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    I'm very happy about the new displays, but the display for maps should be bigger, borderless, and useable on horizontal surfaces. Armor displays should be replaced with stone or wood mannequins capable of holding weapons, tools, or items in hand.
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    I suppose I could have worded this better. My point is that arguing about the true feel of minecraft is pointless and a detriment to discussion. It gets brought up to the point of drowning out legitimate discussions, and often derails threads to the point that nothing is being discussed anymore. Minecraft does have a very certain feel to me, but I'm not going to allow that to cloud my view of new features that will build upon the overall theme. Neither should anybody. I'm just trying to improve discussion in the forums, and if I can prevent just one derailed thread I will be happy.
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    Quote from Marfagames

    But you know... "there is a mod for that :3"

    That doesn't mean that this shouldn't be included into minecraft, this only means a friendly "hey till it's official in minecraft maybe in some years, you can use this till then". :wink.gif:

    The problem with "there's a mod for that" isn't that it's telling somebody about a mod, it's that if someone made a thread outlining a detailed, well thought-out suggestion, they almost certainly already know about a popular mod for it. It nearly always fails to inform anyone of anything, and is therefore pointless and annoying.

    Quote from VileAssassin

    This should be in the normal Discussion board and not here, but whatever.

    People who have that opinion often have a point. Some ideas are just too different to work well in Minecraft. It really depends on how specific it is. Usually game mechanics get this argument more than other suggestions.

    You have to understand that people want to play Minecraft roughly the way it currently plays. They don't feel comfortable if your idea changes a lot of how the game works/feels. Your idea may be how you want to play Minecraft, but it's not how they want to play Minecraft, and within reason you should respect that. That doesn't mean they always have a valid argument.

    I put this here because it only really comes up here.

    I respect that people want minecraft to play the way it currently plays. The problem is that everybody sees that differently. The argument that something shouldn't be included in the game because it doesn't fit the "feel of Minecraft" is subjective, and can't be truly discussed in a reasonable and logical way. It also leads to the derailing of otherwise great threads, which prevents this forum from being properly used.
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    I'm going to start with a little disclaimer here: This isn't directed towards everyone in this community. There are a vast multitude of intelligent, reasonable people in this community. In fact, most of the people I am responding to are sane, well-adjusted, and intelligent people. But I digress...

    Upon every single update, there is always a plethora of threads in the discussion section complaining about how something does not fit in with the "feel" of Minecraft. These arguments are usually always poorly-worded and close minded. To some people, Minecraft might be a simple fantasy game. Some people see Minecraft as a mining, combat, survival game. Some people see it as a building game. Some people see Minecraft as a low-tech fantasy world, while others see it as a world teeming with potential for industry. Perspective on the feel of the game are wildy varied, but one thing is clear; arguing about the feel of Minecraft is just as silly as arguing about the feel of the real world. All evidence is circumstantial by nature. So please, stop. The creators will do what they please, and you always have the option to ignore it. Arguing something doesn't fit the feel of minecraft is as annoying and pointless as saying "There's a mod for that" in the suggestions forum.
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    There's a difference between challenge and obtuse annoyance. Creepers, while I have issues with them not dying in the day, use their explosive ability as a weapon. Endermen just **** **** up without rhyme or reason. The game is punishing you, even if you are playing it the right way.

    I'm not saying Mojang should remove their block-removing capabilities. Quite the opposite. They need to not half-ass the game and come up with something fun and challenging. Endermen need to deal and take more damage when provoked. If they grabbed blocks to move you closer to them or trap you, they would be fun and challenging. Perhaps you like the idea of building defensive structures around your place. What if they were more like barbarian tribes who attack population centers for food? What if you could set up villages in Survival, sort of like in Terraria when NPCs move in? Endermen could only deliberately raid you when you have populations to defend. That would give so much more depth to the defenses you enjoy building. Surely it would be better challenge than replacing blocks from your house.
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    Have you ever considered making this an alternate dimension you could reach with a portal? Then you could add in some extra mobs, blocks, and weapons without affecting the main worlds. This has the added bonus of not having to exchange .jar files whenever you want to play regular multiplayer. To make it interesting as a dimension, you could include some powerful and useful new blocks, weapons, and tools.

    Whether or not you are interesting in doing this, maybe you could add in a GECK inspired block that can cause grass to grow and trees to gain leaves in very tough Vault-type dungeons. This would have use in the regular world as well, giving an easy way to make self-sustaining underground towns.
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