About Me

Gamer, Metal Head & Bodybuilder (started lifting at 13)

Started playing minecraft 4 Years ago - first modded minecraft was FTB Infinity Evolved, then i've played FTB Beyond and last modpack i've played was Revelations

I play @ PC & Switch (i dont have minecraft for switch :D)

I also played a lot of Battlefiled 4 and 1 (mostly 1) + i basically like any type of game as long its fun and if singleplay.. it should have a good story


Beside gaming i spent a lot of time in the gym (usually 6 days per week, 1-2h per session)

I also like watching movies or series (netflix xD) or just listen to music or chill with friends

Profile Information

Minecraft Manuel_16 Steam ripped-emo Twitch littlebrucelee Discord manu3m0