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    Hello, we're looking for about 15-20 players to join our private multiplayer (vanilla) server (Java Edition).

    We are accepting applications for our season 1 (currently on season 0) of the server, expected to last about 1 year.


    • A couple hours per week to play on the server. Any timezone is accepted, but North America east/west coast is preferred.
    • Microphone is required. Not needed to always be on voice chat, but essential for group events and collaboration.
    • The basics: Minecraft account, internet connection, Discord

    Cheating and hacking are obviously not permitted. We want to build a small and stable community for the server.

    How to apply

    1. Fill out the application form
    2. Comment here saying you applied with your Minecraft username

    Applying only takes 5 minutes, and we'll get back to you shortly!

    I've applied :)


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