 360 causing major problems

    Since the update (latest as of this post of mine) has any one experienced a frame rate chug that occurs roughly every 10 secs?

    I deleted cache, deleted game, update, and even system settings save. No Fix. =(

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