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    Thanks for your answers guys :)

    After googling a bit I read this in the changelog ^^

    Aaaand I just lost my Chromaticraft Progress Oo

    [16/3/2017 22:38:59 PM] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Teleported **MINECRAFTUSERNAME** to -654.5,70.5,-556.5
    [16/3/2017 22:38:59 PM] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Removing interface com/xcompwiz/mystcraft/api/world/logic/IPopulate from Reika/ChromatiCraft/World/Nether/LavaRiverGenerator; class not present.
    [16/3/2017 22:38:59 PM] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Remaining interfaces on Reika/ChromatiCraft/World/Nether/LavaRiverGenerator: []
    [16/3/2017 22:39:03 PM] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 3634ms behind, skipping 72 tick(s)
    [16/3/2017 22:39:12 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.inventory.GuiInventory
    [16/3/2017 22:39:12 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerPlayer
    [16/3/2017 22:39:17 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: com.brandon3055.draconicevolution.client.gui.GUITeleporter
    [16/3/2017 22:39:22 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [journeymap]: Mapping halted in **USERSDIR**\Instances\VanillaMinecraft\journeymap\data\sp\Test6\DIM1
    [16/3/2017 22:39:22 PM] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: Unloading dimension 1
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: net.minecraft.client.gui.GuiDownloadTerrain
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML]: DRAGONAPI ERROR: Caught key packet missing data (len=0)! Packet=type NBT; Data: [[ lots of numbers removed for better readability]] from Reika.DragonAPI.APIPacketHandler (ID 0)
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [NEIAddons]: Received handshake from server
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [NEIAddons]: Available server commands: SetAE2FakeSlot
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [Draconic Evolution]: Requesting speed packet from server
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: DRAGONAPI: Player **MINECRAFTUSERNAME** passed hash check for DragonAPI. Hash: C1FBDB375F54803C9BDB990AF3A93E792C536958A2462152B08D56F08562D6EE
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: DRAGONAPI: Player **MINECRAFTUSERNAME** passed hash check for ChromatiCraft. Hash: 6A4F47D91FC1992D11E028A6950D4BEC85FBEFB50F371F55AC2BB83A347E1A8A
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded? Running 2788ms behind, skipping 55 tick(s)
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [journeymap]: Loaded 31 waypoints from **USERSDIR**\Instances\VanillaMinecraft\journeymap\data\sp\Test6\waypoints
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [journeymap]: Blocks and textures are current
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [journeymap]: Mapping started in **USERSDIR**\Instances\VanillaMinecraft\journeymap\data\sp\Test6\DIM0. Memory: 3373MB total, 1731MB free
    [16/3/2017 22:39:25 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [Draconic Evolution]: Server speed is set to 10.0
    [16/3/2017 22:40:03 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: Reika.ChromatiCraft.GUI.Tile.Inventory.GuiCastingTable
    [16/3/2017 22:40:03 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [inventorytweaks]: Reika.ChromatiCraft.Container.ContainerCastingTable
    [16/3/2017 22:40:05 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [FML]: DRAGONAPI: No texture packs contain an image for Textures/Font/obf_font.png. Loading default.
    [16/3/2017 22:40:05 PM] [Client thread/INFO] [FML]: DRAGONAPI: Pipelining texture from Reika.ChromatiCraft.ChromatiCraft to Textures/Font/obf_font.png
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/INFO] [FML]: CHROMATICRAFT: Restoring progression for **MINECRAFTUSERNAME** from cache, as it had more progression than they did!
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: ****************************************
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * ChromatiCraft: Player **MINECRAFTUSERNAME** just lost some of their progression!
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * at Reika.ChromatiCraft.Auxiliary.ProgressionCacher.updateProgressCache(ProgressionCacher.java:119)
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * at Reika.ChromatiCraft.Auxiliary.ProgressionManager.setPlayerStage(ProgressionManager.java:629)
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * at Reika.ChromatiCraft.Auxiliary.ProgressionManager.setPlayerStage(ProgressionManager.java:559)
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * at Reika.ChromatiCraft.Auxiliary.ProgressionManager.stepPlayerTo(ProgressionManager.java:488)
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * at Reika.ChromatiCraft.Auxiliary.ProgressionManager.access$000(ProgressionManager.java:72)
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: * at Reika.ChromatiCraft.Auxiliary.ProgressionManager$ProgressStage.stepPlayerTo(ProgressionManager.java:165)...
    [16/3/2017 22:40:10 PM] [Server thread/WARN] [FML]: ****************************************

    I tried to jump to my home in the Overworld from the End via Journeymap ( didn't know that does not work, never tried it before). Then I jumped back via Advanced Dislocator ( from Draconic Evolution Mod ) and all my progress was gone.

    Can I just set my progress stage to endgame again or do I have to redo the Progress stages as well ?

    P.S : I managed to regain my progress and most of my fragments, just three are missing : Lumen tree leafs, Fertility Aura and Aura Purification gem, can anyone tell me which Progression step I missed ?

    P.P.S : Lol, missed Rainbowleaf ^^ Seems I got everything back now. Hope it works in the long run.

    Also : I really like the Chroma-Dimension, really nice design Reika :)

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    Quote from Kobra331»

    I crafted this thing now to test. ----> it needs Energy from lumen relays. The Repeaters need a Target to Store their power, like Crystal charger, The Lumen tree or the Lumen Relay source. Pylon---> Crystal repeater ----> Lumen Relay Source ----> (maybe lumen relay) ----> Enchantment Decomposer.

    Quote from Chrondeath»

    The Enchantment Decomposer doesn't work to pull from Lumen Repeaters because that's not the type of power it takes.

    A big thank you to you both, you helped a least three people a lot :)
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    Quote from Reika»

    Learning how it works it probably a good first step.

    Really, Reika, that was uncalled for. I'm not very much into Mods, but in my opinion, Chromaticraft is the least intuitive one to find out how stuff works from those I played.

    But since I don't want to rant about a Mod which seems all in all pretty well made, let me give you some ideas.

    First, I believe it would help a great deal, if the bar which lets you switch between Recipes/ Item descriptions would be always there, so people won't have to go back to the main page every time.
    Second, as far as I can remember, the Enchantment Decomposer was unlocked before it unlocked the Lumen Repeater. If this is really the case, I pretty much had no chance to find out the Decomposer could need anything else besides Lumen.
    Which directly brings me to the third point, I think it would be nice if you added a little light Orb in the Item Tab to those entry which need Lumens to work, similar to the small workbench icons in the recipes tab which show which entries are craftables.

    Hope you got some ideas from my suggestions, and although I can't say I'm all too thrilled about Chromaticraft, thanks a lot for your good work. It's a fine mod, just not hitting my taste.
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    Now I know why I did not find the "A less than honorable attempt" .... Unbelievable.

    The person in charge of stuff like Spawn and stuff on our Server didn't know Chromaticraft very well and made a certain structure a Spawnpoint :D

    So I assumed this wasn't a generated one, but one created by him and so I missed certain similarities ^^

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    Our/my newest project ( I always tend to seize architectural control ^^) :

    I hope you enjoy :)

    @Hawkeye12 : A poll like that will not work, since everyone would have to look through the whole thread. The front page will get votes, maybe the second page, then nothing. Only the newest ones will get some attention when new entries are posted.
    If you want that to work, you would have to edit in a nice picture from every contestant into your FIRST post including the direct link to the contestants other pics. That way everyone had a somewhat equal chance for attention.
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    posted a message on 1.3.1 chunk generation much, much slower?
    At least with completely new chunks I don't understand why they are sent anyway ... It should be a lot easier and faster to use the world seed ....
    It triggers a chunk below you, I did not notice the rubber band effect. It is just slow as hell.
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    I ALWAYS end up with rather large sandstone castles. I just love 'em:

    If someone is interested, here's the World Download, name is "GROSS":

    The castle is around X:200 Z:650 and features chicken/Cow roasters, halfautomated wheat farms and more. Have fun !

    On another note : I think I have to shamelessly copy some of your ideas, guys, some really awesome builds you have there !! :)
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    @Mr_Churchill : I guess you are not aware there are dozens of threads out there containing complaints about oceans going on and on for thousands of blocks. So no, they don't, since there are already oceans bigger than 10km.
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    posted a message on Would you like climates to be a bit more sorted?
    I dislike seeing a desert (since in minecraft deserts are hot biomes) right next to a snowy biome. So I asked myself, should something be done about it and now I want to hear/see your opinions about this.

    The easiest way to do this should be using three categories for biomes : Hot, Medium and Cold. Hot can't spawn next to cold climate and vice versa. Medium can have both next to it. This way the terrain generation would make a lot more sense in my mind.

    Oh, if you would like to see this, please post a "/signed" or a comment, don't just vote. Otherwise this thread sinks into oblivion.

    Edit : This doesn't mean they are not random anymore.
    Edit 2 (4.2.) :
    Like 232323 showed :

    :Orange: =hot
    :Green: =mid
    :Blue: =cold

    :Green: :Orange: :Orange: :Green:
    :Green: :Green: :Orange: :Green:
    :Blue: :Green: :Green: :Orange:
    (Example, composition is of course thought to be random)

    Also, since it came up pretty often, MC deserts are considered a hot biome.

    (brought up by Hayarotle, from minecraftwiki)
    And a last thing mentioned by Shewolf (kinda) : It would be nice to have that as an option. Maybe a world option or so.

    Changed the poll title from "Would you like sorted climates" to "Would you like climates to be a bit more sorted?"
    I hope it's more clear I still want them to be random.

    Edit 21.2.2012:
    somohexual brought up a good point about extremely high mountains. If those get a snow-tip (own biome), I think it would be best to leave them out of the categories, so they act like a buffer. The reasoning behind this is, that the snow is justified by great height rather than it's surrounding biomes.
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    @ThesaurusRex84 : I hate it when people come up with the "too complex" - argument.
    Especially since something that big would feel utterly ridiculous when implemented in a too simple way. I already can see the hate threads before my inner eye, "WHY IS BUILDING A BOAT SO SIMPLE; REAL BOATS TAKE ... bla."
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