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    If you're looking for a light modpack with a little bit of questing, then take a look at "The Simple Life 1 Revival" It's a 1.10.2 modpack, so it's not the newest build, but it's a decent modpack.

    If you want something a little more challenging with a quite extensive questing system, then I would suggest "Regrowth" Now this is a 1.7.10 modpack, so it's an older version of Minecraft, but it's one of the best built modpacks in my opinion and a lot of fun to play.

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    I attended Minecon 2016. I worked as a volunteer. It was a lot of fun, but I can understand why Mojang went with the new format.

    First of all, the original Minecon was VERY expensive. Tickets were $110 per person. Not only that, most people that attended were travelling in from some other place, so you have to factor in the travel expenses (hundreds to thousands of dollars) as well as food and lodging.

    Second, the number of tickets was limited. There were only 10,000 tickets sold to the event. When the tickets went on sale (two batches of 5,000) each time they sold out all of the tickets within about 30 seconds after they went on sale.

    Third, people buying tickets just to get the cape. People didn't realize that the capes only worked for the Java edition players. Also, you had to physically attend the convention in order for your ticket to become validated and then Mojang would eMail you the code to get the cape. Also, if you bought your ticket to the convention from a scalper, you wouldn't get the cape. The cape codes were sent to the person who originally bought the ticket. So guess what they would do? The scalper would then sell the cape code on eBay for a few hundred dollars, while you, the person that bought the ticket from the scalper for several hundred dollars would not get the cape that you were hoping for.

    Although I loved the experience, and I wish it could have continued, I understand why they made the change. Just look at some of the older threads here in the Minecon section of the forums. No matter where the convention was held at, there was always someone complaining about it being "too far for them to travel" or "the tickets were all sold out" or "it's too expensive!" At least with the online version everyone can in a sense "attend" something. And with the various Minecon parties dotted around the globe, there is still a chance to meet up with other players and YouTubers. I know it's not the same, but they are doing their best to try to accommodate everyone.

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    How about actual cherry trees, not cherries growing on oak trees. It's more realistic and would add additional wood and leaf types to the game as well. While they're at it, add actual apple trees as well. Apples don't grow on oak trees in real life.

    I like the idea of the farm, but I'm not big on the mechanic of zombies and chickens taking your crops. Rabbits already will eat your crops and that's enough of a problem.

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    I don't know anything about MacOS so hopefully someone else will be able to help you with that.

    As for the Java Edition and Windows 10 Edition... No, they cannot play together. They are two different versions of the game and are not compatible with each other. Java Edition can only play with other Java Edition players and servers.

    Windows 10 edition is another story. It is part of the "Better Together Update" and will play with other devices that use the same Bedrock Engine. Any version of the game that uses the Bedrock Engine is now called "Minecraft", while the original Java version is now called "Minecraft: Java Edition".

    So, the versions that can play together are:

    Windows 10



    Xbox One

    Later this year the Nintendo Switch will also be updated to the Bedrock Engine and get included in this list.

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    In addition, how about fireflies? If you catch them in a jar you could use them as an interesting lighting source.

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    posted a message on Need help finding a youtube channel/videos

    You might be thinking about Paul Soares Jr. "Man vs Minecraft"

    I don't recall him using mods, but I didn't watch all of them either. Hopefully this will at least point you in the right direction.

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    posted a message on Can you play Minecraft Xbox 360 edition on Xbox one.

    No, the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is not backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

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    posted a message on How would I become a better builder?

    Find a picture of a real building in Google and then try to recreate it in a creative flat world. Take a look at it when you are finished and see what worked, and what didn't work.

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    Quote from Jawiae >>

    You don't need to build near spawn, you can easily make roads or markers to get home (that in my opinión makes the game a lot more fun tan just looking some numbers up). Or is it too difficult for people?

    You still can find the bases of other people, it's easier to just say some coordinates that's for sure, but that doesn't mean that without you can't find anything.

    I don't really care if it's cheating or not, i like the option to not show coordinates in w10. People just want everything easy and with the least work posible.

    Yes, there are other ways of finding things in a world. There is also stylistic concerns as well. Maybe someone doesn't want a road travelling 10,000 blocks to get to someone else's base. Maybe they don't want a bunch of unsightly markers throughout the world to mark a path to someplace.

    I'm okay with the fact that coordinates can be disabled for people that don't want to use them with their play style. I just don't like the fact that they have decided to punish people for wanting to use them. This is not the way to win over a market of over 5 million Xbox One console users.

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    A lot of people keep saying that playing with coordinates makes playing in survival easier, so therefore it must be a cheat.

    However.... You can play the game in Peaceful difficulty in survival, which completely turns off hostile mobs and makes the game infinitely more easy to play, is not a cheat. This makes no sense.

    The problem is that Microsoft/Mojang are trying to win over the console community to the new version. Coordinates have been a part of the Xbox One console edition since day one.

    • Yes, we have infinite worlds... What's the point in it if you have to build your base near spawn to find your way home?
    • Yes, we have realms.... Same thing. Unless everyone on the realm just wants to build a giant community build together (at or near spawn), spreading out and building your own bases in the world might be fun, but if you can't find each other in the world, what is the point in playing together?
    • Yes we have servers.... Since we can't create our own actual SMP servers the ones included are really nothing more than glorified mini-games. If they ever add the ability to console versions to allow connecting to actual SMP servers, we're going to have the same problems as we have with realms.

    This game was designed to allow us to play it however we want. There are so many options as to how to set up your world: Creative or Survival? Peaceful, Easy, Normal, or Hard? Some things should be considered a cheat in the game, but taking away something that a group of people that you are trying to win over are used to having is quite a bit rough. It's hard enough dealing with the major differences in redstone, but you're not winning any brownie points with these people by slapping them on the wrists and calling them cheaters.

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