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    I think it will continue for at least a few more years. Eventually people will migrate away from the older gen consoles and at some point it won't be monetarily feasible to continue support for the older consoles. That's probably not going to happen for a while though.

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    It's there to put your map or arrows in.

    We'll get dual-wielding and shields at some point once they figure out a way for it to work easily with touchscreen controls for the PE version.

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    Minecon is not an inexpensive experience, even if it is in your hometown.

    Last year the tickets were $130 US dollars per person. You also had to be prepared to purchase the tickets within the first 30 seconds or so of them going on sale. Yes, they sell out that quickly. So even if it's in the building across the street where you live, there's no guarantee that you will get tickets in the first place.

    If you do happen to get a ticket, you also have to consider the money that you will need for food, parking, and any memorabilia that you want to buy while you are there. None of those things are cheap.

    If it's not in your home town, then you will of course have to pay for transportation (driving, flying, train, etc.) and hotel accommodations as well.

    Here's a recommendation that I have. If you are 18 years old or above, and you are able to at least afford the travel, hotel, and food, it is possible that you can attend Minecon for free. When the announcement for Minecon is made, go to the Mojang website and fill out a request form to work as an agent at the convention. If you are selected, you will have to pay a $60 US dollar deposit for your ticket which will be refunded to you after the convention. You will have to work one of the two days of the convention, but the other day is yours to do with as you please. I did this for the 2016 Minecon and it worked out rather nicely.

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    Neither shields or banners are in PE / Windows 10 Edition yet. The only things that you can hold in your off-hand slot currently are maps, and arrows. If you have arrows with different potion effects on them in your inventory, whatever arrow you are holding in your off-hand is what will be used.

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    posted a message on Purchasing Windows 10 edition and then creating a Mojang acount
    Quote from mwannema»

    hello folks,

    i have buyed two version of win 10 edition recently for my teen boys playing MC as well. i have the same problem with booth accounts as "easy_ezed" already stated.

    since my boys want to have exentensions, mods, and the java edition, they can not use win 10 edition. so i am wondering how i can migrate / upgrade their accounts to a full mojang account with full functionality.

    i am really not sure if uninstalling MC W10 edt. as adviced from "Greymagic27" is doing the job, cause, why / how shall the website recognize the type of game i have purchased ?

    thank for you help in advance.

    There isn't any migration or upgrade option of going from Windows 10 Edition to the PC/Java version. You will just have to purchase two licenses (one for each of your boys) for the Java version of the game and install that.

    You don't need to uninstall the Windows 10 Edition, you will just have two different versions of the game running on the computer instead.
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    It says right there in the chat window that someone just joined. Also, if nobody else was ever in your world, why were you sending a chat message that says "Well I'm only going to be in this world for a few seconds"

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    There are two versions of Minecraft that run on Windows 10. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with each other.

    There is the Windows 10 Edition which is based off of Pocket Edition.

    There is the PC/Java version which is what DanTDM plays 99.9% of the time.

    There are mini-game servers out there that are compatible with Minecraft Windows 10 Edition (pe.mineplex.com) You just have to search for Pocket Edition servers in order to find them.

    If you want the exact same thing that DanTDM uses, then you will have to purchase the PC/Java version of Minecraft to use the other servers.

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    The only issue I have with the new snapshot is the change to beds. I'm okay with having different colors for the beds, but you can now no longer craft the bed with different colors or wool, all three pieces need to be the same color. So it used to be if you started out in an area where there were only two white sheep and one black, you could kill them all and still make a bed. You can't do that now. It's just a minor annoyance, but you should be able to craft some sort of "default" bed if you don't have a matching set of wool.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition - mods ?

    Mods don't work on Windows 10 edition. Mods are only for the PC/Java version. Try looking for Add-Ons instead.

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    posted a message on Microsoft wants players to pay for maps and mods

    You don't have to purchase content from the store if you don't want to. Mojang is not stopping you from using the free resources that have been around for years. If you can find free maps, skins, resource packs and behavior packs you will still be able to use them.

    The store is really no different than it was before. Instead of just being able to buy skins and resource packs, they are now offering other content created by the community. HOWEVER, that content has be be sold by an actual business that is registered with Microsoft.

    So, you can still use the free stuff that you can find, but if you want a map made by one of these companies that make them professionally you can purchase it if you want to.

    My big concern is with the new coin system that they are going to. You now have to purchase virtual currency and make your purchases that way. I would rather keep things the way they are. I'd rather buy something for the exact dollar amount than purchase it with some arbitrary value in some virtual coinage, especially if they only sell them in fixed quantities where you have to buy more than what you actually need.

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