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    Well, how NMRC works is that it will let you switch between pages of crafting recipes if two items share the same crafting recipe. Therefore, the mod will show you if the crafting recipe you just entered will have alternate results. If you didn't have that mod, you'd be none the wiser that there was a conflict at all.

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    Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated!

    Locks: Ah, thank you for the heads up. If that's the case then, sure, I'll get rid of the mod.

    CopperTools: You see, I haven't actually played Tinkers Construct up until very recently, and I'm somewhat new to the mod, and I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who are also new to the mod. I designed the modpack so that using Tinkers Construct is entirely optional to gameplay, to make it more accessible for a wider audience. I disabled the features of Iguana's Tinkers that forced TiC usage in order to do so. Still, from what I am able to observe from a glance, the Tinkers Construct tools are superior to ordinary ones. A flint pick from TiC is probably better than a Copper pick from CopperTools. My reasons for including CopperTools are probably that it's highly compatible with a lot of the other mods, and that it gives an extra use for several metals in the game, including those that wouldn't otherwise have more than three uses (such as Silver and Lead). Also, newbie logic dictates that metal = a toolset can be made from this, and that's easy to follow. Also, it's a nice convenience for early-game, especially if you aren't using TiC.

    NoMoreRecipeConflicts: This mod is indeed redundant, or at least, I hope to make it redundant. You must understand that there are hundreds and hundreds of crafting recipes added in a modpack like this, and I'm currently only one person doing debugging. I will be patching out recipe conflicts as they are found, but, this mod makes finding those conflicts easier, and it allows the game to still be playable despite those conflicts and not interrupt gameplay. NoMoreRecipeConflicts is intended to be a temporary bandage to patch together the game until I can stitch it together with Minetweaker. Once there are indeed no more recipe conflicts, this mod will be taken out.

    Rails of War: I did see this one, and it did seem interesting. However, I had to be very careful with the train mods. Originally, I had this along with Traincraft and Railcraft, but the problem was that I know very little about Railcraft, and at the time, I knew nothing about either Traincraft or Rails of War. During that early stage of development, I wanted to get rid of as many unknowns from my modpack as possible, and I found more screenshots of Traincraft than I could of ROW, so, that one got booted. I do still have it as a potential 'maybe', as well as its addon ROWAM. If you recommend it, then, perhaps I will take time to reconsider it.

    EDIT: I heard rumor that Rails of War isn't very good for survival. It seems to be more of a creative mod. Is this true? I'd like to keep most elements available in survival if at all possible.

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    Hello. I would like to use the 1.7.10 edition of your mod for my modpack Steam Dreamer [working title]. My modpack has a focus on both form and function, which means things should look good and work good too, and your block here is both simple and ingeniously clever at the same time, for both form and function. A developmental thread can be found here.

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    Hi, I would like to use your mod for my modpack, Steam Dreamer [working title]. You can find a developmental thread for it here.

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    Hiya. I'd like to be using your mod for my modpack, Steam Dreamer [working title]. I have a development thread here, but I'll try and link you to an official thread when I have that developed. Because I haven't linked any mods yet, I haven't made an official distribution yet, but it is coming soon.

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    Steam Dreamer

    This is a reupload of another thread because I accidentally made the post long enough for the forum to somehow consider it to be spam. Also, that thread had outdated information, whereas here, the information is more up-to-date. Currently, I do have a closed-beta download link availiable for playtesters. That said, I am in desperate need of playtesters. While I would really like to see some creative builders use this modpack to its fullest potential, really, just about everybody's feedback is useful, as well as everybody's screenshots. That's what I need most, screenshots to truly show off the various elements of this modpack. This thread can still be used for discussion.

    I've never really designed a modpack before, but, I've been very dissatisfied with other modpacks. I do see that many are very well designed and tailored experiences, but, there appears to be this mindset among modpack makers that they have to stuff as many mods as they can into their packs without any consideration for rhyme or reason. Me, I like technical modpacks, but I also like immersion, so I decided to make a modpack for people who value a cohesive experience that just fits together well. Still trying to come up with a catchy name for it.

    This modpack is, at it’s core, intended to be based around the Steampunk genre, the technology, and the aesthetic. If you are unaware of what that means, it's basically an alternate world of advanced technology based on the First Industrial Revolution and the aesthetic values of the Victorian era. So, everything's pretty much based around steam power, clockwork, yet little to no electricity. This modpack hopes to be a general expansion of Minecraft elements in order to achieve an accurate, aesthetically pleasing, Steampunk experience. My main philosophy in design is;

    "If it looks good, and works good too, then all is in harmony."

    Here are some of my key principles when designing the modpack

    • The modpack should be a general expansion of several elements of Minecraft to give the player the ability to play a Steampunk experience.
    • There should be little to no unwelcome additional challenges. The only additional challenges that should exist are those in the way of the goals a player chooses to pursue themselves.
    • In terms of technical projects, like setting up automated systems, the player should have to use their brain in order to achieve their goals. The modpack should provide the player the tools to achieve a greater amount of tasks, rather than provide the player the answer directly, in order to give the player a greater mental reward for their efforts. For instance, building a Redstone-operated automatic farm, or automating the Rock Crusher.
    • Any form of energy systems intended to imitate electricity should be avoided, with special exception to Redstone, as a Steampunk world is typically one that lacks electrical systems, and most mods that add in electrical systems don't typically promote the creative thinking principle above. The main forms of energy should be steam, redstone, and mechanical energy.
    • Similarly, magic should be generally, but this doesn't have to be too heavily enforced as the Minecraft world itself as some level of magic within it.
    • In general, the modpack should mainly use mods that are aesthetically pleasing, and their blocks can be used to build beautiful construction projects. While many mods will be added that provide more building materials, even the tech mods can be used to enhance the appearance of builds.
    • The modpack's content should be appealing and accessible to just about any kind of player, from the builder, to the mechanic, to the gardener, to the engineer, to the warrior, to the pilot, to the roleplayer, to whomever.

    So, with those in mind, here is a list of the mods I'm planning on having in the modpack, which hopefully I am keeping up to date. Keep in mind, I'm using a variety of mods, from the really popular to the really obscure, and I think that sort of charm should be what modpacks are really about.




    Forge Multipart

    RedGear CorePistronics 2

    Advanced Chimneys

    Advanced Hook Launchers


    Antique Atlas

    Another One Bites the Dust

    Apple Core

    Archimedes Ships Plus

    Armor Chroma [Client]

    Auto Sapling


    BiblioWoods - Natura Edition



    Carpenter’s Blocks

    Chest Transporter

    Chisel 2

    Chisel Facades

    Clay World Gen

    Clockwork Phase


    Cogs of the Machine


    Cooking for Blockheads

    Copper Tools


    Craftable Gunpowder

    Crafting Table IV

    Decocraft 2

    Directional Redstone

    Easy Breeding


    Ender Compass

    Enhanced Comparator

    Extra TiC

    Fancy Fluid Storage


    Fast Leaf Decay

    Forge Endertech


    Flaxbeard's Steam Power

    Garden Stuff

    Glenn's Gases

    Get Your Tanks Here

    Hardcore Wither

    Hopper Ducts

    Hunger Overhaul

    Iguana Tinker Tweaks

    Improving Minecraft





    Liquid Dirt


    Lost Books


    MineTweaker 3

    ModTweaker 2

    More Materials (localtoast)


    Moving World


    No More Recipe Conflict

    Not Enough Items [Client]

    Not Enough Resources [Client]

    Not Enough Keys [Client]

    Open Blocks


    Ore Dictionary Converter

    Pam's HarvestCraft

    PChan3's Mods (Steam Ship & Boat Mod)

    Piston Everything

    Placeable Gunpowder




    Railcraft Cosmetics


    Recurrent Complex

    Redstone Paste

    Round Robin Hopper

    Sidben Redstone Jukebox

    Storage Drawers

    Storage Drawers - Natura

    Tinkers Construct

    Tinkers Steelworks

    Throwable Bricks


    Twilight Forest


    Vending Block

    The Vegan Option

    WAILA [Client]

    WAWLA [Client]


    What’s This Pack [Client]


    So, indeed, I'm still working on this. Using whatever spare hour of free time to test and tweak and re-balance things. Unfortunately, I can really do too much on my own, and my main playtester has suddenly become unavailable. I'd like to get things ready for a releasable Beta state so I can share the experience with all of you. So, the purpose of this thread is to help me with that, by reaching out to the community for things like discussion and suggestions for this modpack, as well as perhaps giving me a few heads up about things I might not realize. This is indeed my first modpack, and therefore, I'd like to at least receive advice from experienced modpack players/makers. Also, I'm open to suggestions about additions.

    In the future, once the modpack reaches a completed state, it would be lovely to see what people are capable of making with it. Seeing contraptions, constructions, playthroughs, even a multiplayer server? Entertaining these sorts of thoughts are a great motivator to me, I think.

    So, what do y'all think?

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    (tl;dr: Which Minecraft version would be the best to begin practicing mod development for?)


    I am a big player of Minecraft, and a big fan of Minecraft mods, having installed and played countless 1.7.10 mods, always rearranging them to augment my gameplay in a way that suits my fancy. For quite a long amount of time now, I had also had much fun imagining the countless amounts of mods I would make, if I had the capabilities. Well, now that I've gotten my issues with Java fixed, I think I'm ready to jump blindly into the modding scene with my limited knowledge of Java coding (well, at least I know the basics) and see what I can learn.

    Except, there's only one thing I need to decide; which version of Minecraft am I going to mod for? Having played nothing but 1.7.10 mods for a while and having absolutely zero presence in modding communities (really, this is the first post I've ever made to reach out to any Minecraft community) I am quite unaware of exactly where the hotspot for modding is. The choice seemed obvious before, but now, it seems there's four different options I could choose from, all with their pros and cons, at least as far as I am aware of. I'll post what information I'm aware of in a list, although my information is quite limited and I'm really open for more information about pros and cons, such as from technical standpoints and such.

    First of all, however, I should probably mention what I'm looking for in terms of what version would be the best for modding. Sure, maybe choosing the easiest version to mod would be the best for me, but I really don't have any information about which version is easiest. Therefore, I'm looking to figure out which version is the most popular for modding, where all the attention is going to be.

    So, my options seem to be as follows;


    1.7.10 is probably the version of Minecraft I have the absolute most familiarity with. I've been playing both vanilla and modded 1.7.10 for the longest amount of time, leading up to now. I'm pretty sure 1.7.2 was the latest version released when I even began playing Minecraft. 1.7.10 is pretty dated, however, it seems to be the new 1.6.4, and by that, I mean it's highly popular for modding despite being outdated because everybody's favorite mods are still on that version and haven't been updated to a newer version, plus it's seems to be the version that's getting the most modpacks made for it, just like it's predecessor. As much as I hated people's obsession with making mods and modpacks for 1.6.4, now I can understand where all their nostalgia comes from, what with myself having such a huge 1.7.10 mods folder (and indeed, mods like Flaxbeard's Steampower and Touhou Items still only have 1.8 updates in development). So, yeah, it seems popular, but again, it's highly outdated, and even if it's popular now, it'll become unpopular later, and any mods I develop for that version will have to be updated for three or more versions afterward.


    The way I see it, 1.8 is pretty much the upgraded 1.7, albeit with a different rendering code to it (it's quirky, but eh, I guess it keeps the FPS up) so it's only logical that mods will get updated to it, including all those 1.7.10 mods that aren't entirely dead. Indeed, if 1.6.4 was finally forgotten, but attention turned to 1.7.10, surely, the same process will only happen for 1.8, although 1.8 has an advantage, the advantage of not being 1.9, an update which not everybody in the Minecraft community is entirely happy with, something which probably extends to the modding community. I'll elaborate a little in the 1.9 spoiler, but, basically, 1.8 has the advantage of possibly being the next big thing in modding, if it isn't already (and if it is, be sure to correct me, because honestly, I wouldn't know). Of course, 1.8, like, 1.7.10, runs the disadvantage of being outdated, and there are plenty who want mods for their latest versions. Also, if I were to work in 1.8 and wanted to update mods to 1.9 later, I might run into things like balancing issues due to core aspects like combat being balanced entirely differently in that version.


    Speaking from personal opinion, I think 1.9 is a very solid update. What I mean by solid is that it is easily distinguishable from it's predecessor with it's unique gameplay and it's not missing anything (compare 1.10 and its smaller scope and 'incomplete' experience, according to the devs). What that also means is that I think it's a good update (sue me) and in fact trumps other updates in terms of features that could be expanded upon in mods. I'm surprised there have been so few mods that have taken advantage of 1.9s features so far (weapons with different cooldowns & abilities, weapons/tools that take advantage of dual wielding, enemies that compliment the combat system rather than using the zombie approach to combat, etc.) and I could certainly think of a ton of ideas for mods that may be only uniquely possible in 1.9, as well as mods that could possibly fix some of the issues with combat that exist. Now, I'm not stupid, and I know that despite my own opinions on the combat update, there are plenty who disagree with me, although I personally think they're just not adapted to it (although I will agree that PvE is a little unbalanced, what with mobs not receiving nerfs while you do) and that as time goes on and more updates roll out, people will eventually adapt and grow to accept the 1.9 gameplay. 1.9 is also simply amazing at dealing with particles. Also, as I said, 1.9 is very solid, compared to 1.10.


    The latest version as of writing, which does indeed have a Forge associated with it. Sure, it's the latest version and could be considered a content upgrade to 1.9, it's also a very small update. From what I recall, one of the devs mentioned that if one is looking for the full intended experience, players should wait until 1.14 to play, which means making mods in versions 1.10-13 seems like a waste of time. Also, because it's the newest, there's practically no mods for it, and I'm not certain if 1.10.2 is even going to be the last version of 1.10, nevermind the most popular. 1.10 isn't nearly as significant as 1.9 or even 1.8. so it seems to be a strange version to make dedicated mods for. However, it is indeed the latest version, and I don't know if the community cares as much as I do about how insignificant the update is.

    So, any opinions?

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