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    posted a message on A possible problem with 1.9! >IMPORTANT<

    So we should remove potencially awesome features just because there are hackers.

    How about no.

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    posted a message on My first full-on horror game
    Absolute silence is the scariest sound of all.
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    posted a message on So, I just killed the enderdragon
    Quote from Krakken_Fish

    Congradulations by the way. It's not easy to kill the enderdragon, let alone harvest the egg. Unless you used cheats of course.

    Really? The only thing you need to do to kill the dragon is shoot the crystals and spam arrows at her.

    And you harvest the egg by pushing it with a piston, or placing a torch below it. Easy as pie.

    I don't see where the difficulty is.
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    posted a message on Things To Do In Survival Mode?
    To-do list:

    - Create a world (seed: 4031384495743822299 <- this one has all biomes relatively close to spawn)
    - Find a place to establish your base (also upgrade it and add functionalities ongoingly, as you progress trough the list)
    - Go mining
    - Build the basic farms: wheat, cows, chickens, sheep, reeds
    - Go exploring
    - Find a saddle and get a horse
    - Find a village and protect it
    - Build the advanced farms: carrots, potatoes, pigs, mooshrooms
    - Build a nether portal
    - Explore the Nether
    - Build a blaze grinder (use potion of fire resistance)
    - Build a nether wart farm
    - Find all villager types and unlock all trades
    - Find a stronghold
    - Go to the End
    - Kill the Enderdragon
    - Kill the wither (don't use the latest snapshot, wither skulls don't seem to drop in it)
    - Get all the achievements
    - Expand your sheep farm (all 16 colours)
    - Build the redundant farms: melons, pumpkins, cocoa beans, cacti, vines
    - Get all the music discs (you get them when a skelli shoots and kills a creeper)
    - Build a mob grinder
    - Build the resource farms: iron and gold
    - Have fun

    Quote from XxMindxFreakxX

    Can anyone give me ideas on what to do or things to keep me interested in playing?

    Quote from XxMindxFreakxX

    Thanks for the help..

    Also, don't expect to get a response within less than an hour of posting a topic on the forum. People who have a life are not watching it 24/7, but rather tend to check it out once or twice a day.
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    posted a message on New underwater mob! [updated 18/Jun/14]
    Quote from FoxyEngineer


    Behold! The squid cracken!

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    posted a message on New underwater mob! [updated 18/Jun/14]
    So Jeb tweeted this (3 jun):

    "I'm working on a new hostile mob. It lives under water. It's not a shark. It's going to be nasty, but currently doesn't do much."

    And this (8 jun):

    "The mob I'm working on has a ranged attack and kills squid as well as players. On hard difficulty a full diamond armor is recommended."

    "... as well as a Potion of Water Breathing, obviously. Having a helm with the Respiration enchantment helps you see underwater, too."

    And this (10 jun):

    "Pheeeew... Aaaalmost done with the new water dungeon, items and mob. Last thing to do is to make it generate in old worlds."

    As well as this (11 jun):
    "The texture of the Sea Lantern block, "

    And this (17 jun):

    "There will be a 1.8 snapshot tomorrow. Lots of in-development stuff, but it includes the new mob (with sounds!)"

    And posted this picture of the mob on instagram (18 jun):

    This is how the dungeon looks like:

    Any thoughts? Speculations?

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    posted a message on spawners are unbreakable
    Quote from flazooni

    No one should be destroying spawners as they're always useful

    No, they're not. There are hundreds of dungeons in each world, so there is no point in keeping more than one or two of each type.

    Quote from flazooni

    (same property as bedrock).

    Bedrock is a map limit. That's the only reason why it is not breakable, and the reason why no other block has the same properties.

    Quote from flazooni

    adding an extra level of difficulty. You can also still block spawning with torches.

    If you can already deactivate a spawner by placing a single torch on top of it, what is the "extra level of difficulty"?

    This annoying, and useless. No support.
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    posted a message on Most boring thing in minecraft to do?
    Building a bat grinder.
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    posted a message on What Grinds Your Gears *Minecraft Edition*
    When people make retarded suggestions in the forum.
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    posted a message on Giant Slime Boss
    1. This adds absolutely no features into the game.
    2. Nobody would spend weeks trying to gather 576 slime balls, just to summon a useless giant slime.
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