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    - IGN: Lizardboy390
    - Age: 28
    - Tell us about yourself, why we should add you, and where are you from? I'm from Tennessee, I am just looking for some friends that play and to myself chill and play the game I love. I just find it more interesting with others around. Also I enjoy programming, tennis, music, and I also own a PS4 if anyone wants to play CoD or anything on that system.
    - Why do you play Minecraft? What's your favorite part? What are you good at?: I've played since '10. I'm decent at building and at redstone. I can help troubleshoot contraptions, lend a hand in community builds, and help others with designing / implementing machines or builds individually. I also don't mind the odd expedition-on-foot-to-see-what-we-can-find kinda thing.
    - Do you agree with all the rules above and what you think about them? I do agree. They are about what I would require back when I hosted my own servers, which is why I am applying.
    -Why do you want to join specifically this server? The average age is appealing. But mostly, I like the down to earth structure of the OP. It's nice that it doesn't read like an advertisement, but also isn't hardcore restrictive on how you should conduct yourself every minute in game.
    -Anything further you'd like to say: I am fairly busy sometimes and can't be on all the time. But when I am on I will be mainly focused on getting some large builds done that I have the itch to make. I will participate in community events whenever possible. I'll (If I ever get around to actually sitting down and doing it) I may also record Minecraft videos for YouTube/twitch, so I would also ask what the stipulations are on recording on the server? Hope to see you in game o/

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    I'm fairly certain the archaeology bit was in like basically alpha stages. I believe that, in the end, the goal is to have a feature that concentrates on the lore. I had an idea for this a while back that I can't seem to find where I wrote it all down. But basically, there are ruins and pyramids and everything else all over minecraft already. Using archaeology, you could find hints or fragments of hints at what and who these civilizations and peoples were that made them. Everything will be fairly vague at first but then those community members who are lorehounds, like myself, can collaborate and debate and figure out details and theories relating to these ancient civilizations. I believe this is the direction they are wanting to go with it, which is what I would like to see, as well. Hopefully there will also be Artifacts and certain things you could hopefully super-rarely find and put on armorstands or item frames to proudly display in your home :D I for one am very, very excited to see this and if done correctly, could be the single most exciting addition in 1.17. And even though I do agree that the Brushing animation needs work to bring it in line with the game, I am fairly certain the entire feature is very early in dev. These things will be refined and QA'd over and over again.

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    I applied. discord: lizardboy390#8607

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