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    "sans-serif">Is English your first language?: Yes it is.

    "sans-serif">Previous RP experience: "sans-serif">3-4 range

    "sans-serif">Character name: Naven Crux
    "sans-serif">Gender: Male
    "sans-serif">Age: 23
    "sans-serif">Appearance:"sans-serif"> Standing 5’9 Naven is a skinny man with an average muscle build. He has long spiky brown hair with one green eye and one blue one due to a genetic mutation in his family. He wears a green shirt green pants leather boots and a white scarf for protection against sandstorms and other elements. (I’m assuming there was some since Eitheor was in a desert)
    "sans-serif"> (I did change it a little to make it look less modern like I removed the orange and made it look medieval)
    "sans-serif">Personality:"sans-serif"> Cocky brave energetic are three words to describe him, Naven likes to fool around and joke at things in a bad situation. He will always meet things with a good mood and try to make allies instead of enemies. He will tend to panic if things go bad but chances are he won’t back down.


    "sans-serif">Strengths: Trained by the rebels and after fighting with them against constructs and hunting for food since the age of 12 Naven got pretty good at using a bow and training in agility he can climb almost anything if he can find the right handholds. If anyone gets to close in a fight he has two Damascus knives gifted to him by his younger brother.


    "sans-serif">Weaknesses: Naven has a minor gambling problem and should not be trusted with money for he has a tendency to spend all of it on something. Cocky in nature if he thought he could win a fight he would try to win no matter the cost. Not much for tactics Naven would try to overcome an obsticle with his skill rather than think about a smart way to do something.

    "sans-serif">Background Story:"sans-serif"> Naven was born and raised in Eitheor He lived a normal life as a hunter with his family. His family was fairly large with two brothers a baby sister and his mother and father. Mother and father were farmers in the fields, His brothers worked different jobs the younger one a blacksmiths apprentice and the older brother a trader. His older brother sold the extra meat and furs Naven caught while hunting. The younger brother made weapons and armor for the rebels with his master; he made two Damascus knives for Navens birthday and for his hunting.

    "sans-serif">All of the family combined they were never truly hungry and there was always a little gold in the strongbox.


    "sans-serif">Living on one of the coast towns his family heard stories of naval attacks killing the people in the weaker villages. He never thought anything of it until he was at the age of 19; he was on a hunting trip during the month of march when he saw the smoke of a nearby village burning. With that Naven ran back to his to warn everybody of the attack. When he got there he told of what he saw to his parents and the sent him to the rebel outpost to tell them. He left with haste deciding one thing as he went he would not let that ever happen to him or his family he would join the rebels and defend his family.


    "sans-serif">3 years later

    "sans-serif">Naven sat at the family table with his two brothers and his five year old sister waiting for his mother and father to come in from the fields. It had been three years since the day he joined the rebels to train and defend the town he loved, the training had been hard and the meals harder he’d be looking forward to eating his mother’s pie. He arrived earlier that day to the surprise of his brothers and sister and while one of his brothers ran and told mother and father the other told him of the news of them leaving for a new land and how the family had come under some debt from a few bad harvest and the master blacksmith dying of sickness and leaving his younger brother jobless.


    "sans-serif">The door creaked open and they both walked in with smiles on their face. “Welcome home son!” his mother cried out and ran over to hug him. With that the family sat down and talked for hours exchanging stories of what happened over the past years, he explained what the training was like and one of the nights they had to fight off an attack from sea.

    "sans-serif">Then he asked them what they meant they were leaving for the new land and did they even plan to tell him before they left. They explained that a letter had been sent and that he must have left the outpost before he received it. “So what about me do you just expect you to come with you?” he asked. His parents exchanged glances “Well yes we were, the rebels already have enough fighters to fend off those monstrosities and it would mean so much if you came you were gone three years from us.”

    "sans-serif">With that silence filled the room and Naven was trying to think of what he could do.

    "sans-serif">“At least think it over tonight if you’re staying.” “Well ok then” Naven said.

    "sans-serif">After that the family had dinner in silence and Naven went into the guest bedroom to sleep, while lying on the covers he thought about what to do. The whole reason he joined the rebels was to defend his family and with them leaving the only way to protect them was going with them.

    "sans-serif">In the morning when he woke he agreed to go with them to the new land, with that the family cheered and packed their bags and left three days later.


    "sans-serif">After the year of travel it took them to get there they finally arrived at the port of Cirya and boarded the boat to the new land. Although the journey one part of the journey ended another began and this one had a darker turn. After the months at sea land was in sight and the passengers looked in awe at the far away shoreline. That night a storm blew in from the east, unlike others they had encountered on the trip this one was a massive gale opposed to the slight rainfall. The gale ripped at the sails and tore them apart like they were nothing and the wooden mast broke in two. The crew and passengers fled to the life boats like rats escaping from a huge cat. In this chaos Naven and his family were separated and boarded different lifeboats and one by one they were dropped into the raging sea Naven didn’t know he was separated for it was too dark to see who was on the life boat, and he wasn’t paying much attention for he was just trying to paddle like mad to shore. Reaching shore he had realized what had happened seeing the gruff sailors instead of mother, father, and brothers. His life at the new land had not started off great and now he set off in search of his missing loved ones.


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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    How long is the estimated time till its back up? Like a few hours or like a few days?
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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    IGN: Locke360
    Age: 13 1/2
    Previous RP Experience: I've played on a medieval rp server called rise of kings and I'm applying for a post apocalyptic server right now.
    Why do you wish to join?: I really want to get into rp servers with interesting themes and this one fit the bill.
    What can you bring to the server?: A new character to the world and a little creativity.
    Is English your first language?: Yep

    Name: Ignie Urue (why would you mention something about LoL was that a problem? :/ )
    Age: 23
    Appearance: A tall fellow for his age measuring about 5'9 He has no hair because he shaved it off for the jungles humidity and heat he wears brown animal skins and bone shoulder plates. He carries a curved bone dagger carved from the rib of an animal as a weapon along with a tomahawk.

    personality: Energetic and reckless he can keep a cool head most of the time but if a situation gets really tough he tends to lose himself in anger. Due to his nimble approach to any occasion. He likes hanging around with other people and cares for people close to him and he would defend another at the cost of his own life which will probably be his downfall one day.
    Background Story: Ignie was a warrior of the past world his father was head guard for one of the major cities. His father was kind and noble with a good sense of honor, he taught Ignie how to read and write as well as fight. His dream was that his son would fulfill his role as head guard and follow in his footsteps Lucky for him Ignie was happy to oblige he adored his father and what he did. If Ignie was going to follow in his footsteps he needs to be ready for the job. He studied and trained night and day for years the different fighting styles of the home world. He loved working hard for himself and father he had great ambitions and many friends. One fateful day his father sent him on an errand to the city where the portal was being activated, when it was he had no choice but to save himself and go through the portal into the land of Iriliath when the planet was being destroyed. There he put his training to the test fighting against the strange monsters that dwelled there. He hunted the the animals that bore meat and made his weapons, clothes, and armor from there hide and bone.
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    posted a message on Outlands: Apocalypse Australia Revamp| Post-Apocalypic Serious RP Server | 5 Factions | Instances | MCMMO | Emerald Economy
    Minecraft account name: Locke360
    Country of Residence and Time Zone: Us Eastern coast

    Do you have any experience roleplaying?: Yes I’ve played on a medieval rp server called rise of kings

    Why are you applying? : I wanted another rp server to play with a different theme about it.
    Have you ever been banned and if so why?: Not that I recall I’m usually good behaved.
    Do you agree with the rules?: Yes and I will follow them.
    Will you destroy/steal/grief admin created structures?: Nope
    Will you use our custom Last Days texture pack?: Yes once I download it

    In Character (IC)
    Name: Naven Ignie
    Faction (Optional): None yet He wanders
    How old is your character: 20
    How does your character act? Usually with a energetic response to situations but he can panic in a dire time.
    Does your character have any family or close friends?: He did but they were lost to him after the explosion. (explained in bio.)
    Is your character educated (Read and write)? Read yes; write not so much
    Does your character have any special skills or proficiencies? Specializes in explosives and engineering.
    Does your character have any weaknesses? Combat of almost any kind, he will use a wrench for a weapon if absolutely needed.
    Does your character hate or fear anything? He hates mutants and the raiders and he really fears letting others die for his expense after living in the vault so many years.

    Your character’s story so far: Naven was born and lived in a vault all his life, his parentswere engineers who help fix the vaults problems so they were at least respected among the others because their vault was in a constant state of disrepair due to it being built by Vault-tec so they taught him basic engineering and things about fuel and components so he picked up on these things after the years of living there. Naven felt it was difficult though he heard the screams of the people that came to the vault looking for shelter from whatever chased them in the night. He asked his family and friends why couldn’t they let the outsiders in, the answers were mainly “Because they could be acting and let others in to kill us all.” or “That would just put us in danger letting in mutants or raiders.” After a few more years Naven thought about this more and more and decided this was cruel letting others die for their survival, this made him angry at some of the people around him for not caring at all for what was happening.

    When he was 19 (it was a few months away from his birthday) he was called down to one of the main vault life support systems to fix a problem with a fuel tank since he was one of the top engineers of his age along with his father and mother. After hours of inspecting the tank and trying to figure out what was wrong he discovered it had a leak and was now releasing some gasses from its fuel and it was causing a shortage of power for the life support. He took to this as a chance to prove himself as an engineer and tried to fix the leak hastily with one of his tools without telling anyone it was a leak. But something went wrong with the tool and it sparked due to it not being used in a long while and not properly inspected by one of the new men on the job. The explosion was instantaneous and blew him back across the room and out through the open door the fireball that followed killed and burned all that were still in the room.

    A week later he awoke in the med bay with a start bandages wrapped around his face chest and arms and a leg and sits up. The pain and realization of where he was hit him like a train he cried out and fell back against the bed; a doctor rushed to him “ah your awake calm yourself... You’re safe, what is it?” “Where’s my father and mother!” Naven shouted trying to work out what exactly happened in that room and why he was here.

    The doctor solemnly looked at Naven and hung his head “They died in the explosion caused by the fuel igniting.” “They died!?” Naven said suddenly pale and cold at the shock he was hearing. Yes and you’re lucky not to be joining them yourself.” Naven stared at the doctor in sadness “Then what caused the explosion?” “We still don’t know, everything was pretty burned by the fire. Now get some sleep you’re badly burned and scarred from the fire.” Naven looks at the bandages wrapped all around him and falls unconscious from pain and sadness.

    After months in the med bay with a few needles in his arm and some stitches his 20th birthday came and went he had a scars over his face and chest when they removed his bandages from his body and several burn marks across the rest of his body he exited the med bay with pain in his heart, He knew in his head the explosion was caused by him and he should have told the others there was a leak in the tank before trying to fix it. He realized then that if they figured out it was him he would rejected and be hated, he would rather be out in the wastes then be in here in that situation so he gathered up some supplies from the food stores as well as some glass bottles and filled them with a combustible fuel he took a match box so he could use them as grenades against mutants and raiders. With that he snuck out of the vault one night while some guards were inspecting something outside. With nothing but his clothes a backpack with some supplies he began wandering the waste searching for a new home.

    Provide an example of a role-play situation with some dialog (At least 2 paragraphs): Naven walks up to a villager in a nearby town*
    Naven: “Exscuse me sir”
    Villager: “hmm?”
    Naven:” I was wondering where could I find the nearest trader?”
    Villager: “The nearest trader eh? That would be old Joe over there” The villager points to an old man nearby.
    Naven: “Thank you sir”

    Naven proceeds to walk over to the old man*
    Old man Joe: “Stranger what do you want?” the old guy says grumpily
    Naven: “I was wondering where I could find some water.”
    Old man Joe: “Try drinking from the town well ye fool I’m out of water!”
    Naven frowns at the old man and sighs “Fine then” Naven walks away in search for the well.

    Describe what your character looks like and provide a picture of the skin: Rather scruffy looking with scars on his face and on his chest (under the shirt) as well as some burn marks. He wears a green shirt and a tan jacket (The jacket is insulated for cold weather.) He also has a backpack he carries with him to carry his supplies. http://www.planetmin...elander-outfit/
    (I edited the eyes a little bit and added scars for some reason it wouldn't let my copy my screenshot)

    "I slept with a cow"
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    posted a message on Outlands: Apocalypse Australia Revamp| Post-Apocalypic Serious RP Server | 5 Factions | Instances | MCMMO | Emerald Economy
    Can the rp situation with dialog be in the bio? I'm making my app today so I'm just wondering.
    Edit: Nvm Ill just post my app with it.
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